Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year! We were laughing at work last week that it seems like barely a minute ago that we were in a big tizzy about the change of the new millennium, and here we are almost a decade into it already. Really, time goes too fast. Here it is at Midwinter, and I am reminded how much I like the concept of Winter more than winter itself. In Utah, Winter comes sometimes slowly in December, but when it comes there is always something exciting about it. I think most everyone loves those first flurries of snow--especially if it comes on a weekend--and the expectation for a white Christmas fulfilled. A good blizzard can even be fun during the holidays as long as you don't have to travel, but the first week of January hits, and this whole winter thing is just not so much fun any more. Since Bob commutes every day to Salt Lake City, I am grateful for the new train. At least I don't have to worry about his drive on those days. I think that Peter is on foot most all of the time, so I only have to worry about wet feet for him. So that leaves my Christian--15 1/2, learner's permit in hand, and driver's ed finished. I know that this is the perfect time to practice driving in the snow, to get him ready for next winter, but the difference between the two of us is that I have a certain level of fear of snow driving, and he has none. A typical teenager, he has learned all about it from "Coach Price", and he is pretty sure he could teach me a thing or two about spinning out on the ice. "Turn into the skid, Mom,"--I hear that a lot. "I am very careful---this isn't that bad." I just click my seatbelt, repeat my old yoga mantra, and keep my eyes wide open. Thank heavens the actual driver's license won't appear until almost May.

So we all slog through January hefting shovels and slinging snow and knowing that in less than a blink it will be summer and some of us will be whineing about the heat. Not me--of course. The day before yesterday, after 4 times of shoveling the sidewalk in front of the shop, Teri and Nancy took the tallest drift and made a snowman out of it. I think it is at the beginning of the blog. There are happy parts about winter. We have been busy at the shop both during and after the holidays. That is my favorite time. Everyone is still excited about stitching for Christmas next year or ready to pick a new project to fill the long winter nights ahead. Our New Year's sale was fun and frantic, and luckily we had a brief break in the weather--both temperature and precipitation. We had a couple of new kits for the event--both shop exclusives, but each very fun. Teri did a little Snow Alphabet which is darling and includes one of Jill's hand-painted mats. Just the perfect quick project to stitch while the snowflakes fall outside. I got to do one of my favorite things--design a fob to go with the new Gingher scissors for 2009. I love how it turned out! I think the scissors are called Ashley and they are a cheerful green and blue pattern. I love it when they are completely different from the year befor--and these certainly are. I think the fob turned out fine for 2009 and I think it complements the scissors quite well. I hope you do too. It is worked on a perfect overdyed aqua blue linen with threads that I spent a long time matching to the scissors. It worked up quickly and makes me happy when I look at it. I think that the pictures of these projects are just below. An interesting note is that Gingher--for whatever the reason, I am not privy to--has only manufactured a limited number of these scissors. Perhaps a little like the Glory scissors from a year or two ago. So--be sure not to wait too long to get your pair. We have no idea how long they will be available.

Teri is working on a darling new pillow for Valentine's, so I will keep you updated on that progress, and I am actually getting ready to stitch the new snowman for this year. Yippee! We are having new windows installed on our building, and I think I have to move my car. So I guess I have to go. My computer won't do spell check--for some mysterious reason--so sorry about the errors. Until next week--be safe--

fondly, Tina

The new 2009 scissors and fob, are ready and they are great!!! The Fob runs $14.00 and the engraved Gingher scissors run $40.00. They are engraved with 2009 on one side of the blade ( to match the fob) and Shepherd's Bush on the other side.

Winter ABC is a new shop exclusive. Jill our friend and framer has painted the mats for this kit, so the kit comes with 32 count linen, overdyed cotton floss, a button, and the hand painted mat. This kit runs $20.00. Frames are also available for $25.00.

If you are still in the Christmas mood, Here are a couple of pieces that we got back just before the holidays.

"Christmas Cheer" is such a darling sampler. Tina has even pulled all the supplies to stitch it for herself.

"Yule Sampler" is another fabulous piece by the Primitive Needle.

One last thing. The Goodheart Sampler book has arrived from England. It is sooooo fabulous!!!!! Here is the front cover. This book is brimming with the most beautiful samplers, stories, and photographs, there is even a graph of a great sampler inside the cover. If you are a sampler lover, this book needs to be part of your library.