Friday, July 3, 2015

Mid Summer 2015

Hot Mid-Summer, 2015

Kurt Wenner Street Painter

Dear Friends,
Last week in 101 degrees, we made our annual trek to the Salt Lake Arts Festival.  In spite of the heat each year, we have such a great time strolling around--especially in the shady parts--tasting fun, odd food, watching performances, listening to music, and perusing the many varied offerings there are to see at a typical art festival--minus the funnel cakes .  We have looked forward to this each year for as long as forever.  We went when we were kids ourselves, then pushed strollers and toted backpacks when the boys were young, and met up with them during college summers.  This year sadly neither boy was here, so Bob and Teri and I were on our own.  Ahhhhh.....  Sometimes, when it is very hot, I try to skip rows and pretend that we have already seen them, but Teri is tenacious--almost uncanny in her radar-like abilities, and she makes it her quest look at every single booth in the entire festival.  Honestly, you would think that she would forget a row or two here and there, but no way.  She knows and loves them all and is driven to see every single one.  In one particular place, we happened upon a street artist and were totally amazed.  Teri took this fabulous picture of him (drawing in the top left corner) and his artwork, and you can just see how unbelievable it is.  You could hardly believe that it was a flat painting made with boxes and boxes of chalks.  See how dimensional it is and how the figures seem to be sitting right up off of the picture.  Teri has since gone on to his website and YouTube to find whole videos of his work and how he does it.  It is completely amazing, and to think how truly temporary it is. If there had not been so many people, it would have been fun to sit and watch him all evening.
 Wow, what a great way to start the summer.

Here is a little drink that Teri fixes when it is unbearably hot and it is very refreshing.  It is supposed to be made for a crowd in a large punch bowl, but Teri has mastered the art of the single pitcher.  
Just try it:
In a 2-quart pitcher thinly slice 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime and put the slices in the bottom.  Scoop in 1/2 half can of Minute Maid frozen limeade concentrate from the freezer section.  (Let it thaw just a few minutes so it is still mostly frozen.) Fill the pitcher up with crushed ice or ice cubes.  Pour chilled Sprite Zero over the ice until the pitcher is almost full.  Stir well to mix in the limeade.  Pour into glasses letting ice go in as well.  Enjoy.  Sometimes we keep adding the Sprite if we are very thirsty.  

Summer seems to be marching right along here at The Bush.  It seems the whole country is either dealing with rain or heat, and we are definitely in the heat category.  You just open the door to walk outside and you are hit with a blast of furnace-like heat.  Ugh!  I know, that we are lucky not to have too much humidity, but 105 is very hot just the same.  I am kind of worried about the rest of July.  I guess popsicles are on the menu for dinner tonight.  Yay!  We have been having a great time at the shop, so come with me on a little summer journey, and I'll show you some of the things that are new and fun.

Remember Me • A Sampler
Leaflet by Shepherd's Bush:  $9.00
Kit for Framed Pierces: $49.30
Kit for Pillows includes backing fabrics: $83.90

Teri has been wanting to do this for a while, and I think it is very fun.  If you stitch the designs on 32 count linen they can be framed as shown.  

If you want to stitch pillows in 10 count, she has chosen a great set of JABCO buttons and the most fabulous backing fabric.  Both projects use a variety of overdyed cotton threads and I think 1 set would stitch both.  We are happy to create a kit with whichever parts you need.

Bee Brave kids kit:  $15.00
Shepherd's Bush exclusive 

Teri and Kari have collaborated on this sweet new children's kit.  It is the perfect place to start your little ones.  We begin kids stitching about 6 years old.  The pattern is marked onto the fabric, so all they have to do is stitch.  Easy!  The kit comes with the fabric, thread, pattern marked on, and a little star button.  We have a variety of other kids adorable kits, just check out our website under Shepherd's Bush Designs, then look for Kids Kits.  

