Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Stitching

Early Summer, 2016

Hi Friends,
I know, my boys would be happy to tell me that it isn't technically Summer for a couple of more weeks, but for me, when the temp jumps overnight from the 60s to the 90s, when the garden out back starts to explode, and when Vacation Bible School arrives, Summer has also arrived.  I am looking forward to this warm season with long evening hours and perhaps more time to stitch, or walk my dog, or just read my book.  Yay!  Now I just have to find my perfect reading book for the summer.  I have a new book by Kate Atkinson that I think I will start, but I also have a whole series of books about a midwestern family that Bob gave me which might be fun.  (I am not always so good with series, but we'll see.)  No need to look for a stitching project since I have many!!!!  I am just getting started drawing my new stocking for this year, and I am getting excited.  That is always a fun prospect.  Oh well, a whole 3 months ahead of me--and I know it will go by so quickly.  

Sophie's Roses

My mom's fabulous rose garden still shines inspire of our recent hard winters and our not so expert tending.  I think Teri does very well, but I worry for some of the bushes.  When I saw these pictures, I secretly thought that they looked better than the real thing, but Teri was insulted.  I guess I need to stop and take a better look.  

We do have a few new things ready for lazy, summer stitching.  This Land is a very fun little kit that I had a great time stitching.  It is worked on this quite fabulous linen that I ordered 3 months ago, and am finally receiving tomorrow.  Finally!  You will totally love working on it, though as it is soft and very luxurious in hand.  The threads are a soft and subtle palette of overdyed cottons and silks.  I hope you like it.  

This Land
kit retail $36.00

Celebrate Summer with this sweet sampler.  It is stitched on a beautiful hand-dyed 32 count linen with a combination of over dyed silk and cotton threads.  A fun set of buttons is included in this kit.  

True Heart
kit: retail $20.00 

This darling pin cushion is stitched on  32 count linen. Over dyed threads, ribbon, beads, and buttons complete this sweet pincushion 

Sweet Honey Bee
Leaflet retail $8.00 
Complete Kit $46.00

Such a sweet piece to stitch this summer,  it is stitched on 22 count Ariosa with over dyed cotton floss.  We have added a darling set of buttons from The Bee Company 
(available through Norden Crafts)

Buttons $5.80

Long May She Wave by Little House
Pattern with floss retail $15.00 

 Here is a fun new project from Little House and Classic Colorworks.  You buy 5 threads and then the pattern is free.  We are stitching it on a fun 30 count.  It looks darling.

Teri's Favorite Baby Gifts
At quilt market last month, we ordered a bunch of new baby blankets, bibs, and burps.  The fabrics are so darling and all hemstitched and ready to be crocheted around, and she has matched the perfect perle cotton for each pattern.  So if you have a special little baby coming your way, you might just need one of these adorable little receiving gifts.

One last thing that I wanted to let you know about is the Harvest Market Hop coming this September.  We did this with a fun group of designers last year and it was such a lot of fun.  Your favorite shops will be shopping this market for you, and there will be lots of fun new things for Autumn stitching. I think that the Facebook page will be coming up any time and you can watch now and then for designer posts. more last thing.  As the primaries approach and we are sending in our mail-in ballots, I just want to give a shout-out to a great friend who is running for Weber County Commissioner:  
Caitlin Gochnour.  If you already know her, you would definitely be voting for her.  And if you don't, I would love to recommend her.  She is a wonderful woman who has a lot of experience in public service.  I know that she would be a fantastic member of the Commission, and I hope you will check out her credentials at: 
In the meantime, have a wonderful and safe start to Summer.  Find a comfy chair outside, a great new book, and of course a fabulous new stitching project.  
fondly, Tina

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May Flowers

May Blessings, 2016


Dear Friends,
It's May--well soon to be June--and I have to show you my two graduates.  What a great month for us. Two boys graduating on the very same day within 1 hour of each other--one in Indiana and one in Utah.  What are the chances of that?  Bob and I did a split and each went with one child, and we had a great time in spite of missing 1 of the graduations.  As I sat at Peter's ceremony, waiting for the graduates to process in, I felt a bit teary in the end.  Where did the time go?  Honestly, they were just little boys yesterday playing pirates, hanging out at the shop, sneaking into the creek.  Peter was happily riding his lopsided trike to the bank with Teri, and Christian was busy painting brand new Pottery Barn chairs to look like trains.  I remember crying once to Bob that it was just too hard to have them at the shop...and now they are off and busy with lives of their own.  If I know nothing else at all--this I know to be true:  it all goes by so quickly. 

