Friday, March 6, 2015

Market Time

Nashville Market:  Part the fourth--I think

Going home after work last night the moon was so enormous and beautiful that it just took my breath away.  It was just coming up over the mountain and it looked absolutely huge.  Teri wanted to take a picture--well, fifty pictures--so she made me go around the block 3 times while she leaned out the window snapping pics and shouting: stop! go! slow down! veer left! veer right!  Finally I had to remind her about traffic rules, so she got out and stood in the middle of 24th Street.  All for a moon.
This might be our last market post, because Teri has a table full of projects that she is working on and I want to stitch.....
So--have fun.  There are some fabulous things to look at.  

1801 House Limited Kit 
by Chessie & Me


Cherry Hollow Limited Kit 
by Stacy Nash

Hollandse  Merklap (Holland Sampler)
by Jeannette Douglas
 Pattern and thread pack:  $104.00
  Pattern only:  $26.00 

English Rose Sampler
by Jeannette Douglas
Pattern and thread pack: $112.00
 Pattern only: $26.00

Pins and Needles 
by Jeannette Douglas 
 Pattern and thread: $32.00
 Pattern only: $12.00

ABC Pyn Roll and Crown Tulip Thread Keep
by Jeannette Douglas 
Pattern and threads: $34.00
 Pattern, threads, and wool packs: $45.50
 Pattern only: $10.00

Spring Bird
by Jeannette Douglas 
Pattern and threads: $26.00
Pattern only: $10.00

Key To Home
by Jeannette Douglas 
Pattern only: $10.00

Jeannette suggested we put our street number on this piece. What a great idea.  
We also have a few of the keys with a crown for $16.00.

New magnets
So many darling magnets see below for more info...

Dragonfly Lotus Magnets
$5.00- $6.00

Ann (Dyeing to Stitch) and Teri were out shopping together and found this darling magnet company.  Both of them were made piles of these adorable magnets.  I was charmed with the sweet pictures.  
Fun on your magnet board or your stitching to hold a needle.  

JABCO Magnets

These are fun and flat magnets--maybe more for your magnetic board or a fridge. They are happy and sweet.  

 Shakespeare's Peddler Magnets

I loved these magnets too!!  The Jane Austin girls would be perfect on my stitching and Tina adored the flowers.  I have ordered more, don't you love them!!  They are made of wood and very cool.

 Bohin Thread cutters

These were pretty and clever: a new take on the thread cutter.  It looks like a great necklace but is really a cutter for threads.  They are kind of enameled and are very pretty.  

Stitch Lollies
by Just Another Button Company

These are a new thing for a treasured pincushion, and they are darling 

Spring Sliders
Kits: $19.50
Just Pins: $15.50

I just love these happy pincushions.  Teri is stitching one of these for a model.   It is so fun.  

Just pins for Be Still Pincushion 

I forgot to mention these before, Cecile let us create our own set of pins to go with our new pincushion- Be Still.  The colors are perfect, and they look great with the pincushion.  


These are a new series from JABCO that can be stitched into a square, so you would stitch each pattern 4 times to make a square, they were fun, and cheery.  Teri whipped up the "Bloom" after we got home, and it is darling.  Not sure how she is finishing it.  Every couple of months there will be a new set, and each pattern has its own embellishments.  O course we love the bee ones.  

Autumn on Lazy Bear Mountain
by Kathy Barrick

It was such fun visiting with Kathy, and she had darling new charts.  

Good Intentions
by Kathy Barrick

Bee Study 
by Kathy Barrick

Little Lamb
by Kathy Barrick

Bird's Eye View
by Kathy Barrick

Three Snakes in Paradise
by Kathy Barrick 

Giving Thanks
by Little House Needleworks
 Chart and threads: $19.00

This limited (partial) kit is sweet.  It comes with the pattern and the threads--the fabric is your choice.


House of Gardening
 Chart: $14.00

I always look forward to visiting with Niky.  She is so sweet and fun to chat with.  Her charts are just like Niky--darling and gentle.

Seasonal Band Sampler
$14.00- chart

Stitching Sampler
$14.00 chart

January -February 
$14.00- chart

Here is her darling new series: little girls doing things- see what I mean -sweet!

March- April
$14.00- chart

Purple Needle

Needle bottles
by Purple Needle/ Sharon Verbos

These were very adorable.  Thanks Sharon, for the photo of the finished pieces- they are so sweet.   You stitch a small band to go around the bottle and then put your needles inside. It was ingenious.  

Eleanor's Hat Pins
$ 25.50

Sharon is just great with finishing pincushions.  Everything you need comes in the kit, including a hat pin make from antique pins

Just Nan
Strawberry Bunny

We have known Nan for many years.  She was always so kind to the boys when they were small and coming with us to markets.  I had to get a photo to send to them, and thought I would share it with you.  

Heirloom Scissor Pendent 
by Sullivan

Heirloom Embroidery Accessories set
by Sullivan

This beautiful set includes scissors, needle case, thimble, laying tool/awl, and a bodkin ( ribbon threader)  It is in a lovely wooden box.  

Red Gate
Floss organizers $18.00

Teri stitched the bee last year... and this year Red Gate had fun new designs.  Each package contains 1 wooden thread organizer and the pattern.  You can use any colors you like.  The owl makes me chuckle.  Teri picked up more bees as well as the new ones.  

