Sunday, February 23, 2014

Market Third Edition

 Market News--Chapter 2

Hi again.  You would't think that 1 short weekend would need a whole book with chapters to tell you all the stories and fun.  But it does.  Tina somehow thought that lounging about in our room/booth all day and then taking 1 brief stroll around the perimeter of the 6th floor was the same as doing the Market.  But she is such a whimp.  She only made it around part of our floor in 5 minutes, while I spent hours and hours racing up and down the stairs toting large bags and parcels of new kits, designs, threads and fabric.  I stopped only long enough to empty out the bags and take a long drink of Diet Coke, and off I flew to another floor.  There were so many wonderful thing to see and so many friends to visit ( don't tell her I was visiting, she thinks I was just franticly shopping.)   When we arrived home on Tuesday, the girls  and I cleared off the tables and racks and set up all the market treasures.  We have had a fabulously fun market week, showing everyone all the amazing new things we brought back with us,  and helping them find the perfect threads and fabric for all their new projects.  I know that I can't share them all with you, but I am sure going to give it my best shot.  I hope you have more stamina than my sister.
                                                           Here is our center display  

The side table is brimming with our new designs and a few other market delights,  

Here are a couple of new fabrics I picked up from Fabric Flair- It is a polka dot, and so adorable.  I have to think of something for it. I also picked up some gorgeous 28 count fabrics from Picture That Plus.  Oh I just forgot--Weeks Dye Works is dying 32 count fabric, and I brought home all the colors I could get my hands on.  Fabulous!!!- I should have taken a photo--maybe in Chapter 3. 

Also at the Weeks room, they had the most amazing hand dyed wools- truly inspiring .  
Here are a few of the ones we brought back.   I say we, because Tina doesn't know it but she carried them home in her suitcase.  (And complained that it was oddly heavy.)  They have a new plaid that is fantastic and different than the houndstooth.

Our dear friend Jeannette Douglas's room is right next door, and we love to meet outside our rooms and visit.  Her designs are amazing!!!!  I went right home and stitched this little lamb button on the new weeks 32 count putty.  I think if you are careful, you could get all three designs out of the 9 x 9 piece of fabric.  All threads are included for all 3 designs.  I had such a great time stitching the lamb, I stitched the strawberry too.  Jeannette gives you 1 button in the kit, 

Covered Buttons
Kind of a kit:  $16.00

Wooden Tags by Jeannette Douglas
$13.00 with the tag

Humble Hilda by Jeannette Douglas
Chart $10.00

Wool Willi by Jeannette Douglas
Chart $10.00

Yes we will be stitching this one.  I LOVE this series…

Button Betty by Jeannette Douglas
chart $10.00
This is Tina's favorite.  It is very sweet.

A Common Thread by Jeannette Douglas
Chart and threads $

This was totally amazing!!!! I am hoping Don will stitch it for us,  It is gorgeous and has wonderful stitches and threads and is sooooo lovely.  

Pincushions by Jeannette Douglas

These were very unusual and cool.  They looked like fabric, but they were stitched.  I think they look super fun to stitch.  

Waist Bags by Jeannette Douglas
Kit $22.00

This kit comes with a cotton bag.  Very quick and very clever

Take Time for Love by Jeannette Douglas
leaflet and threads $ 26.00

One of Jeannette's boxes never arrived, so we will be getting Take Time to Stitch- a new version, very soon.  It was very neat.  

We picked up Brenda Gervais' darling new charts while we were there and I can't wait to get started on one of these,  but which one???  I will keep you updated.   Her Easter/Spring designs are so sweet and subtle.  I'll let you know how we decide to do them. 

Easter Parade by With Thy Needle
Chart $10.00

Madam Cottontail by With Thy Needle
Chart $ 10.00

Springtime Messenger by With Thy Needle
Chart $10.00

Lori had darling new charts in her room which was wonderful as always.  It is hard not to be just a bit jealous of all the great things, racks, baskets, flowers, and fun things people who drive, bring to market. 

Spring Hare by La D Da
Chart $ 10.00

 Nancy is starting this one.  I can't remember what color she is using, but I will post a photo when she gets going. 

My Country by La D Da
Chart $ 10.00

Oh my goodness--how adorable is this one?

 Little Brick House by La D Da                                                                     
Leaflet $10.00

Samplers Not Forgotten
This is a new company by a darling friend of ours.  I tried to get her picture, but kept missing her--maybe in St Charles.  Kimberly Nugent lived in England and while she was there, she collected  some wonderful antique samplers. She has started graphing them and they are just wonderful.  

Eliza Dunnings by Samplers Not Forgotten
Chart $ 12.00

Springtime In My Garden by Samplers Not Forgotten
chart $16.00

This is an original design, which Kimberly based on her antique samplers,  it is so sweet.  I love the border!