Here in Ogden, Winter just doesn't seem to want to let go.  Our garden is coming along quite nicely except for our frequent freak storms which insist on visiting us.  First it was 100 mph winds which took out our power for days, then biblical rain storms and now 2" of hail stones.  What fun!  But the temperature is still cool and the moisture is heavenly, so our plants are just going to have to hang in there.  Teri has been nurturing tomato plants for a month inside on her kitchen fireplace and they are amazing.  Once she dares to put them in the box gardens, they are going to grow like crazy.  But for now, we are enjoying watching the pea plants grow and blossom, and we look forward to having peas soon.  Hopefully...

Lots of things are happening at the shop.  We are busy getting ready for the Retreat as well as changing displays for the summer.  Gosh, before long we will be putting up Halloween.  Can that be true?  But in the meantime, we have such darling Americana displays and projects to prepare for the Summer ahead.  
Plus....we have a couple of fun new designs almost ready to come out.  Maybe a sneak peak coming soon. 

 Teri's Americana Display 

We have so many wonderful Americana pieces. It is always such fun to bring them out in the late spring--a bit like visiting friends that we haven't seen for a while.  Plus there have been some beautiful new patterns that have arrived, and we are having such a great time helping customers choose the perfect linen and threads to start stitching.  Just look how fun this is:

John and Abigail
by Plum Street Samplers


Here is a project chosen and ready to be stitched.  Doesn't it look delicious?

Last weekend Teri and I went to Quilt Market which was in Salt Lake City.  We had a fantastic day looking at all of the hundreds of booths, meeting up with friends, and selecting the perfect items to bring back home to the shop.  Here are a few of our finds.
Antique Needles 
$20.00 a set

This was a great find from the Quilt Market.  Each little pack of needles contain 4 packets of antique needles and historical descriptions for each set.  The needles are simply charming, and they are packed really interesting.  You will totally need a set or two to put into your sewing box.

Wool bundles 
by Primitive Gatherings

We found so many great wool packs at the Market.  Here is just a sampling.  They are 5 inch squares and contain multiple pieces of various colors and prints.  Stop by to see some of the other colors and types.  

Wool embroidery kits

Teri also picked up a few fun kits that would be perfect for the beginner and experienced alike.  

Advent Calendar 
pattern $15.00 (includes buttons)
by Jardan Prive' 

Nancy has been busy stitching this darling piece.  We were delighted with the wooden buttons, that are included with the patten.  We have stitched it on a pretty 32 count fabric with silk floss.  Our color changes include cotton floss as well.  This is more of a nod to the Advent calendar, than an actual countdown, as you do not take the buttons on and off.  I can't wait to see how Jill will finish it.  

Overdyed Cotton Floss 
by Ship's Manor
Cotton:  $2.00 per skein
Silk:  $5.30 per skein

Our friends from Ship's Manor were in this past week to show off their fledgeling line of overdyed threads--cotton and silk.  Everyone here was very impressed and we have been stitching with them.  The colors are a lot of fun and the variegation is pretty.  Next time you are in, just take a look at them and see what you think.  We are sure that you will love them.

Ships' Manor is offering this free pattern with the purchase of these 5 threads

Ship's Manor Silk Floss  

Little House House Ornament Series

Diane, from Little House is getting ready to launch a new series in the spirit of Little Sheep Virtues.  
The ABC House series looks like it will be a lot of fun and absolutely darling as well.  We have quite a few people signed up to receive the 9 patterns automatically, so just give us a call if you would like to  join this exciting venture.  We will be offering 32 or 36 count fabrics--but if you want a larger count we can help you with that as well.  We will choose the perfect linen to work this piece on and you may choose to work all 9 houses on 1 piece of fabric or separately to make into ornaments.  Just let us know which you would like.  If you want 1 piece, it will be the right size to stitch the houses 
3 x 3, and if you are doing them as ornaments you will receive a wonderful bundle of pieces cut just the right size.  We will definitely tweak the colors for overdyed threads and probably add some little buttons as well.  Just let us know.

Lizzie Kate new Halloween Mystery
Patterns only- $ 27.00
Complete Kit 32 or 28 count:  $ 95.00
16 or 14 count:  $90.00
plus shipping

Here we go again--another great Halloween mystery sampler from Lizzie Kate.  It is the same size as her Christmas Sampler - Hearts and Holly.  It looks very spooky and a blast to stitch.  So here is how it works.  You can sign up for just the patterns, or a complete kit.  The kit includes patterns, fabric, threads and embellishments.  You may choose linen in 32 or 28 count or aida in 16 or 14 count.  We charge you the total price up front, and then you will receive in the mail, a wonderful package with the first pattern and all the supplies you will need to complete the main sampler.  Then for the next 2 months you will receive pattern 2 and then pattern 3.    As always you will get a special little something if you sign up for the entire kit.  

Doesn't it look very intriguing?  Come join the fun.

