Monday, July 24, 2017

Happy 24th of July

Beautiful Summer

Last year we planted a grapevine to grow on our metal racks..and this year it is huge and growing in all directions...and filled with clusters of grapes.

One of Teri's boxes which is exploding with cucumbers, basil and bean-less pole and bush beans.  

(left) An experimental artichoke which I guess doesn't mature for at least 3 years--Yay. 
(right) Stacy's Love Puff plant which is Teri's pride and joy.  It has pods a bit like Japanese lanterns right now which are supposed to turn into Seuss-like puffs soon. 

Dear Friends,
It's the 24th of July, and the shop isn't open today as it is Utah's founding day--Pioneer Day, actually.  So we have a day off from work, and sadly from air conditioning.  But we do get to wake up early and go to our little parade and cheer for Ogden High, this time with a niece marching with the Tigerettes, applaud the few brave floats and give a shout-out to Jr Posse. Now I am sitting outside enjoying the afternoon sounds of our mountain creek and adding some words to the photos that Teri has lovingly added to the blog, and waiting for the heat to descend.  Summer is in its full glory right now as July slips away, and as you can see above, our garden at the shop is thriving.  Cucumbers and tomatoes are just coming on, and Teri watches them with her eagle eye so she can pick them at the perfect moment.  Salads are definitely scrumptious right now.  Our summer has been hot this year--over 100 every day for almost a month.  I know--we are blessed with a dry, desert climate--but hot is hot even if it is that oven-blast heat.  However, we have had tons of butterflies and huge moths this past month.  I have not seen monarch butterflies in several years, and lately they are everywhere.  Our mountains just lost the last of their snowcap and our little creek is still running with water.  In our neighborhood, people have planted box gardens right in the front yards to the edge of the grass.  Indeed, we have peppers and tomatoes in our rose garden, and Sue's box gardens around the corner should be on the cover of Home and Garden.  We have loved walking at dusk and watching all the gardens take hold and grow and begin their prolific harvests.  These are the cherished moments of sharing the first bowl of Susan's golden cherry tomatoes, stopping to gaze in wonder at Vera's magnificent zinnias, and being gifted a just-picked summer squash in front of Shawn's garden. These are truly the blessings of Summer that demand to be noticed and relished and tucked away into memories to be brought forth in the January days of ice and snowdrifts.  

June and July have been busy at the shop.  Everyone has been stitching patriotic pieces like crazy and sometimes it has been hard to keep up with.  There have been such a lot of fun and beautiful pieces to enjoy all summer long.  And then it seems that over night the world has turned to Halloween.  Poor Teri has been scrambling all week to start bringing out Fall pieces to get ready for the coming season.  But even in the midst of this yearly transition from Summer to Autumn stitching there are just so many fun things to see and stitch.

La Vita e Bella
by Shepherd's Bush

Exactly 1 year ago, Christian was getting ready to spend a year in Bologna, Italy at graduate school, and I was experiencing a mother's typical mixture of excitement for him and worry for me.  My boys are very adventurous and with each new "adventure" I just lay awake at night and think of all the dangers out there in their worlds.  There were many things I worried/panicked about last year--airplanes over oceans, a new city to figure out, new friends to meet, a new school to adjust to, and oh yeah...terrorism, and terrorist attacks, and more terrorism.  So 3 weeks into his new life in Italy, I was thrilled to wake up to a text saying: "Don't worry, I'm fine."  Of course I shook Bob awake demanding to know what was happening in Italy. Sadly it was something I hadn't even considered:  a terrible earthquake in Amatrice--central Italy.  Chris told me that they had felt the quake, but with none of the devastating destruction visited upon that city a bit south from there.  In June, a friend of mine, Elena, from Italy wrote asking if we would like to be a part of a fund raising effort on behalf of the rebuilding of this beautiful, ancient city and its surroundings.  Teri and I were thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful venture, and this is the little piece which we designed for this charity initiative:  Un ricamo per rinascere (a needlework project to be born again)
So if you are interested in some lovely patterns which have been donated by designers throughout the world and in helping the Italian Civil Protection manage the reconstruction in central Italy, just follow this link and purchase some of your favorite patterns--each at a reasonable 10 euros each.  Upon completing your purchase, you will be able to download the pattern and begin stitching right away.  So have fun all you world citizens out there...get stitching and be a loving part of this beautiful world of ours.  Thank you so much...and merci...and grazie...and danke...
New models at the shop 

Prairie Schooler Santa 2017
card $5.00
kit also available:  $56.00

We will be making a pillow with the 2017 Santa.  Our fabric is off to the side...  