New Wings Scissors:  $5.00 each


These are crazy little scissors, hummingbirds (top), bees (middle), owls (bottom).  Pair them with a polka dot sheath, and you have a great gift for a stitching friend or perhaps yourself.

More New Scissors: $5.00

Summer seems to be the time for all these new scissors.  How can you resist them?   Butterflies (top),  Shoes (middle),  Angels (bottom) 

 Sparkly Hand-dyed RicRac
by YLI:  $17.00 for 5 yards 

We just unpacked these packages of ricrac and had to share them with you.  They are each named for a great painter... Renoir, Van Gough, Grandma Moses... and they are all gorgeous and hand dyed so they slightly variegate.  They all have a metallic thread running through them which almost looks like a metallic bead--very fun for finishing Christmas ornaments or pincushions.  Honestly, we were a little surprised by the price, but they are so lovely that it is hard to choose which one is the prettiest.  If you like to collect wonderful finishing things for your projects, you will absolutely love these.  Take a look and see what you think.

Shepherd's Sampler 
by Brenda Gervais
Pattern $12.00 

We only stitched a portion of this darling sampler, and I loved they way it turned out.   Teri changed the colors and used a hand dyed fabric ( it is a bit darker in person),  and Nancy stitched it for the shop.  It isn't very big, but it is sweet and gentle.  Jill's framing is perfect for this little piece.

Halloween Magazine 

Halloween Magazine has arrived.  Lynnette and Reeta have been pouring through it deciding which projects to stitch.  

Shepherd's Fold Sneak Peak

Yes, the final part of the Shepherd's Fold is almost ready.  I have it stitched and ready, and I think it is very fun. Everyone will be getting a sweet little surprise to go with this project, so get ready to stitch.  Of course, we are still waiting for linen, so we are planning to ship this mid-August.  I have to say, that I am going to be a little sad to finish up this sewing box.  I have loved working on it and planning it.  But don't worry, I have a some fun things already floating around in my brain.  Watch for the blog in the next week or so, because we are going to post some darling accessories to go with this Fold piece.  You will love them.

Foot by foot, row by row,
I'm gonna watch my garden grow....

The one thing that seems to like this heat, is the garden.  Look at is growing, growing, growing.
The squash has leapt over the box barrier and is beginning to climb the pole of an awning, and the tomatoes are almost to the tops of their cages.  Everything has lots of blossoms, and we are watching eagerly for little fruits and veggies to appear.  We have had a tiny harvest of beans and there are 4 little green tomatoes.  So I just have to tell myself to be patient and enjoy the green journey. 

So, be safe out there this week and try to stay dry and cool. Take a moment from the weeding and watering and just sit in your garden and watch the insects flutter through it and smell the sweet fragrance of green-ness.  And...don't forget to visit your Farmer's Market.  Ours is starting soon, and we can't wait.  It is always our Saturday morning excursion on our way to work, and it sets us up for the week.  I can't wait for fresh corn, cucumbers for pickles, and our very own tomatoes.  Happy 4th of July.  hugs, Tina

Monday, June 15, 2015

June... seriously???

Early Summer, 2015

Inch by inch, row by row,
I'm gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground...

Dear Friends,
This little song which my boys and I sang when they were little has been playing over and over through my mind this past month as we have been watching the miracle of our garden.  It is the first thing we check on each morning and the last thing we visit before we go home, and usually we find a dire need to run down on Sunday afternoon to make sure it is still there.  I really don't know why it is so compelling.  Perhaps it is such a little pocket oasis suddenly growing in the center of a downtown city.  As you can see, the beans are prolific and quickly climbing up the teepees.  Of course the zucchini is expanding exponentially but I don't even care.  We have a few blossoms on the peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers--which have finally perked up with the hot, dry weather.  And Teri's herbs are doing great.  She uses them almost every night--well, when she isn't going out for dinner.  Who knows, she might start offering them to the nearby restaurants she frequents.  
You might not think it, but we are nurturing the shop as well.  Our new offerings for June are such fun, and if you missed them last month, just take a look at the previous blog post to see them all.  Teri  and Reeta have been busy out in the shop rearranging things and bringing out the first peeks of Halloween.  Yay!  Isn't it just the best.  I have been working on the last piece of the Fold and I am very excited.  It is really odd and different, and I think everyone is going to love it.  So...if you aren't caught up--get moving.  Here are a few of the fun new things that are going on in the shop.

