Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mid April

First of Spring, 2013

Dear Friends,

Spring is reluctant to flourish here in Utah this year.  I have determinedly hung my coat up in the closet, only to shiver and grouse my way to and from work each day.  Bob seems to play a game with the weather man--racing to mow our front lawn--which Lindbergh so generously keeps well fertilized--in between snow showers.  And Teri has cheerfully donned her short sleeves and florals in an attempt to bring this impending change on for good.  And yet the Sun--with its light and warmth--remains shy and somewhat stingy with its gifts ever reminding me that all things come in their own time. Seasons and flowers and fruits.  And I know that somehow in the midst of the busy revolution of each April day and night, I will come home one late afternoon, stop and take a moment to breathe, and see that my yard is filled with tulips, and buds and sudden, new green.  Isn't that just the way of life?  I think about my little boys--grown and busy with their own plans and living, and I truly wonder when that happened.    Honestly, if I am very quiet, I can almost hear their shrieks and footfall in the backyard, the swings still moving beneath the pumping of sturdy legs, guitar chords and drums from the basement, and laughter and arguing.  Almost.  Why do I wait so impatiently for seasons to pass and then wonder why they do?

Our backyard at the shop is not exactly a harbinger of the beauties of the seasons, but it does have its little green spots which we cherish amidst the brick and concrete of a downtown.  We have 2 beautiful lilac bushes grown huge from starts from my mom's and grandmother's homes, and each year we anxiously watch for the first sign of green to appear.  Now and then we are even gifted with a cheerful daffodil and a few scarlet tulips here and there where Teri planted a few bulbs years ago.  And then this year we were surprised with these 2 little darlings which popped up under the lilac bushes bravely withstanding the snows and hails of our tumultuous April weather.  I begged Teri to come and take a picture, and now I am sharing it with you just in case Spring is coming slowly to you as well.  


Kari's Oliver is ready for the family Easter egg hunt armed with a darling bag which she stitched and finished to help with the grand gathering of candy--which he wasn't allowed to eat.  Aww.....

My Name is Lidya
by Stacy Nash
96 page Book: $34.00?  

This lovely book is truly hot off the press.  It is filled with beautiful projects including a fantastic reproduction sampler which is worked on 40 count Espresso linen by R & R.  We were thrilled to get a  few copies of the first release, so call quickly if you would like one.  Not exactly sure about the price, but somewhere in that range. 
by Heart in Hand 
Leaflet:  $8.00
Complete kit:  $31.40

We stitched this fabulous pillow on a large count fabric with perl cotton.  Teri then choose the perfect coordinating cotton fabrics to finish the pillow in.  For sheep lovers, it is the perfect piece!  

My Home
by Needlework Press
Leaflet: $ 14.00

Isn't this just a darling sampler.  It is so old fashioned and charming that I want to stitch one myself.  I love that you can personalize it.  And if you don't want to move to Utah, it comes with the words for each state graphed and ready to go.  (Good luck to you if you live in West Virginia)  Teri picked the most beautiful piece of hand-dyed linen and changed the colors and then added some matching flower buttons.  I love it.  

Little Sheep Virtues

There's still time to join our club and stitch this very fun piece along with all of us.  The fourth part should be coming to us early next week, so get caught up!!!!  Everyone here has had so much fun, that they have each new one stitched within 3 days and then have to wait--not so patiently--for the next one to arrive.  Nancy is working hers on 36 count--all on one piece of fabric.  It is so so darling. 

Lynnette, is working hers on separate pieces of 18 count linen, and it is also so so darling.  It has been fun watching them both stitch along.  


Our center Spring display

Spring Scissor Fob
by Barbara Ana Designs
leaflet: $10.00 

Ok, this piece is seriously very cute from a wonderful designer from Spain.  Doesn't everything about it just make you smile?  We stitched it on a wonderful 10 count so it was actually quite quick and easy, and the pillow fabric is such a darling complement.  How could you resist?  (The one thing that causes me to really stop and wonder is--through what door must I follow Alice in order to make this a scissor fob?)  Good news!!!--perhaps a fob for hedge clippers.

