Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nashville Market - It's Here!!!

The Nashville market is here, and so are we! 
 We arrived Thursday evening and met Jeannette Douglas and her husband, Dale, at a great restaurant in Nashville.  Tina had seen it advertised on the Food network, and we thought we would give it a go.  Yummy food, and great company. That is always my favorite part of markets--visiting with all the wonderful friends we have made throughout the years.

 Then on to the hotel to start setting up.  First we move all the furniture around in our room - which is no easy feat.... the couch is soooo heavy (never meant to ever be moved, ever) and this year came attached to a long chaise lounge.  Then I started decorating the front window.  I kind of think Tina was giving the chaise a spin, she said she was working, but I think that is hard to do with her eyes closed on a lounge chair.  Now it is Saturday morning,  almost time to open our door and show our newest designs.  Here is what we have, I will add to this blog later today as I get out shopping.  Definitely going to have fun.  

Alphabet Basket
kit:  $40.00

Slate Snowman
Kit $30.00

 Busy Bees Tray
Kit $24.00
New Bee Tray $23.00

Spring Sheep  
Kit 20.00

Long May Ewe Wave
Limited Kit $30.00
Kit includes 18 count stitching linen, threads, bee hive button, backing fabric, ribbon, and beads, instructions, all you need to add is the stuffing.  

Bee Hive Button

All Is Well 
Leaflet $10.00
Button Set $5.00 
Complete Kit available

St. Patrick's Day Trifles
Leaflet: $8.00
Complete Kit: $68.00

Let Love Grow
10 count Kit: $16.00

Love is in the Air  Box
Kit: $12.00
Red Box: $30.00

New fantastic things from day 1
 I did not get out shopping until late in the day-- actually the last half hour--so I did not get too much picked up.  More tomorrow

Jeannette Douglas
Vintage Flowers: by Jeannette Douglas
Pattern: $12.00

ABC Samper by Jeannette Douglas
pattern $24.00

Bird Box by Jeannette Douglas
Pattern only: $16.00
Shadow Box: $50.00
Complete set includes pattern, shadow box, embellishment and thread pack, and a darling peacock pin: $126.00

Tina is coveting this whole set, so I have to hide it from her while she is not looking.  It is very cool.  

Gather Friends by Jeannette and Paulette
Pattern: $10.00

Finger Pyn Pillows
Pattern and wool set: $7.00
for 3 Pyn Pillows

These pin cushions are so darling and so tiny--only about an inch.  And the great thing is that when you buy the Pyn Pillows pattern, you will recieve  a fourth pattern for free.  

ABC Pyn Roll and Sheep Needle Keep
Pattern: $12.00
Set includes pattern, thread pack and wool backing: $42.00

Patterned Pretties 18 and 12 
pattern and threads: $14.00  

I stitched one of these pincushions last year after market.  It was a blast and is gorgeous.  Give one of these new designs a try.  

Bent Creek
World of Color Snapper by Bent Creek 
7 parts ( We have the border and part 1) $7.50 each

Flag of Stars
Kit $22.00

Pat Carson (of Designs by Gloria and Pat) stopped by the booth.  It was so much fun to see and visit  with her.  Our booth was behind hers when we first started going to market in Columbus--28 years ago, and she was such a beloved rock star of the industry.    

 It is late here and I am fading quickly.   I will add more tomorrow, or at least Monday when I get home.