New colors from Classic Colourworks
2 skeins- 4.40 (2.20 each)
Free pattern

The new colors are called Rose Petal and Strawberry Parfait, and the very lovely thing is that you get this adorable free pattern when you purchase the threads.  What a fun thing to get right into the Summer spirit. 

New Overdyed Linens 
from Dames of the Needle

This is new fabric from Dames of the Needle.  We were delighted with the names of the fabrics- Peeps Lost Sheep (top), and Dirty Ewe (bottom).  Both are 32 count and we are loving the feel of stitching with them.   

Blessed is the Life 
by Little House Needlework
Pattern $ 8.00

We have already sent this sweet sampler off to have it stitched.  Teri and Reeta have been looking through all our hand dyed linens, and have chosen the perfect color.  We are using all Classic Colour  threads and it will be so fabulous.  It has such an endearing sentiment.  

A Little Mystery Sampler 
by Lizzie Kate 

Complete Kit- Shepherd's Bush version $91.00 (with enough fabric for all bonus patterns)
Mostly complete Kit- Shepherd's Bush version $73.50- (no fabric for bonus patterns just the sampler)
Original version- Complete kit $77.00 (with enough fabric for all bonus patterns)
Shipping for all 3 parts (mail orders only) $9.00

 Linda, from Lizzie Kate, has announced a new smaller mystery sampler.  It will come in three parts and is a smaller format than her other mysteries, since they have been moving and building a new house.  What a lot to do in one year. 

Teri has been having fun all this past week trying to choose just the right threads and linens for this sweet piece.  She has changed all of the colors to overdyed cottons and they look simply beautiful.  We have chosen a beautiful overdyed fabric that comes in 32 and 36 count, so you could do either one.  Of course we also carry the fabric she calls for: 32 count sandstone if you prefer just a more basic look.  We have many options and will help to customize this kit just for you.  We have also worked out a cutting diagram for the sampler and all the bonus accessories which will be included in your kit.  Give us a call soon to sign up, and we will send you the first part as soon as we get it from Lizzie Kate--mid July.  It looks sweet and will make for a great summer project.  You will also recieve  3 bonus patterns in the mystery sampler.  Exciting!

 Things Unseen  
by Lizzie Kate
Patterns $27.00
Patterns and buttons $44.00

Complete kits available in 32, 28 linen and16 count aida


Speaking of Mysteries....We just picked this up from Jill, our fabulous framer, and it is so wonderful that I just had to share it with you.  It was originally a mystery sampler in 3 parts,  but now you can just get the whole kit at once--the patterns, buttons, fabric and of course the threads.

Bluebird out My Window 
by Brenda Gervais
Pattern $ 10.00


These darling new patterns from With Thy Needle are just great.  We have the fabric cut and ready for each of them.  

          Grand Old Flag
        by Brenda Gervais
     Pattern: $10.00


New Halloween wall

Teri thought it was time for just a small wall of Halloween....  so here are the Prairie Schooler patterns all in a row, along with some of our favorites--but then how to choose.  They are all great.

Top left: All Hallows Eve, Center: Trick or Treat, Top Right: Nevermore--all by Prairie Schooler
Middle Left:  Ghost Inn kit by Chessie and Me, center:  A Wicked Plant by Barbara Ana, 
Right middle: Halloween Trifles by Shepherd's Bush,   Bottom left:  Hallow Day Inn by With Thy Needle,  bottom right: Halloween Jumble by Drawn Thread.  Pillows: far left: Double Double by Prairie Schooler, left middle: Hats off to Halloween by Lizzie Kate, Crow by Prairie Schooler,  
3 pillows: October Comes by Shepherd's Bush.  

