Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mid-July, 2010
Hi Friends,
My summer has reached a low point. I know that sounds like a drastic thing to say, but it's true--my emotions are shattered. And it all happened because of a movie. I love to go to the movies--especially when it is hot outside with a long, lazy evening stretching out before us. I am not even super picky about what we go to. I love sci-fi, chick flicks, period pieces and even sometimes a shoot-em-up for Bob. My only thing is that I hate cry-er movies. I like sweet or touching, but I just don't do out and out crying. I would never go to a Nicholas Sparks movie, and I am completely over films like Terms of Endearment. So...when I mentioned Toy Story 3 and both boys were enthusiastic to go, I was very excited! Wow--a family activity. That just doesn't happen very often for us anymore. Well it was a wonderful movie, and we all laughed throughout the whole thing. I especially loved Barbie and Ken, and of course those films are written as much for adults as they are for kids. But I knew I was in trouble from the very beginning when Andy was getting ready to leave for college. Somehow it just hit too close to home for me. Andy and my Christian are both 17--although Chris is still in high school. I remember when the first Toy Story movie came out in the late fall, and all he wanted for Christmas was Woody and Buzz Lightyear. We spent 2 months on a frantic quest for the impossible-to-get toys, and Teri finally found them by accident on Christmas Eve. Peter and Christian played with them like crazy, and I had to remove Buzz from Christian's bed every night because he was so hard and pokey. At some point Buster joined the crew, and all the toys and trains in our house galloped about on him necessitating many little mends and patches. So, anyway, by the end of this absolutely darling movie, even my boys were discreetly wiping a tear or two away, and I was just out and out sobbing. You would think that I was watching Steel Magnolias. I kept thinking--come on, get a grip, you have to leave this theater. But it is true. So---even if everyone tells you it is the best movie of the summer--beware! If you have a 17 year old boy receiving a plethora of college advertisements, and if that same child still has a much-the-worse-for-wear Buzz, Woody and Buster sitting at the very top of his book shelf, may I suggest you just go and see the rodeo.
Gosh, where is the summer going? I sort of hate to see July wind down because I know that school and fall is lurking behind the corner. Ugh! However, I do love the thoughts of Fall holidays and getting ready for them here at the shop. Teri has already put up a little teaser Halloween display, and it is darling. I love her little sign: Halloween is creeping up. Clever, Teri.

I just love how she has pulled out some of our favorite pieces and so look forward to the new ones that will be coming. Jack is Back is such a fun piece, and the new Pumpkin Kat from Mosey and Me is fabulous. Don't you think that it will be a fun one to stitch and have ready from the holiday? Also, Jolly Jack is a very fun new piece that just makes you happy with its merry pumpkin and crows. I also love Charland's darling Halloween stocking. And this is just the beginning...

July in Utah is patriotic through and through. We seem to start our celebrating for the 4th and continue on until the 24th when we celebrate Mormon pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley. I guess summer is somewhat patriotic everywhere in the United States. isn't too late to stitch this darling new piece which we just got back from Jill. Flag Day is such a sweet, sweet picture. (Of course I have quite a soft spot for peasant women and sheep anyway.) The colours are very soft and muted, and I love what Teri chose to stitch it on. If you are still in a flag-y mood, here's your piece.

Thanks for our friend Cathy, we are now carrying a line of wonderful oil cloth bags. We have a variety of Zipper bags as well as totes in many different fabrics. There is something just fun about the oil cloth rage that makes me want to have some of each style. Whether you are into cherries or polka dots, or more into retro florals or chic black and white prints, there is something for everyone. Just try and make a choice.

Teri discovered the Stitch Happy series at a recent market, and we have had so much fun with them. My favorites are the clear shopping bags which are perfect for a big project--or, indeed shopping. Teri likes them because she can see at a glance which project is hiding within. The mugs are fun and cheerful, and everyone at your house or office will definitely know whose mug it is. We also love the journals which are perfect for keeping track of stitching or threads. They are a bargain at $6.50 and I can think of so many fun uses. They even have neat sticky notes which would be handy at all times.