Lizzie Kate Limited Kits

Farm Fob 

Hip Hop 

Well, be inspired as we all are here at the shop.  As everyone left work tonight, we each were clutching our treasures to go home and stitch.  And that is where I am heading right now.  If you have any questions, or would like some of these fantastic projects for yourself--just give us a quick call and we can send them right off to you.  
hugs,  Tina and Teri

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nashville Market Part three

Nashville Market:  part the third
Market buds

Finally home--during the wee hours of the morning...  
Yesterday just wasn't the day to be traveling by air, and not that much better traveling by car back in Utah.  After a 2 hour delay in Phoenix, we arrived back in Salt Lake at 12:15 with about 10,000 other people.  The baggage claim looked like a refugee center--which in a way it was.  Teri went on in the snow battling the overpacked shuttle to get her car from long term parking, and I was faced with loading out 4 gigantic bags and boxes--all hovering on the 50 pound limit. I had to muster all my strength to pull each one off the baggage carousel  and then I would let the next one ride around an extra time while I got up my courage to haul it off.  Then I wedged the airport luggage cart between the garbage can and my foot so that it wouldn't go wheeling off by itself.  I got the large blue suitcase on and then Teri's new case which is roughly the size of a small automobile, and I was feeling pretty darn good.  My next obstacle was the 2 large boxes which were stuffed full--49.9 lbs--and then taped together disguised as one item.  I had to lift it up and then manage to swing it high enough in the air to land on the 2 cases which were already on the cart.  Success after the 3rd try.  Then I had to consider swinging my 49.999999 lb duffle bag on top of the box on top of the suitcases on top of the cart.  Luckily for me, after my second try, someone took pity on me and put it up there. When I finally crawled into bed, I just lay there groaning.  Even my hair ached.  But today all is good and Teri and Lynnette have had fun unpacking all the great treasures--each one with its own story and adventure to tell.  Always a good day. 

So here are some fun pics that Teri took of darling new things--and their creators.  I hope you love them as much as we did.   

Plum Street Samplers
Paulette's room is always so inviting, she was stitching on a piece and it was fun to sit down for a minute and visit.    Her new things are very spring-y and fun.  You will love them.  Teri has the linen in for them so get ready to stitch.

Spring Rolls  

Spring Delivery 

Strong in the Lord 

Chocolate Hearts 

Black Cherry Tart 

We have the tart tins available for $3.00 each  

Serial Bowl
Sampler Lesson 1  $20.00

This fun new series of small designs can be made into pin cushions and placed in a bowl.  This partial kit includes the chart, cotton overdyed threads, and trim. 

Brenda Gervais/ With Thy Needle
We were  delighted to have Brenda just down the hall from us at market.  She was so kind to give us brown paper for our sign, when we discovered ours was missing.  Her new pieces are marvelous, and I just need to figure out which one will be stitched first.   

Shepherd's Sampler 

In Season 

Summer at Cherry Hill 

Stars and Stripes 

Button Button 

A Tisket, A Tasket 

Spring Greetings Bouquet 

Pin Feathers 

The Potting Shed  

Scarlett House

Harriott Taylor 1842  

Tanya of The Scarlett House is holding up one of her new gorgeous pieces.  Scarlett House and Samplers Remembered were just down the hall from us, and it was fun to get to know them both.

Margaret Lilly

Mary Betchell 

Susan Wasband 

Henrietta Binns 1837  

Scrumptious new floss colors from Weeks Dye Works

Busy Lizzie
Pink Sand

Chessie and Me
Teri always loves visiting with Linda in her room and perusing her beautiful new designs for the market.  They are always sweet and inspiring and truly make you want to grab your needle and get going.  

The Rose and Crown Sampler

Tallman House 1864 Sampler


New Patriotic Kit 

Gentlewoman's Stitch Box 

Garden Blooms

Shakespeare's Peddler
Ann Robbins of R & R and Tina stop to pose
 with Teresa of Shakespeare's Peddler and Lori of La D Dah


I just loved this odd piece, and I really want to stitch it.  I think it is Teri and me even though these ladies seem to be glaring at each other.  Theresa stitched it on gauze, but I will be using something a bit bigger.  

This is the start of a new series by Shakespeare's Peddler.  It will be a long and thin sampler and will have a variety of Bible bands, like Noah's ark, Adam and Eve, etc... The finished size--I am told--will be longer than And They Sinned and each section can be stitched on its own or as part of the sampler.  I love this idea, and can't  wait to see more

From the Heart by Wendy Petross
Wendy--who is a fellow westerner (Idaho)--as been a friend for many years.  She came to the market this year and had a room on our same floor.  I visited with her off and on, and was struck how sweet and lovely her designs for this market were.  They have a gentle simplicity and calmness that is very appealing.  

Bluebird Sampler 


Blackbird Sampler

This is such a darling idea, Wendy is stitching all her birds together, as shown below.  
I think we will do the same.  It was very sweet and looked fun to do.  

Summer Quaker $8.00

Patriotic Quaker $8.00

Samplers Remembered

Elizabeth Newman Healeys 1802   

Linda is holding up one of her wonderful samplers.  Sorry, it kind of makes it look like her name is Elizabeth Newman Healeys.

Amen House 

Pretty Pairs 

There is another great sampler in this set, but I have lost the photo  I will keep looking.

Now I have come back to the blog because Teri kept falling asleep at the computer.  So now you get the picture.  That is why we work so well together--one of us is always asleep.
Tomorrow we will continue to post great pictures.  Don't you think she did a sweet job taking photos of all these wonderful projects.  We still have tons more projects to share with you, plus Teri said that she has fantastic accessory items to show as well.  Sleep fast and we'll see you tomorrow night.  T