Saturday, August 16, 2014

Market Offerings

Hi Friends,
Here are our offerings for Market.  Enjoy!!!

Harvest Of Plenty Kit:  retail $54.00

Here is a sweet and gentle sampler to welcome in the Fall season.  The kit includes hand-dyed 32 count linen, silk threads and a packet of buttons.  

Autumn Sheep Kit:  retail $20.00

A sheep stands on top of a harvest hill almost hidden amongst the bounty of Autumn’s offerings.  This little kit comes with the 32 count stitching fabric, overdyed threads, and button. (a darling companion to Garden Sheep)

Safely Gathered Pin Cushion Kit:  retail $22.00


This whimsical little pin cushion features overdyed threads, 32 count linen, hand-dyed buttons, ric-rac, and beads.  The perfect little Fall piece to tuck into your sewing box.   

Autumn Box Kit:  Retail $12.00

This fun Fall piece can be framed or finished in a sweet wooden box.     The kit comes with the 32 count linen, there

                                            Forget Me Not Bag Kit retail $24.00 

This adorable bag comes pre-made, all you get to do is the cross stitching--a sweet, old-fashioned sentiment in a meadow of sheep.  All the supplies are included to complete this wonderful bag.

Halloween Trifles Leaflet retail $8.00: 

Three spooky pincushions peek out to scare you.  Introducing Cobweb fabric from Fabric Flair.  We have complete kits available with all the supplies needed to finish all three pincushions.  These kits include the three stitching fabrics, spooky backing fabric, hand dyed ribbon, beads, buttons and the leaflet.  Complete kit $ 65.00

Pumpkin Harvest- Leaflet retail $8.00

This fun Fall design can be stitched on 20 count linen to be framed, or 30 count for the sweet pincushion.  You need a great set of buttons from our friends at JABCO for the framed piece and a wonderful set of pins for the pincushion.  We are happy to make you complete kits for the framed piece or the pincushion of both, just give us a call

 Pumpkin Harvest- Just Pins retail $15.50

Fall Ewe All:  Free pattern with purchase of button
Complete Kit $30.00

This is our complimentary pattern for this fall.  It is free with the purchase of the Polka Dot Pumpkin button.  

Enjoy  I will post a photo of more things later... thanks

Friday, August 15, 2014

st charles

St Charles Summer Market

Hi friends,
Teri can never miss an opportunity to get her camera up and going.  A bunch of us got together for dinner after we arrived at the Market, and we had a wonderful time catching up on life with each other.  It seems that we have spent the summer designing and kitting getting the Fold ready and the things ready to bring to market.  What fun!  There were many days when it was hard to differentiate whether we were making kits at work or making them at home.  I think that somewhere in my subconscious the scenery seemed to have changed and the light outside.  The good thing is that Sue and I at work, and Teri and I at home have come close to solving the world's problems. (If only new crises wouldn't happen out there while we sleep. )  We have some darling new designs that we are showing tomorrow, so watch our website and our blog to get a great look at what is new for early Fall.  I hope you love them as much as we do.  
Ok--now on to the Fold.  First of all, we are having so much fun with this project.  I hope that you are enjoying it as well.  AND I hope that you are keeping up and trying to get them stitched before the next one comes out.  We are obviously trying to make sure that you have PLENTY of time between each installment.  I always love a project that gets completed as I go along.  
I know...I are wondering where Part 3 is.  We are beginning to wonder that ourselves.  No, not really.  Our back room in the shop is filled to overflowing with the kits just waiting to go out to you.  As usual we are wrangling linen so that we can post them all at the same time.  We are now just waiting for one last shipment, and we will be ready to go.  I have begged and pleaded with my linen friends to get it to me, and it is beginning to feel like the proverbial blood out of a turnip.  But they have promised (hmmmmmm) that I will have it when I get home from market, and then we will finish up the kits and get them off to you.  On an up note...I think you are going to love it!!!  Besides, just think of this delay as a great chance to get your first 2 parts finished up and ready.  How is your box finishing going?  I have heard from lots of you that you have successfully completed it.  Yay! 
Thank you so so so so much for your patience and kindness in your calls and thoughts.  We have not dropped off the face of the earth, and Part 3 is coming to you soon.  You might have noticed on the Fold Marketplace that we have a wonderful set of pins which we have had Cecile--at Jabco--design and make for us to match the Shepherd's Fold.  If you would like us to include it with your kit--just give us a quick call.  You can also check with your local shop to see if they would like to order them in for you.  They are very fun.