Well, we are on the brink of my favorite holiday here in Utah--not. We celebrate our founder's day on July 24th complete with rodeos, painted horses, parades and fireworks. We will be parading tomorrow, so don't come shopping as we will be closed for the day. The rest of the day we will be enduring the heat, avoiding cooking and I will be thinking of a good reason to come back to work where it is cool. Happy Summer! I think we are planning a nice, cool movie for the evening. But, guess what, it won't be Toy Story. Have a fun rest of July and I will write again shortly. Be safe and cool.

ever fondly, Tina
PS--eat ice cream.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th weekend, 2010
Dear friends,
My Mom often told me--be careful what you wish for.... Well, of course she was right, and it all started with a sweater that Teri insisted on buying. You know, she is quite crazy about bees anyway, so when Pat and Ann told her to go to the mall and buy this shockingly vibrant bee sweater, she couldn't wait to get there. With June well underway, she arranged an entire bee/beehive display here at the shop and took great joy in pointing out some of her favorite pieces to enthusiastic customers. The pictures did look very appealing both inside the shop and through the front window. The next morning--I think in celebration of her excellent work at the shop--she donned the yellow sweater, and we set off for work. Upon arriving, we were greeted by Lynnette and Sue who reported that we seemed to have a number of bees in the front window. odd. They were right--there were a number of bees and their numbers were growing by the hour. Upon investigation, we discovered that we actually had a small swarm of honey bees who had flown in through a tiny, tiny hole in the brick near the front windows. I can only think that they were searching for their queen amongst our plethora of stitched hives. We then spent most of the day carefully transporting bees from the front window to a box in the backyard. We talked ever so quietly to them as we were moving them--so that they would stay calm--and stopped just short of singing to them in case our customers would think we had completely and collectively lost it. But, you know Queenie sings to her bees and they love her. All day long, we instinctively brushed embroidered bees off of the famous sweater. We were sure that we had saved hundreds of our little friends, but when the beekeeper came to fetch them, he just snorted. It was a bit of an adventure after all, and we had a laugh remembering a number of extremely odd adventures that we have had at our shop over the years. In the end, I think that some good things come from strange circumstances: I no longer feel a need to procure a beehive for my back yard, and Teri hasn't worn the cheerful sweater since.
Besides beekeeping, our June has been busy. We have several new designs ready. I think that the pictures might be on the homepage now, but I am going to put them up here as well. Our Summer Offerings are gentle and sweet--filled with our own love and gratitude for the many, many friends who are part of our lives. For truly, what would life be like without them...

The Journey is a new kit which I hope you will love as much as I do. It is a gentle reminder of the joy of dear friends. It is worked on 32 count French Vanilla overdyed linen with soft and beautiful overdyed silk threads. Tiny charms and buttons complete this sampler. $50.00--kit

Our Hearts Pin Cushion and the Safe Keeping Fob were designed to go with the Journey piece. Both of these kits come with everything you need to complete them except the batting to stuff them. Both are cross stitched with silk threads on French Vanilla 32 count linen. The fronts and the backs are stitched and the edges are adorned with beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbons. Pin Cushion--$20.00 Fob--$16.00

This sweet piece--Friends-- is worked in soft silks on a hand-dyed linen fabric. It works up quickly and would be a perfect gift for your very own soul mate. kit--$20.00

And at last, Summer Flies pillow. Worked on the 9 pane fabric, this summer piece goes with the rest of the series which Teri has been working on. It is darling and shows off a beeskep button in the center square. Worked with overdyed cotton threads, it is quick and easy to get stitched and put together for your warm summer days. book--$5.00 button--$6.00
I guess I am going to try to get this off and hopefully up to you before the firecrackers have fizzled. Enjoy a wonderful July and try to keep cool. Aren't these the perfect stitching evenings. I think so. I am planning to write again next week, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Until then--hug a friend and be careful what you wish for.
fondly, Tina