Mary Ann Crumley 1829 by Samplers Not Forgotten
Chart $22.00

It was so fun to visit with Niky.  I discovered that she lives not far from where I was a foreign exchange student in the north of Italy.  I had even been to her gorgeous lake.  She was sold out of many of the things she brought with her, but is sending some along to us when she gets home.  Here are two I did bring back, and I love them both.  

Spring Sampler by Nikyscreations
Chart $14.00

This is seriously wonderful.  The perfect spring sampler complete with little rabbits in the grass.

House of Stitching by Nikyscreations
Chart $14.00

So sweet and it reminds me of my beloved doll houses.

I am always charmed by the Workbasket.  Her things are fun and different.  Tina fell in love with this one, and she loves all the different motifs.  Will she stitch it?  hmmmmmm  

 All Things Sampler by The Workbasket
chart $11.50

Diagonal Sampler by the Workbasket
Chart $11.50

Tho The Wrong by the Workbasket
Chart $ 11.40

Stephanie from Lone Elm Lane said she has been super busy making plum shaker boxes…. I wonder why???  ( our Shepherd's Fold will be starting soon- as soon as we get our fabric that is being dyed for us)  
She has very fun and different leaflets.  I think this would make a fabulous wedding sampler.

Gifts of the Spirit by Lone Elm Lane
Leaflet $12.00

Love One Another by Lone Elm Lane

Spring Angel by Lone Elm Lane

This is the second in a series see the first one below- we loved it at Christmas! 

Snow Angel by Lone Elm Lane

Glorious Day by Lone Elm Lane

Ok these are not technically from market, but we got in a new shipment while we were gone.  The girls had a great time unpacking them and matching them to scissors.  

Leather fobs run $8.00

Andrea  stopped by today to show us her Summer Quaker by Rosewood Manor. She stitched it with cotton over dyed floss and it is gorgeous!!!  Thanks for sharing.  

Lots of things arrived while we were away- the New Prairie Schoolers are darling.  

Rabbit Run by Prairie Schooler
Leaflet $ 9.00

Where there are Bees by Prairie Schooler
Leaflet $ 9.00

One For The Crow by Prairie Schooler
Leaflet $9.00

We are going to stitch the Crow on big fabric and make a pillow- It will be so great so stay tuned. 

This blog was a bit long… I just get going and can't stop.  I still can think of other things I wanted to show you, but it is now very late.  I called to talk to Charland and tell her all the news of the market, and the time has slipped away.  So wishing you sweet dreams of new projects with gorgeous fabrics and beautiful new threads.  Give us a call and we will send you a market care-package.  Doesn't everyone need one of those?  Teri.  

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Market - Second Edition

 Nashville News

February, 2014
Hi friends.  We are back from country music country--oh yeah--and trying to catch up on our sleep.  You would think that a whole day coming back on an airplane would give you plenty of time to sleep, but it never seems to work like that.  But in spite of the long hours and serious lack of sleep, we of course had a great time visiting with great friends.  It is so much fun spending time with the other designers as well as our other shop owner friends, some of whom we have known for such a long time.    It's is all great and seems a pity to waste time sleeping.  Of course when you are there with a sister who runs on pure joy alone, you do feel a bit of a piker when sleep beckons. 
 Anyway, if you are up to it, just come with me around our beloved 6th floor and share a quick look at the fabulous things that we saw.  Tomorrow perhaps we can take the elevator down to another floor and view its delights.

Our lovely window outside our room.  
Teri kept telling me that she had lost all of the hanging decorations she puts outside, so I was a bit surprised when I went out for ice in the middle of the night and found all the flowers hanging outside. Sometimes I wonder what ordinary people who are staying at this hotel must think of the hall decor.

A Couch full of Goodies...
Here are our fun treasures packaged and ready waiting to be picked up.  

Chessie N' Me
Linda had a darling room filled with her beautiful samplers.  I don't actually get out of our room much as Teri is the one who does all of the shopping and I am the one who stays in our booth.  So I have a great time perusing everything that Teri brings back.  Of course this is usually at about midnight and I am supposed to be helping her price them.  Anyway, I did stop in for a quick look at Chessie's room on my way to the ice machine and everything was very beautiful.  It made me want to grab my needle and get started.  

Chessie's Make-Do Sampler
pattern:  $14.00

This is a truly wonderful piece!  It is gentle and sweet and is worked on 3 different colors of linen which have been sewn together.  It has a few fun different stitches and would be a blast to stitch.  Of course we are happy to help you select the fabrics and threads.  You can also see on the left side of this picture a darling little kit--1776 Harbor.  It is just so so sweet and quick to work up.  You will love it.