 PS--Sleds are finally!!! back in stock, and there is a darling new pattern- Elf Folk

Well, just a few fun new things to get you stitching this summer.  Spread out a tablecloth in your back yard and enjoy the warm summer afternoons and evenings stitching something great and watching your own little gardens grow.  

Inch by inch, row by row,
Someone bless these seeds I sow.
Someone warm them from below
'Til the rain comes tumbling down....

hugs...T & T

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rainy May, 2015
Welcome to the desert.  Plenty of clouds, thunder and lightening...but if you are coming, bring a kayak.  We have had such a strange, moisture-less winter, that this watery spring is both welcome and surprising.  My friends walk about outside with bath towels--although a beach towel might be a bit more festive--and all of Utah spends an inordinate amount of time staring out windows at our unexpected weather.  Yesterday, Teri and I sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes trying to muster up the courage to slosh our way into the shop.  One by one, everyone else drove up and sat in their cars looking over at us and wondering what we were doing.  Obviously, they don't have naturally curly hair.  Seriously, 18" of snow overnight will only elicit a few groans and a frantic scramble for boots, hats, and gloves.  But 5" of rain over 3 weeks and we are completely undone.  But, I will tell you, that we are a shimmering spectacle of green...the Emerald State--for this 1 brief and glorious month.  The mountains are green, the grass is green, trees and plants and bushes are green.  In fact everywhere you look is green.  You can smell it and breathe it and sneeze it.  I should definitely take a picture, because it is not going to last...

The box gardens are doing great.  Well, like the rest of us, they could actually use a bit of sunshine, but that will come.  The tomatoes and beans are growing quickly, and are almost reaching the girl scout teepees.  How exciting.  We've added a bunch of flowers, and they are bravely soldiering on through the downpours.  Only the cucumbers are attempting to turn up their toes.  Teri is quite determined that they are going to fight through this, but I am not very sure.  Luckily the grocery store has new and healthier ones beckoning from the trolly outside the front doors...and I secretly have my eye on them.  

The oddest thing of all is that while we have been busy nurturing and admiring the flora and fauna  out in the back yard, we totally failed to notice a serendipitous little garden growing out in the front yard.  In the grate under our tree we now have a lovely forest of mushrooms--ok--toadstools.  They make me laugh every time a walk past them.  I sort of vacillate between wanting buy a gnome and paint tiny red polka dots on them, or thumbtacking a skull and crossbones to the trunk of the tree.  I am a bit mystified about this unexpected crop.  Teri thinks is is tiny fairy village... but I am not convinced.  

Well, this lovely rainy weather has allowed for much fine stitching.  We have finished a few very fun pieces that I am excited to share with you now.  I think that everything is ready so I hope that they will make you want to stitch and stitch.  

Hope For Peace
kit:  $30.00

This sweet little piece is stitched on a lovely 32 count Flax Belfast linen with a gentle palette of silks and overdyed cottons.  The kit includes a packet of little buttons for a perfect finishing touch.

Crown Thy Good Pin Cushion
kit:  $20.00

This was such a fun little pin cushion to stitch.  It is worked on 32 count natural Belfast linen with a combination of silks and overdyed cottons.  Sweet little buttons crown this piece as well as hand-dyed ric rac and pearl beads.   If you would like a piece of the wool backing, let us know.  It is a beautiful Weeks Dye Works wool.  It is $4.50 a piece, just let us know we would love to send you one.  

Flag Box 
kit:  $12.00

Teri's stitched flag is a great addition to the little box top series.  You will totally love this charming piece which will be just right for those hot, patriotic days of summer.

