Monday, January 16, 2012


Well, Happy New Year! I know, a little late, but what else is new? Really we are only a bit over 2 weeks into this new year, and I say let's make it the best one ever. I am definitely not one for New Year's resolutions because the minute I make one, I am simply compelled to break it and get it over with. So...I don't make them any more. But I have decided to try to be a little nicer, a little more cheerful--with Teri as my example--and a little more patient during 2012. I'll just have to let you know how that is coming.
I don't know about where you are, but Utah doesn't seem to be having much of a winter this year. We've had but a skiff of snow which has actually stuck around because it has been so cold, but weather like this always makes us worry that we will either have no water next summer or we will be suddenly buried in snow. Luckily, we don't get to choose. We just get to wait and see. Last night I went to bed at midnight and decided to read for a while. I know it was a murder mystery, so at first I chose to ignore the sound just outside my bedroom window. Finally, I put my book down and just waited quietly for the sound to return. I thought it might be a squirrel on the window sill, but that seemed unlikely during the night. Maybe an errant limb scratching plaintively at the glass. Then I heard it again, and it took me a bit to realize that it was the soft sound of footsteps on the ice-crusted snow. OK, that freaked me just a little, and I thought about waking Bob up, but then I decided to just investigate myself. Perhaps it was our neighbor looking for his dog or some other natural explanation. So I flipped off my lamp, climbed out of bed and opened my shutters. My eyes took a moment adjusting to the dark, and when I blinked I found myself face to face with a huge deer. He did not seem as surprised to see me as I did to see him and continued calmly to nibble on the bushes next to the house keeping an eye on a young deer nearby. No wonder my little beagle barks during the night.
How quickly December--and Christmas--went by. The shop was busy and my boys were home, and then all of a sudden it was January. I know that this is a great time to finish up on all of the projects you didn't get finished for Christmas, but just in case you are looking for something new to usher in the new year--we've got some great ideas:
2012 Scissors and Fob
Here are the new Tessa scissors by Gingher, and I think they are quite adorable. Bright and cheerful and filled with fun flowers, they just reminded me of a brilliant garden. I chose to design the fob to match and wanted to call it Peace Garden, because that is what I am hoping for in 2012--Peace, that is. And a garden would be nice, too. The fob runs $14.00 and comes with everything to complete it (except the batting.) The limited edition scissors run $45.00 and come with the date and Peace engraved on the blades. If you are like me, you have a thousand scissors, but I can never resist the designer Ginghers each year, and truly love my collection of them.
Sorry--these two items are not available to shops for wholesale

Black Snowman
kit: $30.00
This is the newest addition to our multi-colored snowmen kits. I have wanted to do one on black fabric all this year and have been thinking about it a lot. This one is worked on Gunmetal 30 count linen with a variety of wooly-hued silks. Just like the rest of us who like to do a bit of house cleaning in January, this little guy has washed his socks and stripes and is airing them out to dry. ( And don't you just love the mat and frame Jill put on this!)

Poor Robin's Pin Cushion
This adorable little pin cushion is stitched on 32 count natural linen with a variety of soft and subtle silks and over dyed cotton threads. The little snow girl is crowned and surrounded by sweet winter blooms and is bordered by an old english nursery rhyme The kit includes the hand-made button nose as well as hand dyed chenille trim. Whether you need it or not, you can bring a tiny bit of winter into your sewing room. Enjoy!

All My Love
This sweet kit will be the perfect thing to stitch for Valentine's Day or any other occasion. It is worked on 10 count Tula with luscious shades of over dyed cotton floss and includes a lovely little clay flower button in the perfect color. This will work up quickly and will definitely bring a smile to someone's face. And...another great frame from Jill!

And finally, you have to see these new pin cushions that we just unpacked from the Button Company. Honestly, these were so darling and easy to do that Teri had them finished before we were done pricing them. They are around $17.00 for each kit and it comes with everything that you need to complete the project from beginning to end. It even comes with the darling pins to place on your finished critter. OK--you've got to love these. And don't you think Teri is very clever in her photographing backdrops. You never know--maybe she will start making little movies next. She could become the up and coming star of the Sundance film festival. And we knew her when...

Penguin Pin Cushion
kit--$17.00 (I think)

Sheep Pin Cushion
kit--same price as penguin
sorry--spectacular back drops are extra
Well, it is late, and I have to go to bed--and read--and chase after mysterious noises. It is actually blowing and horrid outside so bed is sounding quite cozy right now. Maybe not the murder mystery tonight. Next week we will have some fun new Valentine's things to show you from the shop--where Teri has been extremely busy putting away Christmas and putting up hearts and a sneak peak at spring. Truly, we do wish for you a wonderful 2012 filled with peace, and gardens, and joy, and lots of stitches. Be safe in the storms and I will write next week.
fondly, Tina