A Red Cottage
By Plum Street Designs
leaflet: $9.00 

This is another piece that I love.  Reeta just finished it and picked it up from Jill, so we have been enjoying it.  Isn't it just super sweet?  I think that the red is wonderful--especially as summer approaches.  It is odd and darling and quirky and we all decided that we would love it to spend some time at our own homes.  I don't think Reeta is going for it since she hustled it right on out to her car before we had a chance to draft up a rotation schedule.  

May Basket
By Blackbird Designs
leaflet:  $8.00
kit:  $39.80

This darling Reward of Merit is brand new back from Jill.  I want to stitch this as well because I have a true love of baskets of flowers.  This one is just tiny which makes it even better since it will work up so quickly and be hanging on your wall before summer even starts.  Fabulous fabric and a small color tweak and you are ready to go.

Buzzing 'Round Ewe
By Chessie & Me
leaflet:  $10.00

Linda's patterns are always very popular at our shop.  They usually have sheep and beehives and all those wonderful things that we love so much.  This is another darling piece that we have just had stitched and I think the textures she gets with the different stitches are a lot of fun.  We will also be making this into a complete kit, so if you are interested--just ask.

New Scissor Fobs
from Designs By Lisa

Kathy stopped by today to show us her fun new leaflets and these darling scissor fobs,
as always they are very limited and we picked colors that matched all of the Namaste boxes... Just thinking ahead to Mother's Day

New Fabulous Sheep Items

We just received a plethora of darling sheep items which will make your heart glad.
Large sheep Scissor Fobs: $10.00
Notebook: $8.00
Small Sheep Fobs: $6.00

Namaste bags

This photo is a little frightening caught in a dayglow moment, but do not be deceived.  These new little bags from Namaste are absolutely fabulous.  They match the new colors in the boxes and are the perfect place to stash scissors, needles, lip gloss and many other necessities for the life of a stitcher.  


The greatest part about writing a blog when Teri is not around, is that some of the pictures are of things I have never set eyes on before.  So don't be surprised if I tell you they are needle cases and they turn out to be lip gloss.  (She could have photographed one of them open and then I might have had an easier time guessing what treasure was hidden within.)  Whatever they are...they are very sweet. In my world, they are receptacles for needles, and they are filled inside with a lovely magnetic surface which will quite valiantly  guard your favorite needles.  (I might have to post a retraction about this at a later date.) But in the meantime...enjoy.  (yes they are so darling and they are needle cases-not magnetic, and certainly not lip gloss..... seriously????  but I am not sure how many we have left....sorry, Tina--you snooze, you lose )

Spring String
Leaflet:  $4.50

Lizzie Kate's Spring String just came back from Jill and it is very sweet.  It's not very big and chock full of lovely spring motifs.  Everyone has loved it here at the shop.  We have it all together in a kit as well. Super fun!  We also have the new Buzzy String worked up and Teri says she will be putting up a photo in the next few days.  (Or at least on the next blog.)

New Little House Mystery Sampler

This week we received a note announcing a new mystery sampler by Little House.  From what we can see of the picture, it looks to be sort of gardeny and seasonal.  (Hey we seem to be on a theme here.)  We will let you know more about the details as we receive information, but call and let us know if you are interested.  I don't think it is especially huge and I do know that it takes 13 skeins of over dyed thread, so all in all it should make for a fun summer project. And Little House samplers are always very sweet and fun to stitch up.  So if you are inclined--call and join up.

Well, my night has waned quickly and I need to send this off to you.  Something exciting to be looking forward to is our newly designed web site.  We--actually more like Teri--have been working very hard, and we are hoping to launch it soon. Who knows, maybe we will have a launch party. We will keep you updated as we get it finished up.  Yippee!  Have a great week with plenty of stitches.  hugs, Tina