Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Midsummer Offerings

Hi Friends,
Remember me? 
It's ok if you don't, but I hope you do.  
Summer is slipping past me so quickly this year.  Right now it is nothing but hot on hot in Utah, and there are days when I open the front door at the shop to leave and feel like I have walked into a furnace.  That blast of ultra-dry, hot air takes my breath away, and it is a struggle to keep the flowers in our pots alive from morning to evening.  And then the other night we heard crickets for the first time this summer, and it made me realize that Fall is creeping up on us steadily. There is both a relief and a melancholy about that truth.  Our past winter was so severe here that the flock of deer living in our backyards and neighborhood stripped every growing plant and tree down to bare sticks, and I think that we have realized that they are part of our lives.  They are no longer afraid of our human presence and deign to tolerate our comings and goings.  The men on my street, are continuing to wage their passive/aggressive war against them, but I find myself worrying if I don't see them for a day or two, or if one darts out into the street. The flock in our somewhat communal backyards had 2 baby fawns--polka dots and all.  A month ago, when we first saw them, they were the size of small dogs, but they have grown a lot and circle around the box gardens rather possessively.  Between them and the heat...flowers have  been a bit of a struggle.
.  .  .  .  .
The shop has been fun and busy this summer.  Lots of locals dropping by to hang out as well as many vacationers passing through and stopping to spend the day with us.  Ogden is known as the "Crossroads of the West," and it is true.  We have met people traveling from the east heading to California, or from there on to the Midwest.  This year we have had tons of travelers hitting the southern National Parks and heading on up to Yellowstone and the Tetons.  So, when you think about it, 
Shepherd's Bush is right on the way no matter which way you are heading or where you have already been.  Well,  I think that is a line used on a lot of husbands, anyway.  But no matter how you want to spin it, we have had a great time welcoming and visiting with so many delightful stitchers.  And Ogden is a pretty great place to spend a day or two or three for sure.  Weekend evenings are crowded with people off to a baseball game, or the an outdoor play or concert, or joining a queue to eat at one of our fabulous locally owned restaurants.   I'm just saying....
We have a lot coming up at the shop as well.  Teri is finishing up a new bag and it is fantastic!  And I am trying to finish up the new stocking.  So, hopefully, both of those will be on the next blog.  And I don't mean in 6 months.  Well hopefully, I don't mean that.  

My Sheep Bag
Chart $10
Purple Bag $15.00
Pincushion and Fob kit $11.00 ( you need a pattern)

Leaflet, kit and fun extras from Shepherd's Bush

I am sure that you will have seen Teri's newest pattern for the fabulous vinyl bags.  She asked the folks who make the bags to think about purple and here it is.  Everyone has had the best time with this sweet project--sheep and purple--the perfect combination.

There is always an adorable kit for the "Littles" to go along with the bags as well as darling scissors, sheath and zipper pulls.

Santa's Flight
Leaflet: $8
kit available

This is an older leaflet with 3 ornaments on it.  Teri just had Erin stitch it as one piece, and everyone at the shop has loved it so much.  It is funny how different it looks done all together on the lovely blue linen.

Amy's Birds 
5 sweet patterns:  $8 each

Amy McClellan designed these darling garden birds in the early spring and our customers have gone crazy over them.  Each one is its own pattern and together they cluster on a little tray on our front counter.  They are a quick stitch and so cheerful and sweet.

Let it Grow
by Autumn Lane
Leaflet: $10.00

Such a fun new Halloween piece for the upcoming season.  We stitched it on a wonderful green/brown linen and hen Teri finished it in a cool, wrapped hoop.  So darling.

Bear and The Robins
 by Madame Chantilly
chart: $14.40

We have a quite a few of her sweet 
Christmas pieces stitched and framed in the shop.  They are such favorites.  This one is new for us this year, and I just love it.  I mean really--polar bear, ornaments, little birds and a holiday sweater--how can I resist.  I also love the frame Jill and Amber did for him.  Perfect!

2023 Prairie Schooler Santa
card:  $6
kit available

We have had so much fun with this year's Santa.  Everyone loves the snowflakes, and for me he is that iconic Christmas card Santa.  We finally have the backing fabric and  buttons, so he is ready for you to stitch as we approach coming season.  If you need something easy to stitch and fun to complete--he is your guy!

Ever Green
 by Prairie Schooler
chart: $12

Teri has been pretty good about her ornament quest which was to make new ornaments for our tree branch.  These 2 were ones I chose, and Teri finished them with a darling flat finish.  In the pattern there are 8-9 different holiday patterns and all of them are sweet.  It was hard to decide which to do, but they are so much fun,  I think they were stitched on a cool 32 count linen and they are quite tiny.  I wonder what else she has in the offing.   

Tiny Towns
by Heart in Hand
charts with buttons:  $13

I thought Teri was going to do a Facebook Live on these, but maybe she will soon.  It would be a lot of fun.  They are all darling and everyone has had such a great time working on them this summer.  Can't wait to see what is coming next.

Halloween Tiny Town

Patriotic Tiny Town

Christmas Tiny Town 

Love Tiny Town

Honey of a Tiny Town

Seaside Tiny Town

Bee display

This has been such a fun wall this summer.  It is buzzing with all things Bee.
Teri is a total bee girl. (when she is not in Halloween mode)  The center of the display is Hive Rules by Primrose Cottage.  On either side are wonderful pieces by Plum Street Samplers.  There are so many fabulous bee pieces.  

Teri's Garden Notes

I have had so much fun this year. We have lots of water, so everything is growing quite well.  
Tomatoes and cucumbers are coming along.  My tomatoes are ready to harvest and make spaghetti sauce.  That is the only thing I can- well I freeze it, does that count as canning?  
I love to do this, so in the middle of winter my spaghetti tastes like summer.  :)

Our grapevine has gone nuts... it has grown over the fence and around the poles.  
 I'm worried the vines will cover  our cars if we don't watch out. 

We have 3 lemons this year.  Most of the lemon tree's leaves have fallen off, 
but the lemons are going strong.  

I planted pumpkins this year, but I have yet to see one pumpkin--lots of leaves and blossoms but no pumpkins.... so far.  I'll let you know.

Well, hold on to August wherever you are.  Imprint the heat to remember this winter when we are dealing with snow and ice.  And cherish cool, late summer evenings.  Be kind to our world and to each other.  And when you need some zen...grab your needle and stitch,
hugs, Tina...and Teri