Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hi friends,
When I was 4 years old, I hated that my older brothers and sister got to go to school and I did not. The one great highlight of my day until everyone came back home was when I got to watch Romper Room on our minuscule black and white television set. My mom would always tell me when it was ready to come on and she would prepare milk and graham crackers for me just like they did on the show. I loved every bit of that program--especially Willie the Weatherman. I even had a little Colorform set so that I could put his raincoat and boots on if it was raining. But my very favourite part of Romper Room was at the end when Miss Julie would get out her magic mirror and look into it to see all of the other children who were watching that day. I always loved hearing her call out the different names of the lucky boys and girls she could "see" that day, and I closed my eyes willing her to say my name. I don't know why, but I thought of that memory this week when we received a fax and an e-mail from friends in Arkansas and England who had been reading the blog and "popped" in to say Hi. It made me feel somehow connected with friends all over the world. I guess computers are almost like magic.
Can you even believe that January is over. We have had nice sunny--cold--weather this week but are expecting a big storm this weekend, so I have to get a new project ready. I think that we have the new Scatter Snowflakes and My Valentine photos up at the end of this blog, so be sure to take a look. Then you have to look for a photo of the most darling Valentine pin cushions imaginable. We have a friend who makes them for us and she called to see if we wanted some heart ones. We have them all in a basket and they look so sweet. If you want to buy one, you will just have to call us for prices and we can tell you what we have available. They are each hand-made, so every one is quite different from the next. As soon as I send this letter off, I have to go look and choose one for myself. Something else fun for those of you who live near us: we are going to be having a little class next week--Thursday, Feb. 12th-- to make one of the heart-shaped cushions. If you are interested, just give us a call and we will have more details.
I just got an e-mail from Julia Line--Longdog Samplers--and she has a new design ready--Tyler's Lion. It is fabulous! She says it is a tribute to the North American pioneer weavers and is named for one of the most famous men. I was very excited when I saw it and it reminded me of a sampler of tiny blankets, each one quite exquisite. I just love it. We should have it in the shop any day now, so if you are interested give us a call.
We should also be getting new things in during this next week from the Nashville Market, so I'll try to keep you updated. We are hoping for lots of fun new stuff.
Well, I guess I have to go and get on with my evening as you probably do with yours. I wish I had a little magic mirror to say Hi to all of you along with Penny and Julie. Have a perfect week filled with gentle inspiration.
fondly, Tina

Oh wow!!! Here is a sweet basket of hand felted pin cushions. All are one of a kind and range in price from $14.00 to $26.00. these are so so so fabulous!!! We just unpacked them and had to show them off. I am hoping to see if Nancy will come teach a class... What a great idea!

It only took Mindi a couple of days to add the next section onto her From Sea to Shining Sea. It is stitched over 1 thread on 28 count fabric and is stunning. Thanks Mindi for letting us show it off.

Nancy is stitching her way through the new Halloween Flip it series from Lizzie Kate. Isn't it so fun!!!!!!! She is adding buttons as she stitches. She is using a great piece of 32 count overdyed fabric. If you are not comfortable with linen, we have the same fabric in 16 count.

My Valentine is a sweet valentine to give to a loved one. Stitched on Cream Newport with overdyed floss, this design is finished with a darling hand crafted button made especially for Shepherd's Bush.

Here is a new leaflet from Shepherd's Bush. Scatter Snowflakes runs $5.00. The fabric is 19 count Summer Khaki linen, stitched with Crescent colors floss. A great button set is also available from JABCO.

Check with you local shop, but if supplies are not available in your area, we would be happy to send you whatever you need. Backing fabrics are available on a limited basis, while they last. We have put everything together into a complete kit fo
r Scatter Snowflakes and My Valentine. If you would like one please give us a call.