Saturday, August 16, 2014

Market Offerings

Hi Friends,
Here are our offerings for Market.  Enjoy!!!

Harvest Of Plenty Kit:  retail $54.00

Here is a sweet and gentle sampler to welcome in the Fall season.  The kit includes hand-dyed 32 count linen, silk threads and a packet of buttons.  

Autumn Sheep Kit:  retail $20.00

A sheep stands on top of a harvest hill almost hidden amongst the bounty of Autumn’s offerings.  This little kit comes with the 32 count stitching fabric, overdyed threads, and button. (a darling companion to Garden Sheep)

Safely Gathered Pin Cushion Kit:  retail $22.00


This whimsical little pin cushion features overdyed threads, 32 count linen, hand-dyed buttons, ric-rac, and beads.  The perfect little Fall piece to tuck into your sewing box.   

Autumn Box Kit:  Retail $12.00

This fun Fall piece can be framed or finished in a sweet wooden box.     The kit comes with the 32 count linen, there

                                            Forget Me Not Bag Kit retail $24.00 

This adorable bag comes pre-made, all you get to do is the cross stitching--a sweet, old-fashioned sentiment in a meadow of sheep.  All the supplies are included to complete this wonderful bag.

Halloween Trifles Leaflet retail $8.00: 

Three spooky pincushions peek out to scare you.  Introducing Cobweb fabric from Fabric Flair.  We have complete kits available with all the supplies needed to finish all three pincushions.  These kits include the three stitching fabrics, spooky backing fabric, hand dyed ribbon, beads, buttons and the leaflet.  Complete kit $ 69.00

Pumpkin Harvest- Leaflet retail $8.00

This fun Fall design can be stitched on 20 count linen to be framed, or 30 count for the sweet pincushion.  You need a great set of buttons from our friends at JABCO for the framed piece and a wonderful set of pins for the pincushion.  We are happy to make you complete kits for the framed piece or the pincushion of both, just give us a call

 Pumpkin Harvest- Just Pins retail $15.50

Fall Ewe All:  Free pattern with purchase of button
Complete Kit $30.00

This is our complimentary pattern for this fall.  It is free with the purchase of the Polka Dot Pumpkin button.  

Enjoy  I will post a photo of more things later... thanks

Friday, August 15, 2014

st charles

St Charles Summer Market

Hi friends,
Teri can never miss an opportunity to get her camera up and going.  A bunch of us got together for dinner after we arrived at the Market, and we had a wonderful time catching up on life with each other.  It seems that we have spent the summer designing and kitting getting the Fold ready and the things ready to bring to market.  What fun!  There were many days when it was hard to differentiate whether we were making kits at work or making them at home.  I think that somewhere in my subconscious the scenery seemed to have changed and the light outside.  The good thing is that Sue and I at work, and Teri and I at home have come close to solving the world's problems. (If only new crises wouldn't happen out there while we sleep. )  We have some darling new designs that we are showing tomorrow, so watch our website and our blog to get a great look at what is new for early Fall.  I hope you love them as much as we do.  
Ok--now on to the Fold.  First of all, we are having so much fun with this project.  I hope that you are enjoying it as well.  AND I hope that you are keeping up and trying to get them stitched before the next one comes out.  We are obviously trying to make sure that you have PLENTY of time between each installment.  I always love a project that gets completed as I go along.  
I know...I are wondering where Part 3 is.  We are beginning to wonder that ourselves.  No, not really.  Our back room in the shop is filled to overflowing with the kits just waiting to go out to you.  As usual we are wrangling linen so that we can post them all at the same time.  We are now just waiting for one last shipment, and we will be ready to go.  I have begged and pleaded with my linen friends to get it to me, and it is beginning to feel like the proverbial blood out of a turnip.  But they have promised (hmmmmmm) that I will have it when I get home from market, and then we will finish up the kits and get them off to you.  On an up note...I think you are going to love it!!!  Besides, just think of this delay as a great chance to get your first 2 parts finished up and ready.  How is your box finishing going?  I have heard from lots of you that you have successfully completed it.  Yay! 
Thank you so so so so much for your patience and kindness in your calls and thoughts.  We have not dropped off the face of the earth, and Part 3 is coming to you soon.  You might have noticed on the Fold Marketplace that we have a wonderful set of pins which we have had Cecile--at Jabco--design and make for us to match the Shepherd's Fold.  If you would like us to include it with your kit--just give us a quick call.  You can also check with your local shop to see if they would like to order them in for you.  They are very fun.

Fall Ewe All
Exclusive market kit:  $30.00

Here is your very own sneak peak at our market exclusive kit.  It is very darling and the perfect jump off for Fall.  This kit comes complete with 18 count natural linen, Weeks over-dyed cotton threads, Gentle Art Simply wool, and a fabulous polka dot pumpkin button which was hand-made for us by our great friend Dinah.  This is a limited kit so be sure to put it on your market wish list.  
Ok, sorry, Teri is wingeing at me to finish up and help her set up our room.  She stayed up most of the night decorating the outside of our room while I went to bed.  Sorry, Ter.  Now it is payback time and I have got to get my skates on and get moving.  (Well, maybe just a brief rest to get me started.)  Oh my gosh...the room looks so darling where she has set our new things up.  I seem to have kind of forgotten what we brought with us and it all looks quite sweet.  How fun!  Be sure to watch out blog tomorrow afternoon to see all of our new things.  And in the meantime, be safe and be cool out there in the world.  Hugs, Tina