Sunday, September 16, 2012

Early Autumn in the Wasatch Mountains
Dear Friends,
Gosh, a long, hot summer has passed by since I last wrote to you and here we are mid-way through September and feeling with joy the cooler days and almost chilly nights.  The crickets are chirping in a deafening frenzy and our windows are open again to the crisp, fresh air of early Fall.  And at the shop, we are all happily anticipating our upcoming Shepherd's Retreat.  I know it is almost time for Retreat when Teri has large lists posted on every surface of things to keep us all busy.  (I am a bit worried that this next week her notes will show up in the bathroom.)  I know it is almost time for Retreat when the back part of the shop looks like we've been nominated to appear on Hoarders.  And my family--well Christian-- knows it is almost time for Retreat when dinner as he knows it ceases to materialize. (I get a lot of razzing from both my boys for this over the past years.  Luckily Bob could be content with cereal.) Well, it is almost time and we are getting very excited.  I wish that you all could be here with us.  But for those of you in Utah, some join us as we kick off the week with our Birthday Party which we will be celebrating on Tuesday, September 25th here at the shop.  We will be previewing some very fun and wonderful things as well as sharing in homemade ice cream and cake.  Yum!  Don't forget to drop by between 3:00 and 5:00 and share in the festivities.  We will be closed earlier that day to get ready, but at 3 we will be waiting to welcome you.  

I just wanted to take a few minutes and write to tell you about some exciting things that we have coming.  But stay in tune because we are going to post some fabulous new things during the retreat and then again right after.  We have had such amazing pieces stitched and ready for fall, that I can't wait for you to see some of them.       

Charland's Stocking
Leaflet:  $8.00    Charms:  $20.00
 Finally it is almost here--our newest stocking is at the printer and hopefully coming home to us sometime this week.  As you can see, it is a girl, and she might be my favorite yet.  She is worked in beautiful hues of dusty blues and greens with some over dyed reds and creams as well.  I think you will adore the colors and all of the beautiful trinkets and buttons which we have picked out to embellish her with. We also have a limited number of great blue holly fabric to use for the backing if you are tempted.   

 Who's There?

This new little card from Prairie Schooler is absolutely darling.  Teri has had it stitched on hand-dyed linen  and of course tweaked the colors making it a great new addition to you Halloween stitching.  We can sell just the little card, or you can get it in a complete little kit.  Either way, you will love stitching it up.  

Autumn Splendour

 Ok, aren't these the most darling pin cushions you have seen for a while.  They come in the same leaflet by With Thy Needle and Teri had a blast finishing them all into little pin cushions.  She chose the perfect overdyed linen and she even spent our vacation at the beach over dyeing ribbon to match the colours in the stitching perfectly.  If you want to order the pattern, the fabric or the ribbon, just give us a quick call.  

New Namaste Boxes
The new Namaste boxes have arrived and aren't the colors just splendid?  We love them and so does everyone who sees them on our front counter.  They are cheerful and fallish and the perfect thing to store all of your stitching necessaries easily and safely.  

I told you this would be short and I am nothing if I am not true to my word.  But keep watching for new letters, because we are going to continue to put up fabulous new surprises as they come along.  Have a happy Autumn and keep on stitching.  
fondly, Tina