Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy week after Easter. Yes, we still had our neighborhood Easter egg hunt on Saturday in the freezing cold, with most of the flower beds still encased in snow. But it is always fun--maybe more fun for Teri than for me. The Kids are always darling and excited, and a part of me misses my own boys as toddlers happily gathering candy and treasures. They all tell you that kids grow up fast, but it never seems possible until it happens. There is something to be said for seeing each new generation come and join the throng--except for the fact that it makes you feel old. You can probably tell by my untimely writing of this, that I am having one of those weeks. Oh, well. At least you can enjoy the pics at the end. Be sure to watch for Lynnette's darling granddaughter, Amber, and Charity's adorable little boy, Peter. Whenever I see him, he reminds me so much of my own little boys.

My sister, Sheree, came by today and brought us a delightful treat. Teri thinks that she is trying to get her recipe on the website. So--I'll tell you the recipe since we have been munching on them all day long. She will be upset, because she said it isn't really her recipe. I am giving her credit anyway, because I hadn't had them before. Sheree's Turtles: You know me and recipes, I am just telling you how she told me. If this doesn't make sense--improvise and then you can put your own name on the recipe. She says that you can make 5 or 100 of these. Your choice. Take 24--we are now making 24--whole pecans and put them in a 250 degree oven to toast. Spread out 24 little square pretzels--they look sort of like little checkerboards--on a cookie sheet. Unwrap 1 Rollo candy and place on each pretzel. When pecans are toasty, remove from oven and place the tray of pretzels in it. Leave them in the oven--still at 250 degrees--for about 5 minutes. Remove and place 1 pecan on top of each melty Rollo. Let cool, and Eat. I hope you enjoy these as much as all of us have enjoyed them today.

Here it is, still March and Easter has come and gone. Now, Teri has her work cut out for her putting away the Easter things and replacing them with just spring things. Believe it or not, she has been grumbling about this. I know it is hard to imagine her grumbling. She says that now she is putting up Mother's Day and family things. That should be fun. More info on that next week.

Oh--something else that is fun. For those of you who have bought some of the new Thread Spinners, she is bringing in new fabulous designs later this week. We will take pictures and put them on the web. So far, I have seen a cross and a butterfly and they are so lovely. Just watch for them.

Enjoy the pictures and the turtle candy and have a wonderful and safe week.

fondly, Tina
The kids are gathered ready to race through the yards to find treasures.

Amber with little Sophie and Brett enjoying treats after the hunt.

Amber is the grandchild of Lynnette who works for us.

Sophie and Ellie are always ready for the hunt!

Peter is Charity's little boy. Charity worked for us for many years before she left to teach and get married.

Christian with his friends Nick and Gus. They hide the candy, then go hunting. It is amazing how those peanut butter eggs got clear up in the top of the tree.....