Fall Ewe All
Exclusive market kit:  $30.00

Here is your very own sneak peak at our market exclusive kit.  It is very darling and the perfect jump off for Fall.  This kit comes complete with 18 count natural linen, Weeks over-dyed cotton threads, Gentle Art Simply wool, and a fabulous polka dot pumpkin button which was hand-made for us by our great friend Dinah.  This is a limited kit so be sure to put it on your market wish list.  
Ok, sorry, Teri is wingeing at me to finish up and help her set up our room.  She stayed up most of the night decorating the outside of our room while I went to bed.  Sorry, Ter.  Now it is payback time and I have got to get my skates on and get moving.  (Well, maybe just a brief rest to get me started.)  Oh my gosh...the room looks so darling where she has set our new things up.  I seem to have kind of forgotten what we brought with us and it all looks quite sweet.  How fun!  Be sure to watch out blog tomorrow afternoon to see all of our new things.  And in the meantime, be safe and be cool out there in the world.  Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer 2014

Beginning of Summer, 2014

Dear Friends,
Ahhh, blessed Summer. Those perfect, long evenings of reading and stitching in the sunset, watching Bob garden and taking Lindbergh for walks.  Everything just seems to slow down with the heat and our senses become almost overwhelmed with the gifts of color and fragrance and taste.  I yearn to capture it and bottle it up in my heart for the long, dark days of Winter.  Instead of canning tomatoes, and grapes and beans, we should carefully fill our jars with sun, and the smell of honeysuckle and lavender, and the chirp of crickets.  That would surely be a feast for our souls in the middle of January.  My boys aren't home this summer, so everything to me seems odd and lazy and sort of empty.  I tell myself that my time should be busy with a great cleaning and sorting project, but instead I seem to be drawn to my stitching or my book, or I watch the weather on my phone for the places where they are.  moms....and boys.
Sue, who works with us at the shop, is also a neighbor, and she and her husband have just acquired 2 beehives.  It has been fun to hear of the progress of this new venture and to visit the quite wonderful box/hives.  In the past couple of weeks as the weather has warmed up, our yard, which has quite a plethora of bright flowers, has suddenly become a-buzz with a huge influx of bees.  In the mid to late afternoons, they are in veritable swarms around the lavender beds.  Bob spent Sunday afternoon trying to plant and putter about in the garden, and kept shouting in to me to text Sue to come and get her bees.  When I went out to see what he was talking about, I saw that the flowers were just covered by bees, bees, and more bees.  He claims that they are out to get him, but they seem completely impervious to him and absorbed only with their own pollen-gathering busy-ness.  It did provide many excuses for his brief retreat to the house.  Ahhh...Summer. 

Americana Trifles 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet $8.00
Complete kit: $
Finishing kit: $

We have been enjoying this darling little salute to America as June speeds right past us.  Teri's sweet  pin cushions work up quickly and are just darling sitting in a little basket.  You still have plenty of time to get them done for Get Stitching!

Busy as a Bee 
by Lizzie Kate
Chart: $11.50
Complete Kit with backing fabric: $57.00

Teri found this adorable fabric covered with bees and has been watching for the perfect piece to stitch for a little pillow.  Well this one is certainly a good choice.  It is cheerful and fun and just makes you want to smile. Besides, you know it is a theme here. 

New needle Threaders: $8.00

Aren't these new needle threaders just darling?  Teri had Cecile from Jabco make the buttons and then  Deb from My Big Toe work them into needle threaders and they are wonderful.  The thing that is so nice about these threaders is that they are super strong and they don't snap with the threading of each needle.  Perfect for your sewing box.  

Lizzie Kate Trunk Show

We are delighted to have an inspirational trunk show by Lizzie Kate,  They (Linda and Alan) have sent us some of their favorites. Most of them come packaged in cd cases and are called Boxers. These sayings come with the chart for at least 2 sweet sayings, the linen and sometimes a button or charm--I think that you just have to provide the threads. They also sent us a few of their "A  Little Sampler" series.  These kits come with fabric and a button.  Teri has taken close-ups further on..  enjoy this trunk show right in your own house.  Yippee!!!

I Know God: $17.00

This one is Sue's favorite.  She says she is stitching it for sure.

What We Are: $17.00

If We Pray:  $17.00

Don't Cry Because It Is Over:  $17.00

Faith Is Being Sure: $17.00

I think that Teri should stitch this one for sure.  She is definitely a faith sort of girl.  Which means I need to find out which ones Reeta and Nancy want to stitch.  I think I will pick one out myself for Lynnette, she loves surprises. 