Summer Trifles
leaflet:  $8.00
complete kit:  $70.00 

Finally, it is here!!!  Oh, sorry, Teri, that sounded rude.  I just have been very excited for her to finish these--and so is everybody else.  I think they are darling and you will just love all the fun little bits and pieces that go along with them.  Sweet blue, gold, and cloudy linens, fab ribbons that she has dyed, beads and buttons and everything you need to finish them up. A perfect beginning of summer project--actually 3 of them.  

Liberty Hill
exclusive kit:  $20.00

Jill and Teri have been having a great time working on this new exclusive kit.  Available only from Shepherd's Bush, this sweet and summery piece is stitched on 32 count linen.  The kit includes linen, threads, and buttons as well as this lovely hand-painted mat by Jill.  It will stitch up very quickly and you can enjoy it the whole summer long.  

New Darling Charts from our friend Paulette

George and Martha by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $10.00

Winsome Pair by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $10.00

Party Tarts by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $12.00

These make me laugh,  we do have the little tart tins for $3.00 each.  

Stars and Stripes by With Thy Needle
Chart $ 12.00

Our niece Erin stitches for us, and she just sent this back to us, it is so wonderful!  

Well, there you have from Lake Ogden. We have a lot of fun new things that we haven't taken pictures of yet, but I think that we will just add them to this letter in the next day or two.  Just come back to me and scroll down to see what's new.  We have chosen very cool linens and threads to go with Plumstreet's new pieces, as well as Stars and Stripes from With Thy Needle.  And a darling new one called Santa's Hike.  So... keep in touch.  There will also be a bunch of new designs coming out this weekend so we will be ordering lots of exciting things.  Classic Colorworks is coming out with two new threads and a free pattern to go with.  With Thy Needle has 2 darling pin cushions...and there will be lots more.  I will write again next week, but if there is something you want, just let us know.
Have a great weekend and remember...don't eat the toadstools.  hugs, Tina

Friday, May 1, 2015

Late spring

Ahhh...Spring, 2015

Dear Friends,

It's the first of May, and I think that Spring is well and truly here.  April brought its share of snow to Utah, and May might as well, but it's all good.  In fact it is all great.  Our darling, young horticulturist neighbor, Sveva, has been working with Teri on a project in the back yard of the shop.  He has a master plan for us which involves a few years of landscaping, and this is the year of the box gardens. He has worked very hard, and he and Teri have had a great time planning out the the future of these gardens.  Today is planting day #1.  So excited to see how everything grows, so I'll update you as the summer progresses.  Teri can't wait to get her tomatoes and cucumbers growing, and I can't wait to bring down my blue chair and watch.  We have always loved our little oasis out in the back and have spent a lot of time out there over the years:  dyeing fabrics and ribbons, tending the lilac bushes that our mom planted the year we opened the shop, dodging baseballs, and sometimes setting up a table and just working on a project in the quiet of the afternoon.  (Well, quiet--if the people next door at the shady motel are on their rare good behavior. ) When my boys were little, it seemed like we spent many hours out there trying to get some work done while they rode scooters and trikes.  I kind of miss those times a little.  But now we will have a new phase and I know that it will be fabulous.  A little pocket garden in the heart of the downtown.  Sometimes Teri disappears from the shop for long periods of time, and now we know where she is.  When everything starts growing, we might never see her.  

This week, she has been constructing tomato and cucumber cages for the box gardens.  I tried to help her a bit, but honestly it was pitch dark and freezing cold most of the time.  So far, I think they look pretty good, albeit a bit rickety.  But they are sturdier than they look, and hopefully they will work out well.  (Tina...they are not rickety, they are very strong and will be the perfect frame for our cucumbers and beans.  Our sister Sheree has ordered up some for her yard, good luck getting them home)-Teri

