Monday, March 10, 2014

March, 2014

Hi Friends.  Just a quick note to let you know about the upcoming Shepherd's Fold.  We are very excited and are working hard to get this ready to come out to you.  I know that we are a bit late--ok quite a bit late--but remember that all good things come to those who wait.  Am I convincing?  Well we are actually just waiting for all of the linen to arrive at the shop.  It turned into quite a lot of linen, and even though we ordered it in October, it is only just now starting to come to us.  There are days when I think that it is coming by stagecoach, and I long for the Pony Express.  I have had to repeat my yoga chants frequently lately.  Hopefully we will have all of the linen within the next week or so and then Teri and I will spend a few all-nighters at the shop until we can ship them out to you.  
On the up-side--the linen is absolutely beautiful and this first piece is stitched and ready.  (The girls at work don't think I have even started it because they haven't seen it.  I think they believe it is out in a parallel  dimension with the mysterious linen.)  But do not despair:  All will be revealed soon and I hope that you will have as much joy working on this as I have had. 
So take this time to work on some favorite projects that you have going or finish up some of those great market pieces that you may have started and before you know it, your Fold kit will be on your table.   

Sneak Peek
Remember--I have to prove that I have been working on it.  

Stitched Thread Palettes
Here are just a few other little things that we have received at the shop this past week.  
Teri just finished this little stitched thread palette last night while she was watching Masterpiece Theater and baking the most terrifying cupcakes.  Isn't it adorable?  We picked them up from Market from Red Gate who was next door to us.  Of course she would choose the bee, but it also comes in a scissor fob with a daisy and a necklace with a rose.  

New Pin Cushions and Needle Vases
$14.00 and $17.00

We just unpacked a new shipment of needle vases in fun new fabrics and more are on their way.  We also received these darling little pin cushions with little rosette buttons.  They are so sweet that everyone at the shop has loved them.  We have lots of different fabrics, so just call us to see what is available.

I know that this is short, but I will have more to write you about next week.  I just wanted you to know that we are still here and are having fun getting the Fold ready to go.  Stitch fast and be safe.  Soon…Tina