A Little Christmas:  $14.00

A Little Easter: $14.00

A Little Love:  $14.00

I think this would make a great wedding sampler--and kind of quick.  

A Little Beach: $14.00

A Little Snow: $14.00

Teri wants me to match up each little kit with the perfect stitcher, so I am just going to have to think further on that.  Perhaps that stitcher is you...

Last but not least,  a new Halloween Mystery sampler is coming out in August.  So how fun is that going to be?  We do not have many details yet--just that Patti from SamSarah is designing it, and it will be Halloween.  Here is what we know so far....
 "We all love a good summer mystery, and know your customers will love stitching "Something Wicked".  SamSarah has designed a Halloween sampler that will be revealed in 3 wicked parts.  Our favorite themes are all in this design...pumpkins, owl, blackbird, sunflowers, moon, stars, and more......"

Give us a call if you are interested in stitching along.  I don't know what we will be doing--but it is bound to be spooky, good fun.  

 Well, it is late, and I am going to bid you a fond farewell.  This summer seems to have us going in so many directions that it is keeping us more than busy.  If you are coming to the Retreat in October, watch for a letter soon in your e-mail, and for those of you doing the Shepherd's Fold, I have just finished stitching Part 3.  I know you are going to love it.  Plus we have some special things coming to go with it so watch the Fold Marketplace in the next couple of weeks.  Part 3 will be ready mid-to-late July.  Plus we are also very busy getting ready for the market in August--lots of super fun new things.  Much to look forward to.  I will write again in a week or two. Until then, be safe and no sunburns.  Hugs, Tina

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


First of June, 2014

Dear Friends,

Oh my baby just turned 21.  How on earth did that happen?  And when?....
Honestly, it was just a blink ago that he was sitting buckled into his little bouncy chair which was strapping taped to the front counter at the shop, or riding his little wooden push bike around the rooms, or strolling to the bank with Teri every afternoon. And there is a part of me that simply misses it all--barefoot brothers trawling through the creek, playing in the lake, flying kites, snuggling up for a bedtime story.  Always someone eager to go and try and do. Violins, pianos, clarinets, saxophones, and guitars, guitars, guitars.  Noisy and messy, laughter and tears.  Trikes and bikes and scooters and cars.  It's funny how every age in my boys' lives was bursting with its own particular joys and stresses and nerve wracks, yet I loved them all. And 26 years later, I can only say... that it went by so, so fast.
 Well...Happy Birthday, little one.  You'll always be my baby.

Here it is the first of June and Summer is pretty much upon us.  I know that the heat is going to come crashing in any day, but I treasure our still cool evenings and early mornings. The road construction on the street in front of the shop returned with a full vengeance this morning, and I begin to despair of it every being finished.  Now that the pipes in the street have been replaced, they seem to be replacing fire hydrants and water meters which meant re-cutting 6 x 6 x 6 foot holes in the street and in the sidewalk.  Oh Yay!  And then at the very end of the day they brought around a little paper for us to sign telling us that we must now hire a plumber to come in and retro-fit our hot water heater for back wash or back splash or something else completely disgusting and unintelligible.  Really????  What fun!  And yet customers still seemed to make it in to us.  I have no idea how they managed it.  Perhaps they floated down from the sky with umbrellas.  I am taking a treat tomorrow for those hearty souls who have bravely made it through.  The workmen promised that by Wednesday we would be re-paved on our block, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Which might make for difficult stitching.  But in spite of everything, we are cheerful, and we have great new things going on in the shop, so I am excited to share some of them with you.

Shepherd's Fold:  Part 2
My Home scissor fob

Hopefully you should all have the second installment of the Fold by now.  This little scissor fob will look darling tucked into your sewing box.  I hope that you are coming along nicely on Part 1, and I know that a lot of you have finished it up.  I hope that our instructions for putting it on the box have helped.  I think that they are pretty good at guiding you through.  I know that you are wondering when we are going to post the video of finishing the box, but I'm sorry to say that Teri has run into a few glitches and is still working on it.  Her video editing Guru told her that a typical movie should last about 3 minutes and hers is almost 20.  Oh well.  It is very detailed which I think is good if you are trying to complete a project.  He told her that most people have a very short attention span--hence the 3 minute video.  And she said--well not so much with stitchers.  I mean...really. Any husband will marvel at the number of hours we can stitch without moving. So one of these days, you can pop yourself some popcorn and get a coke and settle in for her epic movie.  But not quite yet, she is off to church girl's camp for the week. 
I thought that part 2 should be sort of little after all your hard work on the Full Heart, so enjoy getting this project stitched and finished in plenty of time for Part 3.  I am having a great time working on it, and I think that you are going to love it.  A bit more stitching, however, so try to get caught up on the first 2 parts during these long summer nights.  