This has been a busy few months for all of us. with the market in March, preparing for the next Fold, and trying to get new things ready for May.  I have stitched a lot and also done a bit of sketching as I think forward in the year.  Nothing is better than a good project to come home to.  I have also been reading quite a bit, and right now I am almost finished with the most fantastic book: All the Light we cannot See by Anthony Doerr.  Bob gave me this book for my birthday, and once I had started it I just can hardly put it down.  Last week it won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction--so well deserved!  If you need a good book for summer, just go get this one.  It is lovely and thoughtful and a total page turner-- and the last couple of days I have had to have great discipline to put it down and come to work.  I am almost finished, and I just don't want it to end... but I can't slow myself down.  I am also a bit worried for all the characters.  Ugh!!!!
Teri and I have also been watching the Gilmore Girls.  I had actually never heard of it before.  I guess when you are raising boys, you don't notice a series called Gilmore Girls.  We have only watched the first 3 seasons--out of 7--and each season has about a billion episodes.  It has been so much fun.  I loved the series, Parenthood, and this seems a bit like a prequel.  Not really, but sort of because of the main character.  Anyway, just find it on Netflix and give it a try.  Last night we watched the episode where Rory goes off to college, and it just flooded me with such memories of taking my boys to the dorms.  Ahhhh....  I was just thinking about those saddest phone calls home on their first nights...when Rory called her mom.  If I had only watched it back in the day, I would have realized that it is perfectly alright to bring an extra mattress to Orientation and spend the first night on the floor next to my babies. 
On a totally different note, I thought that I would include a recipe just to get you jump started into spring and summer.  Have you been enjoying the strawberries the past few weeks?  We certainly have.  Hey, maybe we will try growing our own in the infamous box gardens out back.  Actually, all the berries have been really good lately--perhaps because of the long winter gone by.  We have been making Panna Cotta,  a favorite dessert that goes perfectly with fresh berries--any or all.  This Italian confection is simple and creamy and decadent, and is the choice that Teri usually makes for her birthday cake.  (Not a cake at all.)  So here is a recipe that we love to make, and I hope you give it a try. Let me know what you think.  

Panna Cotta
(make the night before)
2 cups heavy creme
3/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
1 cup sour creme ( I love Daisy but I think a really thick, plain Greek Yoghurt would be good as well.)
Ok here goes:
1.  In a tiny bowl measure out a scant teaspoon of the gelatin.  (do not use the entire envelope!)
Pour 1 Tablespoon of cool water on top and let sit for at least 10 minutes.
2.  Place the creme and the sugar in a heavy sauce pan and heat until it is almost ready to boil.  (I stir it a lot.)
3.  Remove from heat and add 1 tsp vanilla.  Stir
4.  Add the softened gelatin to the hot creme and stir well to dissolve.  Let cool about 10-15 minutes.
5.  Add the sour creme to the mixture and mix completely.  
6.  Place in a bowl and cover well.  Leave in the fridge overnight and serve big scoops of it with fresh fruit.  
7.  Enjoy! 

Shepherd's Fold 
Part 5

We are totally in the process of getting the 5th part of the Fold ready to go.  It has turned out very fun, and we are getting excited to share it with you.  We have tried not to send them out too close together, because most everyone has loved having the time to get each new project finished.  
So get stitching.....And if you need us to send something with your Fold--just give us a call.  
Here is a huge bundle of silk ribbon which Cece hand dyed for us.  Doesn't it look scrumptious?  
We have all been working hard on getting this one ready to go, and we are planning to send them out sometime next week.  So watch your mail.  After this one, we only have 1 more left in this series.  Hopefully it will come out sometime in late June.  It is also going to be a very fun one.  So, if you are behind, I hope that you catch up quickly.  Happy Stitching.   

Old Glory 
by Little House Needleworks
pattern:  $6.00
Complete Kit $48.75 (includes backing fabric)

Isn't this a darling?  It is simple and sweet and just perfect for the summer that is hurtling towards us. Teri found this wonderful patriotic banding fabric for the pillow itself, and it comes with the kit.  We stitched this little piece on 10 count Tula, and that made it so much fun to do.  I'm sure that you will 
just love it as well.  