Hello Summer
by Plum Street Samplers
pattern:  $10.00
kit also available:  $

We have had such a great time with this little piece from Paulette which is a companion piece to her earlier Hello Spring.   It works up super quickly and we are hoping that there will be one for Autumn and Winter to follow.  Lynnette is using the same frame and hoping to put in each new season as it 

Bump in the Night
By Prairie Schooler
Leaflet:  $9.00

We just love Prairie Schooler's Halloween patterns.  They are clever and fun and easy to stitch.  This is one that we just worked a part of and it is darling.  Either way it is a fun new thing for October.

Early Americans
by Little House
patterns:  $6.00 each
kits and club available

This has been such a very fun series.  Each little ornament/pin cushion  celebrates an early American patriot.  They work up quickly and can come from us with hand-dyed linen, threads, backing wool and fabulous trim for finishing.  Just wait until you see the one which she has just released: Freedom.

This is adorable.  We will be finishing it with ribbon I think that's what Teri just said...

Brand new patterns from Plum Street Samplers
We will have these any day now, and they are all darling.  As always, we will have linens cut and threads ready to go, so just give us a call.  Thanks, Paulette for great designs and always great sheep.

A Thousand Hills
leaflet:  $14.00

Sampler House III
leaflet:  $12.00

Judge Not
leaflet:  $12.00

Berry Cottage
leaflet:  $12.00

Sampler House IV
leaflet:  $12.00

                                                        New patterns from Lizzie Kate

Boo Celebrate With Charm
 by Lizzie Kate
card: $6.50

We have stitched this on a 10 count fabric and added great buttons.  We have the perfect backing fabric, and we will post a completed photo as soon we get it back from the finisher.  

Autumn Smalls
leaflet:  $12.40

Tiny Tidings 22
leaflet and embellishments:  $16.00

The Elves Did It
leaflet and embellishments:  $8.50

Spirit of Christmas Mystery Sampler
A fun new series coming from Lizzie Kate beginning in September and going for 3 months
finished size:  6" x "12
$85.00 for kit which includes:  exclusive hand dyed linen
threads, embellishments
optional Zappy Dot:  $12.00

Summer Schoolhouse Series
by Brenda Gervais
patterns:  $12.00
kits available as well as automatic shipments
Come join the fun

Here is the first one in this darling new series by Brenda Gervais.  This is intended to be stitched over 1 thread on 28 count Lugana, but this beautiful finished piece (above), worked by Lynnette, is over 2 on 32 count.  
We have lots of stitchers having a great time with this new series, and we have people doing it on many different fabrics from Mushroom Lugana, to a lovely overdyed Lugana, to a fabulous overdyed 28 count linen, to 32, 36, and 40 count overdyed linens they are working over 2.  
We are now waiting for the 2nd pattern to arrive, so if you want to join in, just give us a call and we will help you decide the perfect fabric for you.  Here are some things that our friends are working on and they are all stunning.

Mary Lou chose a beautiful 32 count linen with a hint of greyed purple.  She also had Teri help her choose a palette of colors that included shades of mulberry.  Can you tell she loves purple?

Tammy is thrilled with her piece and she has almost finished it.  Hers is worked on an overdyed 28 count linen and everything looks lovely as you can see.  

Brenda O also stitched hers on the 28 count dyed linen over 1 thread, but had Teri help her convert the threads to silk. Very beautiful...and finished!  

Summer School House Zappy Dots
House (part 1):  $1200
Man and Lady (part 2) set of 2:  $20.00

Some fun  new accessories at the shop

Utah Bags

These darling quilted stitching bags are inspired by Utah scenes and highlights.  They come in Large and Small and come in blue and creme.  They are very fun.  

Great new stitching musts
scissors:  $5.00
tape measures:  $250

First little harvest...


"I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world..."

hugs..Tina and Teri