Saturday, September 21, 2013


Tina is stitching like crazy to finish her gorgeous piece for the R & R retreat, so I am doing the blog..... Summer at Shepherd's Bush has been nuts!  I can't believe fall has arrived and September is almost gone as well.  Our hot nights have given way to that chill that means Fall is really here.  My huge bush of an Armenian cucumber plant has finally stopped producing, but everyone in the neighborhood has enjoyed yummy cucumbers all summer.  Peter spent most of the summer with us, but he has returned to Indiana and Christian is also back to school.  I really did think Tina might have a nervous break down,  as all of this, plus market,  happened within two weeks.  But we are a lot calmer and getting back to a good routine.  

You are invited to a birthday party  
Tuesday, September 24th  2:00- 5:00
Come visit with us, and partake of our birthday cheer.   We will have cake and ice cream and lots of fun things to see.  I have put up a Christmas wall of new projects just to tempt you,  so put on your party shoes and come celebrate our 29th birthday.  

Here are a few new things at the shop.... please remember we are happy to make complete kits for any of the following projects so that you will have every little thing you need to complete your piece... 

Double Double 
Card by Prairie Schooler $4.00

We just love these cards!  This one is stitched on a bright purple 20 count fabric with overdyed threads.  
The backing fabric is also available.  Complete kit:  $42.45

Trick or Treat
by Prairie Schooler $9.00

This one just makes me smile,  it is so Halloweeny, stitched on a new color of spooky green, and we have changed the DMC to overdyed threads.  It is fabulous!!!  Complete kit $36.65

Halloween Magazine 
by Just Cross Stitch $9.99

Reeta stitched this darling piece by Paulette of Plum Street Samplers on a great piece of 36 count fabric- Garden Twigs.  She is letting us borrow it for a few weeks.  Thanks Reeta

2013 Santa
Card by Prairie Schooler:  $4.00

We love to stitch these Santas on big fabric with perl cotton.  A couple of the threads are overdyed perls.   We added a great set of buttons and have a wonderful backing fabric. All are ready for you to start stitching.  Kit with over-dyed perl $ 65.60 

Tuffet's Pin Keep
by kit  Just Another Button Company  $19.00

I stitched this pin keep as soon as I got home from market, it was fun and easy, but I have to keep my eyes on it since there are those at my work that would like to spirit it away. 

2013 Ornament Magazine 
by Just Cross Stitch $9.99

The new 2013 Ornament issue has arrived, so drop by and pick up a copy.  Then get a large Diet Coke,  sit back, relax and look at each page.  There are some amazing ornaments in there this year.  Everyone at work has been choosing her favorite.  We have ours kitted up in a little packet complete with everything you will need plus wool felt for the backing.  I think the price will be around $20.00, but remember that you will need the magazine as well.  The kit does not come with a pattern.  Plus Teri's recipe is a killer.

I Saw 
Ornament Kit from Shepherd's Bush
(You will also need to purchase the magazine to get the pattern.)

Thread Pallets $12.00

I ordered these at market and they just arrived.  Just perfect to sort the threads of a new Autumn/Halloween project.  

Namsaste Boxes $20.00

I love to outfit these boxes.  My latest group is a Pumpkin Spice box, with orange stripe scissors, a new Halloween fob, and a darling new pumpkin needle nanny from Puffin.  The Goldenrod box sports black and white floral storks, a new bee fob from Lady Dot, one of Lady Dot's fabulous beeswax buttons, and of course a bee needle nanny.  The purple and green Monster box in the back is filled with lambs... another new fob from Lady Dot, and a sheep needle nanny.  Just give us a call--we would love to help you fill a box of your own.

Halloween Fobs $14.00
By Kathy of Designs by Lisa

Kathy stopped by the other day with darling Halloween fobs, we could not resist.  

Hearts and Holly 
Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery:  complete kit-- $70.00

Spoiler Alert******
If you are beginning this piece be aware that it is a horizontal piece not a vertical piece.  Just read her instructions very carefully.

We are just starting a new Christmas Mystery by Lizzie Kate.  The colors are so pretty and Nancy is already stitching away on the first section.  Of course we have done our own spin on this so the colors are just a little bit different.  If you would like to join in on this 3 part sampler,  just give us a call.  You can choose 36, 32, or 28 count wonderful hand-dyed fabric--Christmas Cake. 

Well it is late and probably by tomorrow Tina will rewrite this...  she does not think sentences should be paragraphs or paragraphs should be novels... but I type as I think, and sometimes that does not leave me much inclination for correct spelling or any punctuation.  As always, please give us a call if you have any questions.  I think I was supposed to post a photo of something but can't remember what it was- so sorry  I will remember and add on to this. 
Until next time, 
Happy stitching  Teri