Sweet Land Of Liberty
by Heartstring Samplery
Pattern $ 10.00

Teri has also been binge stitching... maybe it is all the Gilmore Girls we have been watching...
She whipped up this wonderful patriotic piece in no time.  Isn't it great?

Sampler Lesson Two
by Plum Street Samplers
partial kit

Paulette's new BYOF (bring you own fabric) kit is on it's way to us.  It has a patriotic twist, and looks so fabulous.  We will pick the perfect fabric for it as the fabric is not included in the kit.  Give us a call if you would like one.  They should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, and we can send it right off to you.  

Summer at Cherry Hill 
by Brenda Gervais
Pattern $ 12.00
Complete kit also available

Teri and Lynnette are both working on this fabulous piece.  (I think that Teri needs to stop and work on her new Trifles pattern, but she seems a bit obsessed with this.) I love the hand dyed linen that they chose and their colors are very rich and beautiful.  Heaven knows it will be cherry time before we blink.

Leona's Sewing Box 
by Blackbird Designs
Pattern:  $9.00
Complete kit:  $49.00
Hand made box: $199.00

I love this little project! Teri couldn't decide whether to frame it or use the box, but when we got it in the box, we were very happy.  I just love the lace that Teri dyed and the little buttons that she picked out.  If you buy the kit, all of these sweet treasures will come with.  I think it is quite beautiful.  It's funny, but ever since I started the Fold, I have fallen in love with the Lone Elm boxes.  I know they seem expensive, but they are just so lovely and well crafted.  I love! love! love! my purple box.  Now I want to get one of these square boxes.  I think that it is wonderful and I also think the little shelf inside is fantastic.  Maybe it's because I am not the most organized person, and I have loved having a place to keep my stitching treasures.  

Lady Dot Beeswax Waxers

These are new for us from Lois (Lady Dot).  She has truly gotten into the beeswax, and I think her waxers are just fabulous!  I love mine just sitting on a shelf, but Teri uses hers all the time for strengthening and calming thread.  Doesn't every sewing box need one?  We have been sending the sheep out to people who have ordered them--especially for the Fold, and Teri has been packaging them in little boxes for sending.  So we have had a big basket with little boxes tied with bows.  Then on the 1 day in six months that I stayed home sick, she and Sue had the brilliant idea to package all of the new ones in the boxes as well.  Unfortunately, no one bothered to mention this bit of news to me, and I have spent 2 weeks sending a large variety of waxers all over to people who have ordered-- sheep.  Yay! 

Sweet Sheepies

Hoot Hoot

Buzzzzy Hive

Filigree Bee

Button 4

Rose Hearts

Stitching Bags
Large: $30.00  
Medium: $28.00 
Small: $26.00 
We always love it when we get a group of wonderful stitching bags.  It is fun to have a great variety and her fabrics are sweet!!!  
Ah...which one to choose first.

All sorts of adorable sheep bags: 
Blue Sheep- bottom
Teal leaping sheep- Top
Red and black sheep- Left
Black and white- right 
Really?  Can you ever go wrong with a great sheep bag?  Not!

Stitching fabric
This is just the most darling fabric. Soft and sort of watercolored with all sorts of sewing tools on it.  I just love this one.

Of course bee bags...for Teri
Pink bees: top
Aqua Bees: top left
Bears and Bees: top right (very limited)
Bee Border: bottom left
Green bees: Bottom right
Yellow: center bottom (medium only)

Well, I think that I am going to send this off to you before it gets any later.  That means that I can go to bed and try to finish my book.  I can 't wait to finish it, and I also don't want to, because then it is done.  Plus...I am very worried about many of the characters.  Oh...and this book has sort of inspired me to re-read 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  (Not in braille.)  That could be fun for summer.  So happy gardening, happy reading, happy cooking, happy eating, and most of all happy stitching.  See you next week.  hugs, T & T