Thursday, August 29, 2013

Market through my eyes

St. Charles Market News 
Part 2
-be sure to read part one-

Tina has written her version of the market, but I think she left out a few fun details...we all know how positive she is.
Flying in was going to be so easy--work part of the day, leave Salt Lake at 5:30 PM and arrive at about 10:00 in St Louis.  Well, that was the plan until we circled above a hideous storm in Denver for an hour plus, then paid a visit to Cheyenne WY to get gas (interesting) which took another 2 1/2 hours.  By the time we finally rolled into St Louis, it was 3:30 AM and of course all luggage from Salt Lake had been lost along the way.  We arrived at the hotel looking like gypsies, no bags (except the ones under our eyes) and fell onto beds.  By the next morning we almost convinced ourselves we were rested and ready to set up our room.  Tina sets up all the kits in  the bedroom and I rearrange the sitting room into our display area.  I love moving things about until I have all the furniture just right.  The only problem with that is by Sunday night I had to put everything back and could not remember where anything went.  Tina had to keep running down to Pat and Ann's room to see where the chairs and table belonged.  ps: Tina was quite a long time setting up the kits, I think she was really napping 

Friday evening we opened up for early bird shopping and I zoomed around to as many rooms as I could.  Diane from Puffin had darling new Halloween Needle Nannies and I had forgotten her fabulous counting pins that come in hearts, kitties and puppies.  
Photos coming tomorrow

Linda (Chessie 'n Me) standing next to her newest designs which are totally wonderful!  See how happy she is with them.

Shepherd's Christmas
 Chart by Chessie 'N Me

This wonderful pattern was designed for our retreat last year.  It is darling- 
but I am biased-  I love sheep!!!

Thoughts of Christmas
Chart by Chessie N Me

This beautiful Christmas design will be so much fun to stitch.  it has a Christmas house, reindeer, holly and trees.  all you need to get you in the spirit.   

Bubble Bubble
Chart by Chessie N Me

This pin keep just made me smile. I love the witch with her pot.  

Janet Reid Sampler
 antique reproduction 
Chart by Chessie N Me

This is a gorgeous sampler.  Stitched with a beautiful set of wool threads from the Gentle Art, It will be a delight to stitch.

Noel House
Kit by Chessie N Me

 We love this sweet series of houses. Linda has made 2 americana houses and a Halloween house, and now a Christmas house.  Kit includes 35 count linen, threads and instructions.  The colors are really rich and lovely even though my camera makes them look sort of bright.

Paulette of Plumstreet Samplers is always so darling,  and she had marvelous new charts.
I will take photos tomorrow and add them to this blog

 Embroidery Halloween Ornaments
by Chickadee Hollow $7.00 each

I was thrilled to find their Halloween ornaments,  we have loved their Christmas and Spring series (see our web site under shopping the shop, embroidery).  Each ornament comes pre- printed so all you have to do is stitch.  

The best part of Market is meeting and visiting all our friends, shop owners and exhibitors.  We laugh and shop, and visit and make the most of the few short days we have together.  It is exhausting, and exhilarating, and inspiring.  We love it! 

Until next time happy stitching--Teri

PS  We will be starting the Lizzie Kate Mystery in a couple of weeks, we are just figuring out all the details so I will let you know.  It is a 3 part sampler and has a Christmas theme, Hearts and Holly,   as always it will be great.  

PPS: I keep forgetting to show you the newest scissors fobs from Lady Dot. They are adorable and run $6.50

PPSS: Did you know DMC is coming out with new colors???  They came around at market and showed the pallet.  There are some very pretty shades that fill in some holes.  Available in the fall...

The end