Purple Polka Dot Scissor Sheath

We had these made especially for us, since the Fold has that definite purple theme.  However, they fit most scissors and look great on all of them.  Now we have sheaths in red, black, pink, and green dots, rose flowers, and purple dot.... maybe one of each?  Hey, don't forget to check out the Fold Marketplace on our website to see all the new things we are posting to go with the Fold.  Just keep your eye on it since we put up new things quite frequently.

Little Loves scissors

Aren't these Little Loves scissors just adorable.  They come in a big variety of colors and are not only fun but great to use as well.  If you are a heart girl, you are going to be in love with these.

Americana Trifles:  by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet:  $8.00

Teri has had this new little Trifles book in the works for a little while and it is now ready.  Isn't it just sweet?  I just love each of these tiny pin cushions, and I think that most people could get them down rather quickly.  Easily in time for the 4th of July.  You can purchase just the leaflet or you can get the kit which comes complete with the supplies to make all three.  A perfect beginning of summer project.  Don't you just love the polka dot fabric on Liberty???

In Full Glory:   by Blackbird
Leaflet:  $8.00
Kit:  $

Here is a wonderful new Reward of Merit from Blackbird Designs.  I just love it.  
Teri's colors are sweet and subtle making it truly the perfect June project.  

Hearts Blossomed:  by SamSarah
Leaflet:  $16.20 ( includes a pack of buttons)

My niece, Erin, stitched this piece for us and I think it turned out so sweet.  Really a darling baby sampler that Emma will always want in her bedroom.  I think that Teri chose really girly colors and had her stitch it on the new polka dot linen.  Isn't is just adorable?

True Friendship:  by Plum Street Samplers
Leaflet:  $10.00

Our super nice customer, Tracy Mitchell, has finished so many projects.  Here are her two latest--both by Paulette of Plumstreet Samplers 
Aren't they are amazing!   

A Friend Loveth: by Plum Street Samplers
Leaflet:  $10.00

Told in a Garden quilt

Sheron Hoggan just stopped by to show us the quilt she has ben working on for a few years.  There are five large Told in a Garden pieces which she has stitched as well as tons of tiny quilt blocks stitched and appliqu├ęd around the edge.  Wow! It is really amazing.   Great job, Sheron!  Thanks so much for sharing your masterpiece.  

Oh dear, my little beagle is barking his head off and soon to waken the entire neighborhood.  I guess I need to go and escort him into the house.  We seem to have lots going on this summer with the Fold and the Retreat.  It makes it fun to go to the shop each day.  Plus, we have a market in August that we are starting to stitch and get ready for.  I will try to write a little sooner--maybe next week and keep you up on the adventures of Shepherd's Bush and our street friend, Digger Dan   In the meantime...keep stitching, give us a call if you need help, and be safe out there this summer. 
 hugs, Tina

Friday, April 25, 2014


Dear Friends,
Happy Spring!  At least I think it is finally here for most of us.  There's just nothing quite like tulips and daffodils and cheerful grape hyacinths to remind us that winter is gone for another 6 months.  Here we are almost 7 weeks since Fat Tuesday and now just finishing 6 weeks of Lent which is supposed to be a quiet time of contemplation and deprivation.  So I gave up something for Lent this year, and I stuck to it as well.  Then this last week both Teri and I have been on separate binges.  Seriously. With the 4th season of Game of Thrones already started and everyone asking me…Did you watch it?…after each new episode, I finally took a leap and caught up on Seasons 2 and 3 and the beginning of 4.  Ok, I am embarrassed to admit it, but I went on a total binge and finished it all.  Now I am caught up and no one can blurt out all the startling things that have been happening in Westeros.  At lease my obsessive watching also led to obsessive stitching.  That's a good rationalization.  Teri's bingeing has not been nearly so pitiful.  She was getting ready for our annual Easter family picnic and she quizzed everyone who came to--or called--the shop what they enjoyed making for Easter.  Then she set out to make all of it.    I mean really all of it.  She cooked all Saturday night--into the wee hours--and all Sunday after church until it was time to leave.  Admittedly everything she made was fantastic as shown by the photo below, but I believe that she used every available pot, pan, dish, fork, spoon, knife, and cutting board. (As well as some that weren't actually available.)  In the end, I was ready for a good sleep binge by the end of the day.  But then, I am always ready for one of those.  So here are her million hour offerings:  peanut butter/chocolate bird nests, egg and lamb sugar cookies, and the most fantastic key lime cupcakes.  Yum!!!!   Happy Spring--Happy bingeing.  