Needle Trays $8.00
by The Threadgatherer  

Threadgatherer Girl

We love these magnetic trays from the Threadgatherer  I have a penny on the left side (barely) so you can get a sense of the size.  

Homemade frozen burritos
We just made one of our favorite recipes over the weekend.  It is actually a recipe of Sue's and we love to make them and store them in the freezer for lunches or quick dinners.  Just assemble and freeze on a cookie sheet, and then pack them away in large zip lock bags for future munching.  Christian usually takes a bag home with him.  

Cook a pound of hamburger, ground turkey (we use ground turkey), or use shredded rotisserie chicken. 
Add any or all of the following as you like:
1 onion sautéed with a small can of green chilies
1 pkg frozen corn
1 bottle of salsa
1 can pinto beans--or black beans if you prefer
as much shredded cheese as you like
definitely add some ground cumin and your favorite hot sauce and any fresh herbs that you would like.  
Pack the meat mixture into your favorite flour tortillas and roll up burrito style. and freeze.  We place them on a cookie sheet and then when they are frozen, we put them in ziplock bags and keep in the freezer until needed.   When you are ready to eat one of these frozen delights--just microwave for 3-4 minutes and once it cools a bit, your lunch is ready.  I hope you try them.  

Well check back with us next week and we should have our new things ready to show you.  They are going to be such fun.  Until then, be safe.  fondly, Tina

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Almost May 2016

Almost May, 2016

Hi Friends,

Here it is well into the wonderful season of Spring and if you are like me, your allergies are raging.  My whole world must be in bloom, because I am just going nuts.  Even my little dog, Lindbergh, is itching like crazy.  When we drive around, Teri always points out the most glorious trees full on in bloom with white and pink blossoms.  She truly covets them and always asks me if I wouldn't just love some of those same trees.  Honestly, I don't even like to look at them, because, inspite of their beauty, they just make me sneeze, itch and cry.  That's a great testimonial.  Oh well, I am hoping that summer will bring a bit of relief.  On the other hand, I am not sure that there is any more beautiful time of the year.  Perhaps because Spring follow s bleak Winter, it seems all the more beautiful when it arrives.  Our garden at home is full of the most glorious tulips, daffodils, and violets--with iris soon on their way. Bob so patiently plants his bags of bulbs all through the fall when it is cold and windy, and I just want to watch him through the window where it is warm. He thoughtfully plans it all out with such a vision for those months far in the future, and then I am amazed when they come up in such innocence and splendor.  We have one large pot that is filled with these tall red tulips, and it surprises me each time I walk past it.  Another pot is just brimming with the palest butter yellow tulips and 3 shades of light blue grape hyacinths.  I must be more appreciative.  And luckily, I am pretty sure that they are not giving me hay fever.  Yay! 

As you can see above, Teri has been hard at work in the box gardens at work.  She has a good crop of peas already going strong, and she broke down and planted her tomato plants even though we had a fair bit of snow last week.  She reminds me of the little boy in our favorite baby book--The Carrot Seed.  "They won't grow."  Yet she is determined to have fresh tomatoes before July.  The only things that weathered our particularly cold and snowy winter were the herbs which are growing very well.  We have been using them for a while now, and Sue's start of Oregano has spread like crazy.  Teri had to move it out of the box and into a pot so that it wouldn't keep spreading.  I think that some spaghetti sauce is going to be in order shortly.  I wonder if I can just add it to my jarred sauce from the store and pretend that it was made from scratch.  
This spring as been the season of eaglets for us here at the shop.  We have a good friend who lives in DC and comes out to visit her sister and mom.  They made a trip up in March and she told us about the bald eagles in Washington who had just hatched 2 eggs in a nest at the Arboretum there.  There are 2 cameras on the nest all the time and you can go online and watch them live anytime.  It has been so much fun.  We have learned a lot about bald eagles and have loved watching these little babies grow.  And grow they have.  I will try to post the link so that you can watch them as well if you haven't already done so.  The parents are Mr. President and The First Lady, and the babies were just named yesterday:  Freedom and Liberty.  Honestly, you wouldn't believe how compelling it is to just watch them in their nest.  I don't think they will start to branch and fledge until June or July, so take a look...

The First Lady and her babies above,  
The eaglets are starting to grow feathers and flap their wings.  

© American Eagle Foundation. DCEAGLECAM.ORG

If you want to follow them, click on the link above and scroll down to the cam views.  
Beware--you will want to watch them all the time.

Our great friend, Cece, from the Threadgatherer dropped by for a visit this past week, and we had such a good time catching up.  She brought with her these adorable little needle trays that she has just started making, and we loved them.  They are very small and sweet, and there is a magnet on the back so that your needles will just sit inside and stay there.  I have the Telling of the Bees on the table where I stitch and I really like it so much.  Unfortunately, I want several of them because they are all so darling. They actually come with 2 magnets so that you could put them on your stitching if you would rather.  Very fun.    If you want one, just give us a call.

