Sunday, December 4, 2016

The first week of December, 2016

Dear Friends,
Well, I guess the Christmas season has arrived both with the month and the weather.  We had our first big snow this week and as you can see, Teri got right into her snowman making mood--snowsheep as well.  I love all of the beginnings of Christmas--the lights, the carols at church, the excitement at the shop and of course the first of the holiday parties.  But what I really don't like is the fact that it all rushes by us so quickly.  I sort of want the days to just slow down and give us all the time we want to enjoy the preparation and anticipation.  I am not one of those early birds as far as the holidays are concerned.  I don't shop early, I don't decorate early, and now is the time that I really feel like getting out a great Christmas project and stitching away.  Unfortunately, for all of those reasons, I love to just amble through the first 2 weeks of December and then I panic... Oh well.  I am looking forward to getting some baking done, and planning special meals for when my boys will be home and doing a little stitching.  But in my heart, I know that it will all come and go so quickly that I will never keep up.  So I just keep thinking about the mantra for this past Retreat--Enjoy the Journey.  And that is what I am going to try to do this December...not worry so much about all the things there are to do, but just have fun for the moment with whatever we are doing. 
Teri and I sort of like to catch a few Christmas movies, but we take a bit of heat from the guys in my family for watching them.  I complained to Teri when Hallmark started their constant loop of holiday offerings near the end of October.  Seriously?  We have caught a few of them already--ok perhaps more than a few of them--as we were getting ready for the shop Christmas Open House as well as completing some of our new projects for the season.  But then some glitch of fate or wrinkle in the cosmos caused my DVR to suddenly start recording every one of them.  I am in a bit of distress as they are recording by the tens and twenties every day, and I have no idea how to make them stop  So every night I have to delete everything that has recorded that day.  I mean, honestly, it's not like they don't repeat a hundred times a week.  Yikes!  My boys have gotten their wish--I am quite tired of seeing even the title of a Christmas movie these days.  I really have to figure out the hidden secrets of the mysterious DVR.

All is Calm
New kit by Shepherd's Bush:  $36.00

Here is a new little kit to go along with our new Ornament--Up on the House Top and Teri's darling St. Nick Sled/Tag.  I think he turned out rather sweet and he was certainly a lot of fun for me to stitch.    He isn't really quite as bright as the photo shows, but I hope that you will enjoy his gentle reminder as we face this holiday season and indeed the world this year.

Santa Tag kit $8.00
by Shepherd's Bush

Up on the Housetop
 card:  $5.00
complete kit:  $20.00

Limited edition Christmas Fobs

I've been making these little fobs this past week, and I think they turned out very sweet.  I don't have lots of them, but hopefully I will have enough for you for this special Christmas.

Born in a Manger by Little House Needleworks
chart:  $8.50

We just love this new little nativity by Little House.  It is simple and sweet and not really a lot of work.  Perfect for a gift or just enjoy it yourself.  

Stocking Stuffers

I think that this time of the year, we are all on the lookout for little stocking stuffers and tiny friend gifts.  So...we are going to give you a few ideas for something new and very fun.

Zappy Dots
by Blackbird Designs and Lizzie Kate

Barb and Alma brought some of these to the Retreat in October and everyone loved them.  We have ordered more to have in the shop as well as some brand new ones from Lizzie Kate.  They are very clever and darling and each little dot has a magnet on the back so that you may use them as needle minders.  I love that they come in these little plastic boxes that made them quite special.  You may have to call us to see what styles we have, but be assured that even you might like to find one of these in the toe of your sock on Christmas Day.

Zappy Fobs

This is a very fun idea--scissor fobs with the little dots.  You get the chain and the frame and then you just choose which of the little dots you want to put in it.  Lots of fun and surprises in store for some lucky stitcher.

More Stocking Stuffers

This fun table is overflowing with great little gift ideas.  We have little stuffed fabric pin cushions, holiday mesh bags, needle minders, tacky bead minders, and a fabulous assortment of Cece's wonderful needle trays.  If you are ready for something quick...we've got your back.  

Magnetic Needle trays $8.00

We have a few of the needle keepers from Kelmscott

Tacky Bob for Christmas

Threaders from Just Another Button Company

New snowman kits by Wichelt  

Hands Across the Sea Charts

We have just received a new shipment of these beautiful reproduction samplers from 
England.  Several of our customers have been stitching some of these wonderful samplers and it really makes me want to get busy and make one.  Might be the perfect gift for your favorite stitcher this year, or give one to yourself for the perfect present to keep you warm and happy as January approaches.  

Well, I guess I will get this sent off to you, and hopefully I will write again next week.  Those are my plans, anyway.  So speaking of holiday movies, I do have 1 great recommendation:  The Shop Around the Corner.  I watched it late last night after work and Christmas shopping with Teri and Bob.  I just pulled up a blanket and watched it.  Bob kept coming in and asking me what I was laughing at, but I was just thoroughly enjoying this lovely, old movie.  
So however you begin this Advent season at your house, be calm, be happy, and be safe.  
fondly, Tina