Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Another week has flown by. Can it be October already? We were just sitting out on the chairs on the front lawn trying to catch a breeze because it was so hot, and now it is - I can hardly say it- it is snowing!! I have just spent the last hour picking all my very green tomatoes that I have been nursing all summer. They never seem to turn red. and I know they will freeze tonight. I am hoping they will ripen inside... what is the chance? September disappeared between going to a market in St. Charles where we found so many great new things for fall and Christmas, and preparing for and welcoming all our friends to the Shepherd's Retreat. We had a blast at both events. It is so much more fun to pack and get ready than unpack and put away. Oh well it is all done and we are back to normal. Kind of. Tina has still to sit down and write a blog.

We have so many fun new fall projects. Here are a few.

"Halloween Grins" is a free pattern when you buy the darling Frankenstein button our friend Ceclie (JABCO) made for us. The button runs $5.00. We have the stitching fabric and the backing fabric available. This is a quick one to stitch. It is one of our own designs.

"Jack is Back" is a great new Cricket piece. We stitched it on a piece of hand-dyed fabric and changed the colors a bit and added buttons. It is a super fun project.

This is one of my all time favorites. "Something Wicked" is by La D Dah. We stitched it on a great hand-dyed fabric, and added a tiny silver spider charm by Charland dangling from the toe. We stitched it in overdyed floss and it looks spectacular!

Have I shown you the latest in the scatter series??? "Scatter Pumpkins" can be framed or made into a pillow. It is stitched on 19 count cork linen and is very fun do stitch. Buttons complete the design.

"In a Moon" is a fun piece from Sharon Crescent - of Crescent Colors. The kit comes with the pattern and the floss and the button. We have the frames available too.

This is a wonderful pattern by Prairie Schooler. "Witches Go a Riding" is stitched in overdyed threads on a dark 28 count fabric. We did not even add buttons to it. The mat is fabulous!!!

How far did we get on the baubles???Here are October and September.
I just sent December out to be sewn into a pillow, and November is being
stitched by our good friend Judy, who retired and now is stitching
many of our models. She has stitched her way through all the
baubles. Thanks Judy!!

Are you a little tired of Halloween- is that possible???? Here are a couple of Christmas pieces that are great!

"Jingle all the Way" is a great design from Notforgotten Farm. I just love how it looks. Yes, there were a few color changes and we stitched it on hand-dyed lined. and added a few buttons. Fun!

"In a Sleigh" The newest piece from Sharon Crescent. We have added the fabric to the kits so they are complete. We have some of the frames available. It is great how the frame looks like the sleigh runners. Clever!!!

Here is a beautiful Sampler. "Mary Peacock" is one of the Ackworth samplers. Another dear friend Marilyn, stitched this for us in the most beautiful overdyed colors. It is stitched on 32 count linen and is stunning!!!

One last thing, we have had new stitching magnets painted. They run $7.20 each and work like a charm to hold your needles on the edge of your piece. We have rosebud- top left, pear top right, flower center, quaker motif bottom left, and cherries bottom right. These make a great gift.

Well goodbye for now. May you have beautiful fall nights with lots of stitching time.