Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring? Winter?

Almost Spring, 2017

Dear Friends,
It truly is almost Spring.  Even though March seems to be going out like a lion for us accompanied by rain and predicted snow for tomorrow, Teri has planted her cheery ranunculi in the pots by our front door at the shop.  Does anything look quite so sweet?  Summer, here we come.  
I like Spring a lot.  I like the change from coats to sweaters, from boots almost to flip flops, and from bare grey to verdant green.  But this new season has been a bit sad for me.  We lost our little beagle this winter, and I had no idea how devastating that would be.  Lindbergh was 15, and Bob kept gently reminding me that he was slowing down, but I just wouldn't see it.  He was still always my happy, little companion... always ready for a walk, always on the driveway or at the door when we came home, always waiting for me to get up in the morning.  Somewhere in my heart I tried to tell myself that one day...but honestly nothing could have prepared me for his loss.  He and my boys grew up together, and as each of them left home for school, he was my third and faithful child who didn't need to stretch his wings and fly away from me...until his last flight.  Now that the sun has returned and the evenings are longer, Teri and I take our memory walks along the usual paths and past all his favorite places to stop and sniff. Sometimes neighbors come out and ask where he is and then stop themselves as they realize he is gone. I know, we have a million wonderful memories, and I truly cherish them all, but my heart still aches for him, for that lost part of my life, and for those sunny, happy days of laughter, little boys, and a happy dog.
Luckily, Spring is also very busy here at the shop.  It's funny, because I always seem to think that Fall is our busiest time, which it is.  But this year Christmas came and went in such a blink, January slipped past in a blur of snow and shovels, February was way too short to get everything done for Nashville, and March has been a green frenzy of Market and after Market. But it is all good, and so much fun to have wonderful new designs from all over the world, and fabulous friends--both in person and on the phone--to share them with.  Truly, I can hardly believe that we are on the cusp of April.  Well, come and join Teri and me for a minute and let us share a bit of what is going on in the little world of Shepherd's Bush...

Easter Notes by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet: $8.00
Kit: $ 48.50
Fabulous Frame: $32.00

Teri has had such fun designing this new series.  She works with Jill, our framer, to come up with the perfect frame.  Take a lovely linen, choose a handful of sweet-hued cottons, add a charming set of buttons...and it is a perfect Easter project.  

By the way, this piece is the 3rd in an ongoing series, so if you would like to be on an automatic, just let us know.  Teri has fun plans ahead. 

Chick Party by Lizzie Kate
Leaflet: $12.50

This sweet piece from Lizzie Kate.  Des stitched it for us on a pale blue linen.  It is heading for the framer, but until then it looks cute wrapped around a basket.  

Three Tulips by With Thy Needle and Thread
pattern:  $12.00

Our great friend, Penny, in Arkansas stitched this for us and it is exquisite.  The colors are soft and Eastery, and we just love how it turned out.  We can't bear to part with it long enough to have it framed.  Maybe in July.  

Sampler Hare by La-D-Dah
Leaflet $12.00

This was offered as a kit at the market, and everyone loved it.  Now it is a chart.  We just unpacked them and they are hopping right out of the shop.  Teri is excited to try to finish it.  I think it looks hard, but she says she  has a plan.  She has changed the threads into beautiful, overdyed threads and is hoping Des will stitch it for us... 

Great new scissors
Hare scissors: $18.00
Ornate Italian scissors: $15.00
Owl scissors: $12.00

Nashville is always a great time for Teri to look for fun and unusual new stitching tools. Scissors were quite the thing this year and aren't they darling? From old fashioned and ornate, to retro and antique, to whimsical and fun, there is something for everyone to tuck into her sewing basket. 
All of these are $12.00
Top: Ladybug, Easter eggs,
Green Paisley, dark floral
Pumpkins, Holly

Greeting cards by Hands Across the Sea
set of three different cards: $6.00

Each card has one of the wonderful Hands across the Sea's beautiful samplers on the front, they are blank inside, and have a mini chart on the back just right for a pin cushion or fob. They are perfect for sending...or keeping.  
We also cary their beautiful sampler charts

New designs from Chessie & Me

Here are some photos of Chessie's newest patterns.  We love her things here at the shop.  I find a kind of soulfulness in the gentle designs and colors, and always have a hard time deciding which one to start with.

kit: 30.00

Linda made this for pin cushion for us and gave it to Teri at market.  Isn't it just adorable?  Plus it works up fast.  Thanks so much Linda

Forget Me Not Treasure Box
pattern:  $10.00

1864 House Sampler
pattern:  $12.00

Home Safe to Me
pattern:  $12.00

Little House ABC samplers
each pattern: $6.00--set of 9 patterns: $54

Here is our completed sampler.  Yay!  Reeta stitched it and it is fantastic.  Every time I walk past this piece, I am struck by how lovely it is. We just need to add the buttons, and then it is off to Jill for a fabulous frame.  We have all the parts and pieces, so if you want to start it, just give us a call.   

Early Americans series by Little House
each pattern: $6.00

Here is a very fun new series which is starting this very week.  The first one is Betsy Ross, and each one will show a famous early American.  Call us and join this club which will put everyone in the perfect spirit for a rallying American summer.  Teri is planning to stitch these individually and add backing and trim.  We will then be hanging these darling ornaments from out seasonal tree--the Liberty Tree. Watch out when you drop by as she just might be singing a bit from that old Disney classic.  If you would rather stitch them all together, just let us know. I think it would be sweet done that way as well.  We will have fabulous hand-dyed fabrics available in your choice of 32 or 36.

New Loose Feathers by Blackbird
It's Spring Fever chart $9.00- part 1

Here is a new series from the Blackbird girls.  They are going to be wonderful (as always)  each one is stitched on 36 count fabric.  Here are the colors for the first one and they are gorgeous!.  The next one is coming out soon,  Teri saw it at market, and she fell in love with it.  We will have a group stitching these, if you want to get them each time they come out, give us a call.  We would love to send them to you automatically.

I hope that your Spring is going to be warm and blooming.  I always think that the lingering sun in the evenings provides the perfect light for a little extra stitching.  But then, I rarely need an excuse to pick up my needle.  
Until next time,
fondly, Tina...and Teri