Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April's Fool's Day 2014

April Fool's Day, 2014

Dear friends,
Welcome to our Shepherd's Fold Launch Party.  Sorry many of you cannot be here in person, but just come in out of the blizzard and join us for a few minutes of joy.  Teri has the table filled with delightful treats, so be sure to try one or two.  Johnny made his absolutely scrumptious mini cupcakes--lemon, chocolate, and vanilla, and Teri stayed up all night last night to make sheep cookies.  They are so darling, aren't they?  A friend gave her the sheep cookie cutter and she made hundreds of them.  They were on every surface of the kitchen, and after they were all cooked and cooling she announced that they all looked like very large blobs.  Well, I don't think they look at all blobby.  Just add a little chocolate and a few curls and they became lovely little sheep.  (And they were quite delicious as well.) 

Yum, yum…eat me up!

A Full Heart
Shepherd's Fold
Part 1 of 6 parts

Teri and I are so excited to present A Full Heart.
This is the first of our Fold Series and I hope that many of you are receiving them in the mail or picking them up at your local shop.  It was so much fun to stitch and it looks beautiful on the Lone Elm Shaker Box.  If you haven't joined us in this fun journey, now is the time to do it.  Just give us a call or drop by your local shop and jump on board.  I am already working on the next installment, and I am determined that it will be right on time--mid-May.  So get stitching and try to be finished before then.  Check out the Fold link on our website home page for news and updates.  We will show you the framed version of this piece as soon as Jill finishes it and in a week or two, we will show you photos and explanations of how we finished it into the plum colored box shown above.  Lots to keep us all busy through this Spring--dba winter.  

This is just a teaser……  

Oh…and for an update on the 2014 Shepherd's Retreat, we have been working hard on it and are almost ready to put up the brochure.  It is going to be fabulous, so get ready and watch the Retreat link and be ready to sign up.  We will post the brochure on Thursday the 10th of April… in the morning- (our morning MST).  Please remember, we take registration on a first come first serve basis.   We would love to have you join us for this wonderful weekend.  

Here are a few things that are new in  the shop.  

Four Seasons
 by Lizzie Kate
4 cards at $5.50 each

Nancy has been stitching like a maniac--she can't put this down.  We have softened he colors, and will add buttons.  It is darling!!!  There is a border and a saying to go,  I will update you as it gets finished.  

Nimble Nettie
by Jeannette Douglas
leaflet:  $10.00

I love this new series of Jeannette's.  We are stitching a couple of these, so we will have a set.  This one is so sweet.  

Halloween Heart 
by Barbara Anna Designs
$ ??

It is never too early for Halloween.  This new project is so darlingly spooky.  I think we tweaked the colors and added buttons--can't wait to see how Jill will frame this.  

New Colored needles
$3.00 a pack

These are a fun find.  They come to us from far away…and are so cool.  Each size is a different color.  We have sold out of the variety packs but will be getting more in soon.  We have Tapestry size 28, 26, or 24.   They are red, blue, and black… very fun.  

Kids kits sewing set

Teri just put this set together for a grandma going to stay with her grandchildren for a week. She stopped by to pick up a kids kit for her 8 year old granddaughter, and ended up doing an entire set complete with bag, scissors, fob and scissor sheath.  Teri wrapped it all up and was so delighted, she snapped a photo before she left.  We are happy to put together a set for you, to teach your granddaughters and grandsons.  These would be perfect for Easter baskets, or for summer trips.

Tin Village boxes

We just unpacked these, and were so delighted.  They are small and snap shut.  I think there are 6 different styles.  

Spring Hare
 by La D Da

Super stitcher Nancy just finished this darling new bunny.  It is old fashioned and fun.  It is stitched on a new 32 count fabric.  

Little Sheep Virtues 
by Little House Needleworks
Each pattern $6.00
Complete Kit $ 

Yes it is finished and framed.  Jill just brought this in today, and we love it.  I am just trying to find the perfect spot for it.  Maybe at home????

It is late and Lindberg ( my beagle) is softly snoring on his bed,  so I am off to bed too,  happy stitching.  Fondly Tina