Queen Bee

We just love bees…. did you know??  this wonderful pattern has all three designs.  Teri is going to stitch the beehive pincushion this week end.  

Hand of Friendship

Berry House Stitch Book

Springtime of Youth Sampler
pattern:  $12.00

Hope of Spring
pattern:  $12.00

This sweet sampler is worked in beautiful rustic springtime colors and is filled with flowers and bunnies as well as 3 darling sheep on a little hill. 

Plum Street Samplers

As always, Paulette brought darling new samplers to this market. 
We are always happy to help you select the perfect linen and threads to complete any of the fabulous samplers below.  Just give us a call.

Here are Linda (Chessie) and Paulette (Plum Street) mugging for Teri in Paulette's room.  

Welcome All Hearts Home
pattern: $10.00

This a such a sweet piece.  I happen to love red samplers, so it is one that I have looked at a lot.  A great floral border stretching over a little forest complete with a lady, tulips, and deer.  

True Friendship
pattern:  $10.00

This fun little sampler gives a nod to Pat Ryan.  The house and flowers are darling as well as the 3 little dogs.  (Don't you wish she had included a photo of Pat in the sweet yellow dress?)  Wouldn't this be a lovely gift for a great friend?

Elizabeth Oliver Sampler
pattern:  $16.00

This is a beautiful reproduction sampler in Paulette's Plum Street Antiques collection.  

Count Twice
pattern:  $10.00

This is a darling and slightly humorous little piece that will always make a stitcher smile.  I think it would work up quite quickly and be a perfect piece in a sewing room.  

A Friend Loveth
pattern:  $10.00

I think we are seeing a little theme going on with Paulette--friends.  And really, isn't that what life is all about, and aren't stitching friends just some of the best.  

Beekeeper by Plumstreet
Limited Edition Kit:  $44.00

This is a kit that everyone has been super excited about.  How fun it is.  You know how much we love bees and bee skeps, so it is bound to be a favorite at the shop.  The kit comes complete with the pattern, the beautiful linen and over dyed cotton floss in soft, beautiful hues. Just remember that it will only be here for a short time.  It completely sold out at the market.   

Teri and friends enjoy a moment in the Blackbird room.
Teri, Barb and Alma (Blackbird Designs), and Candy (Workbasket), and Lori ( La D Da).

Blackbird Designs
It is always such a pleasure to meet up with Barb and Alma at the market. Teri can hardly wait to go down the hall to their room and take a look at their new things.  Their room always looks so welcoming and they are so gracious that I think sometimes she just stays a while.  Of course everyone is anxious to see what they have brought new to the market and this year was no different.  Come along and take a look with me…
I love the way Barb and Alma decorate their room,  they bring a fireplace, and quilts, and so many fabulous things to decorate.  

Vintage Inspiration
book:  $

This beautiful new book is indeed filled with lovely inspirations.  A larger antique sampler is included and provides the idea for the wonderful smaller projects that come along with it.

Topiary in Bloom

This is a neat little pin keep worked in sort of monochromatic colors of wood rose and greens.  A perfect little cushion to work up quickly and enjoy forever.

Barb and Mariah (Cece's daughter) enjoy looking at the gorgeous silks outside the Threadgatherer Room.  What new project is Barb planning????

Blackbird Recipe Cards
$     per set

Aren't these just adorable?  This set of recipe cards is fashioned after Blackbird's new Plum Sweet fabric line.  I think there are four different styles in the set and you will definitely love having them in your recipe box.  I only wish they came with recipes already filled in.  (and maybe dinners cooked.)

Garden Fair
Limited edition kit with threads and linen: $45.50

This limited edition kit was an exclusive kit for this market.  I just love the vibrant colors of this piece.  It comes with the over dyed cotton threads as well as the hand-dyed linen making it a piece that you can just get started on.  

Old White Farmhouse
Limited edition kit with threads and linen: $43.25

Here is a new limited edition kit by Stacy Nash and it is a beauty.  The soft blues and browns make it both unique and stunning.  We have included the linen so that it is ready to go as soon as you are.  

Tina really did not get out much… the following were not on our floor, but they were super fun.  

New Scissors by Dinkey Dyes
Teri had a great time choosing these lovely new scissors.  I think she has bought them all herself, but hopefully she brought enough for you as well.
$12.00 each pair

Sweet lime green and purple scissors.

Springtime Hearts

Sheep Thread Winders

Small  vintage notebooks by Needlework Press
 $5.00 each

I love these little notebooks, and I sort of want one of each style

Well…are you tired yet?  Teri would just be getting started, but I confess, just 1 loop around, and I am a bit ready for bed.  So curl up and enjoy looking at all the fun things, and I will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow night to venture out for more delightful things.  See you then--Tina