Magnetic Needle Trays
by The Threadgatherer

                                Telling the Bees                                      Red Girl with Sheep

                                 The Lacemaker                                        Stitching Girl

                                        The  Reader                                                Bloomsbury

                                    Yellow Bird                                               Doll Maker

                                Bee Keeper                                                 The Turned Intos

Climbing the Terrace
Garden Club #7
by Blackbird Designs

We just received the latest in the Garden Club series--Climbing the Terrace.  As usual, this will be a darling complement to the the rest of the pieces that we are busily working on.  Teri spent the other night sewing together all of the parts that Nancy has stitched and, as you can see, they are fantastic.  If you are getting these from us, they will be winging their way to you shortly, and if you would like to receive any or all of them, just let us know.  

Sweet Land of Liberty
by Blackbird Designs

Here is a brand new booklet also by Barb and Alma.  There are 5 wonderful projects in this gorgeous book.  The patriotic theme makes it the perfect thing to just settle in and start stitching.  

NEW from Plum Street Samplers
Paulette has 3 wonderful new pieces which will be available mid-May.  Teri will be having a great time until then getting together all of the fun threads and linens to get these projects started.

American Sampler
pattern:  $14.00
Linen, threads or entire kit will be available.

John & Abigail
pattern:  $10.00
linen, threads or entire kit available

Cereal Bowl Lesson Five
Sampler Lessons
pattern and threads:  $20.00
linen also available 

Mesh Stitching Bags

We just received a new order of our mesh zipper bags and they are such fun.  Of course there are lots of sheep, but kind of different colors.  They are always fun to receive and look through, and even more fun to choose for a project.  It is that time of year.  

Lynnette and Reeta have been busy stitching this past little while.  Each of them brought in the pieces that they are working on and we all found it fun and inspiring.  The piece on the left is Sunflower House and the one on the right is Blackberry House.  Both beautiful pieces are by Plumstreet Samplers.      

Finger Pin Pillows
by Jeannette Douglas 
pattern: $5.00 

Teri fell in love with these tiny pin cushions at Market and came right home to stitch them up.  She now has a little basket of them nestled in buttons at the shop and everyone has loved them.  They work up quickly since they are quite small, and there is just something so sweet about them.  The great thing is that you get a free pattern for a fourth one when you buy the pattern.  

Peace Rose
by Blackbird designs
pattern: $8.00 

Teri just finished putting this little darling together and it is very special.  But you know how much I love pin cushions.  I love her choice of the polka dot linen for this and then she finished it with little pom pom edging and it is quite yummy, don't you think?  

Live Simply
by With Thy Needle and Thread
pattern: $12.00 

Here is another piece that Lynnette has been working on  It is so lovely and the colors she is using are  wonderful.  She is a fast stitcher, but I am amazed at how quickly she moves along.  I think this is just a perfect piece for our lives right now.  Can't wait for her to finish it.  

Alphabet Art
by Just Another Button Company
Pattern and Buttons:  $12.00

This is another fun series that the girls from JABCo had at the Market.  Each letter comes with a little set of adorable buttons as well as the custom printed perforated paper for that particular kit--some have stripes and some have polka dots. They are super special and pretty and would be cherished by anyone.  The letter itself is already printed on the paper, so all you have to do is the border and the floral embellishments.  We have quite a few letters in stock and are happy to order any letter that you would like if we are out of it.  I think that these would make sweet birthday gifts or even graduation presents and they just wouldn't take that long.  

A new Halloween Mystery 
by Lizzie Kate

Doesn't this look fun and enticing?  What can be more fun than a good Lizzie Kate summer mystery.  We will certainly be joining in on the fun and if you want to come along--just let us know.  There will be 3 parts to this series coming out the middle of each month:  June, July, and August. 
Here is how it will work:
3 patterns:  $27.00
Weeks Thread pack:  $32.50
28 count or 32 count hand dyed linen:  $16.70
14 count or 16 count aida:  $12.40
Embellishment pack:  $17.00
Complete linen kit:  $93.20
Complete aida kit:  $88.90
Plus shipping 
You can order it from us in any combination you would like.  Just let us know so we can plan on it.  It looks spooky and fun.
Well, it is now very late, and we just got back from Salt Lake City taking Christian to dinner for his birthday.  My did he grow up so quickly????  We had a great time, but now I am very full and soooo ready for bed.  But first I am sending this off and I hope you have fun catching up with Shepherd's Bush. Have a safe, stitchy, and non-sneezy Spring.
hugs, Tina