Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Porch Pick Up

Window Shopping 
Wednesday, March 25th

Hi Friends,
How is everyone holding up out there?  Great?  good to hear it.  I go from being positive and enthusiastic, to feeling a bit grim and desperate.  But then, Teri reminds me that it is all going to be ok.  Yes, Pollyanna, let's do play the Glad Game.  Our sister--who has been home recovering from knee surgery a few weeks ago as well as trying to self-isolate--said she was very excited about tomorrow.  She was picking up a diet coke from the kitchen and spending the afternoon in the living room.  That made me laugh.  
We have been busy answering phones and working on mail orders, and it is encouraging to hear voices from all over the world and hear that all of you are ok as well and doing your best to keep busy.  One common thought from everyone is that stitching gives such comfort and keeps your mind focussed on something other than news and worries.  So..I say Let's Stitch.  
I think Teri is going sort of nuts out in the front of the shop. She misses all our customers and is always excited when someone comes for a porch pickup.  Usually, that means talking through the windows, holding up fabrics to choose, and showing different colors of threads.  So today when I finally drifted out to the front, I could see that the windows were completely covered with something--a bit like an art show.  She decided to tape up a whole bunch of our new market patterns so that people could come by and window shop.  It was kind of fun, I have to admit, and people who came by had a great time looking and choosing new projects. Life is so interesting right now,.  
Oh well, stay safe out there in the world.  
Cook something fun for dinner, start a new book, begin a new project, and rent Emma for 48 hours.  Teri watched it 5 times and loved every minute of it.  

Here are our front windows filled with market designs.  

Here are a variety of one of a kind needle minders. 
Needleminders by Shakespeare's Peddler

Metal needle minders by Michele Ink

Quilted needle minders 
$22.00 each.  

 These gorgeous minders are the creations of Julie Levtin, they are actually made with tiny folded pieces of fabric and made into needle minders.  They are so amazing

Needle minders by Flamingo Toes

Wonderful necklaces

These wonderful necklaces are mostly made out of scraps of old needlework they are so beautiful. 

Thistles charts
Spring: $7.20
Star Village: $11.60
Hilltop Village in Spring: $11.60
Little Dumpling Travel Bag: $11.60

These are so sweet.  I think we are having a couple of them stitched.  

Here is a display of some of our 10 count kits, you can see more of them on our website.  They are the perfect project for bored teenagers, stir crazy stitchers, or beginners.  They range in price from $12.00-16.00 and are complete kits.

Kids Kits 
$12.00 - 18.00

If you have beginner stitchers, or young kids that want to start stitching, these are the perfect kits.  The patterns are marked onto the fabric, and they are stitched with perl cotton.  Check out our website for all of the designs.  

Spring display
For those of you that are longing for spring, it is snowing here as I write this.
These projects will bring joy to your soul.  Give us a call and we will kit any of these up for you and send them off.  Or come for a porch pick up.  

Bless Our Land 
by Plum Street Samplers 
chart $10.00

Jill just delivered this and we love it.  

Teri's Lemon Tree

 Teri has this little lemon tree, and she loving cares for it, bringing it in each autumn and outside in the spring.  It has so many blossoms on it right now, and she is hoping for many lemons.  Last year she grew 3 huge lemons... it took an entire year, but they were delish. 


Wednesday, March 18

Hi Friends,
The world seems off kilter, and every day takes an adjustment and acceptance of our "new normal."  Who would have guessed a month ago that phrases like self quarantine, social distance, or shelter-in-place would be so common in our vocabulary today.  Here in Utah, we were woken up early this morning by an earthquake, which increased our unease in this uneasy world.  Our block at work was eerily deserted.  Of course we were closed, as were our neighbors, and even the familiar sounds of construction on a building on the corner had stopped.  Debbie, a friend of ours in Salt Lake, texted Teri:  It's a good thing it's too cold for locusts.  That made me laugh.  As our work day at the shop progressed, friends from here and from all over texted--with hearts-- and called to make sure we were ok.  It definitely brightened a grey, rainy day, and made me think that it will take all of us uplifting each other to get through this.  I know that we can.  Somewhere in our hearts, there are funny things to be shared, encouragement to be fostered, and love to be given in abundance.  We can do this!
Here are 3 books that we have read recently which were wonderful--funny, a few serious parts, but delightful and hard to put down. I think all of these I listened to on Audible while driving or stitching. 
Dear, Mrs. Bird--by A. J. Pierce (Teri's pick)
Secrets of a Charmed Life--by Susan Meissner (Lynnette's pick)
Orphan Train--Christina Baker Kline
There is nothing like immersing yourself in another time, to escape the worries of our own time.
Teri has put up some pictures to look at below.  If you want to see market things, go back to our last blog and scroll down.  Lots of inspiring things to peruse.  
Just remember--stitching is the best way to keep a happy heart.    Tina

Here is our center display with so many fun projects.. We are lucky enough to borrow Paulette's gorgeous piece Shepherd's Song. We are thrilled!

Shepherd's Song 
by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $ 

Top- zipper sampler bags- $14.00
Sampler Tea Towel -$
Sampler notebooks- $4.00

Here are some wonderful new things from Needlework Press

New Company- August Lane

These were so cool.  Teri just loved all of them.  We can't decide which one to have stitched

New scissors from Dinky Dyes

Top to bottom Sun,  snowman, Candy corn, Tie Dye

Be Calm and Stitch