This past week was Restaurant Week in downtown Ogden, and we had such a great time.  Teri and her friends tried to make it to every restaurant, (I'm not mentioning bingeing) and Bob and I tagged along here and there.  Here was my entree from our favorite Japanese place.  Isn't it just beautiful?  A little avocado filled with spicy tuna and crab salad and covered with green and red fish eggs.  Yikes!  I was trying to be brave, but a part of me secretly wanted Christian's bowl of white rice.  He joyfully gobbled up the little eggs on top saying:  Don't you just love the way they pop?  Hmmmm…not so much.  My avocado was just great, but it was a little tricky finding a place to hide the raw elements.  Of course Teri and Bob had fully cooked local trout smoked under a glass with a sprig of rosemary.  Ahhhh…for a bowl of simple white rice.

Shepherd's Fold

We are now well into the first part of the Shepherd's Fold--A Full Heart-- and aside from the continual wrangling with linen, it is going along just great.  I am amazed by how many people have already finished the first part and are now ready for Part 2.  Maybe there are some other closet Game of Thrones watchers out there.  So Teri and I will be putting up our box finishing instructions shortly on the Fold link on the website, so if you are getting ready, just take a look.  I want to make a little video of it as well, but we'll see.  Also keep watching for the Fold Marketplace where we will be posting great things to go with your stitching box.  We have lots of super fun stuff coming.  Our friends Anne and Lynn came in from Wyoming last week and brought us these cookies from Starbucks.  Anne said they reminded her of the flowers she was stitching on the hills of A Full Heart.  Don't they just :)
Keep on stitching because your next piece will be coming out to you before you know it.  Oh…check out the mat and frame that Jill made on our website under the Fold.  It is awesome. 
Plus…if you are running low--or out--of Olive Branch, just hang on.  We are sending everyone an extra strand in the 2nd kit.  Sorry.  I was so careful in keeping track of threads, but some of you may run out.    

Shepherd's Retreat
April has been a crazy month for us with the Fold and the Retreat at almost the same time.  We are so excited for all of you who have signed up for the Retreat this coming October.  It is going to be such a lot of fun.  We are busy with our plans and are so looking forward to seeing all of you.  Teri spent the weekend chatting with some of the teachers, and several of them have their pieces already designed and/or stitched.  Wow.  I am not one of those.  But I have been thinking about it.  We will be sending out information as October approaches, but if you have any questions, just give us a call.  We are trying to send you letters by email, so if you have not received your confirmation letter by now, give us a quick call and let us check out your email address.    
 (As you probably know, the registration is full now with a waiting list for both tracks.) 

Bohin Enamel Scissors

Aren't these new scissors from Bohin darling?  There is just something so enchanting about the bright, shiny enamel finish on them that makes me want to have one in every color.  The perfect spring scissor for the perfect spring project.

Four Seasons
by Lizzie Kate
Patterns: $20.00

Nancy just finished this great piece from Lizzie Kate, and it is sweet. We have fun new designs coming from them shortly.   

Land of the Free
by La D Da
Pattern: $10.00
Complete Kit:

Just in time for summer, Here is a new darling piece from La D Da.  

Yuletide Welcome
by Plumstreet Samplers
Pattern: $18.00

April just finished stitching this gorgeous sampler for us, and we love it.  Now is the perfect time to get started in this beautiful Christmas piece.  Give us a call if we can pick out just the right threads and linen for you.  

I know that there was still something that I wanted to tell you, but I can't remember.  Oh well, there is always next week.  The city and state are re-paving and replacing pipes starting next week out in front of the shop.  Do not despair.  We are still open, and I'm sure that we will have plenty of time to to give you the very best help ever.  So stop on by.  Otherwise, give us a quick call.  You won't have to worry about pipes or road construction.  Ugh.  So, have a great week.  Find something great to binge out on and stitch, stitch, stitch.  hugs always, Tina