Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snow, snow, snow...

If I had a decent singing voice and 3 charming, musical companions, I think we could offer a pretty good rendition of the song on the train in White Christmas. We have had plenty of snow the past few weeks and it just seems to keep coming. We don't often have to shovel the sidewalk at work, but yesterday was the day, and I'm thinking it might be a long, wet winter. On a cheerier note, the weather has put me in the mood to stitch again since my Christmas angels, and I have been working on a companion to the Red Snowman. I am having a great time working on it, but I am also bombarded with distractions. My head is full of beginning of the year ideas all bouncing around inside trying to get out. I have ideas for new hearts, this snowman, spring things as well as a Christmas design that I never got to this year. Sometimes at night I just want to say--okay, now settle down--1 of you at a time. But then again, on the other hand I may just have a sinus infection.

I have finished 2 of my Christmas books and they were great. Unfortunately, a good book does cut into my stitching time, so now I am back to just reading before bed, which is never very optimistic. I have been known to spend the best part of a month on the same 3 pages that way. I have to drop Christian off at school before 7 in the mornings, so I have used the dark and cold as my excuse to crawl back into bed when I get home and read. Well.. you can probably guess how much reading is getting done.

I have a hard time getting it back together again after the New Year. Perhaps it is the January blues. Starting with the beginning of school in September it seems that life is a whirlwind of busy-ness carrying me with it headlong straight through to Christmas with hardly a chance to breathe. Then the long stretch of winter opens up and it is kind of blah and boring. Oh well, a good time to stitch.

Bob and I spent Saturday in line in the ice and snow getting tickets to the Sundance Film Festival. This is certainly a bright spot in January, and I am looking forward to cozy nights with friends watching interesting movies. You just never know what you are in for--but it is always fun and interesting. Bob is always good for anything--and goes to more that I ever do,--Teri is mostly good for romantic comedies, and I like many things except for tear-jerkers. I signed up for 1 movie that sounded good, and Bob said, "You really want to see that movie?" Never a good sign. I'll let you know.

Teri seems to be on some kind of psychotic cleaning frenzy at the shop. It's good--but sort of weird. Oh well, I guess somebody has to do it. We still have Christmas up--pictures, not decorations--as many of our customers are still into holiday stitching. I have to admit to being one of those myself. But then someone wanders in and asks for Valentine's projects and she scurries around dragging out every heart she can find. Then the next person inquires about Easter and she's off again. St. Patrick's has slowed her down a little, but she is so up to it. I am going to get someone to come in and ask for Halloween and see what happens.

Hey the new scissors and fob for 2008 are on our home page now, so be sure to take a look. And if you watch the site, we will start updating it with information for our Fall Retreat. We have the dates posted, and will start adding things now and then. Our brochure will be on the site towards the end of March, so just keep your eyes out and get excited. It will be so much fun.
Wherever you are this week, stay warm and don't slip on the ice. I hope to do the same.

fondly, Tina