Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Covid Captivity

Covid Captivity
End of April, 2020

Hi Friends,
How is everyone doing out there?  Well, I hope and quickly adjusting to our strange, new normal world.  Social Distance, Shelter in Place, Self Isolation, Self Quarantine...yeah I could go on and on,.  These are words we didn't even really know about 2 months ago, and now they are the most common phrases in our vocabulary.  So much in our speech and thoughts, that I sort of worry whether we will ever go back to the old normal again.  Time will tell.  And in the meantime, here are the things that have been good about sheltering in place.  I am a homebody, so there has been something sort of comforting about never saying to Bob--what do you want to do tonight? We just don't say it, because the answer is always the same: stay home.  We have cooked great things, sharing recipes with the boys and our siblings.  We (I) have cooked a few bad things that we never need to do again, and strangely, no one cared.  I have read a lot, but I am restless in this world, and mostly I have started many books, whose their plots and characters are melding into strange mutations in my head.  We have talked to the boys constantly--each of us trying to keep the other one's spirits up--but mostly there is a lot of laughter and the silent yearning to be close--until someone's phone runs out.  Christian is growing a quarantine beard!  Did I know that he could even grow a beard?  We might try an online game night soon, but Hermans are notorious poor sports so that will be interesting. 
 At our home, we have cracked out the puzzles.  Because I wanted the new Little 
Women movie to win the Academy Award, I gave Teri a puzzle of Little Women for her birthday. It looks like an old fashioned sampler, and we all had fun putting it together.  I shouldn't say we, because I really don't work on the puzzles.  Maybe a piece or two.  I worked on a tiny portion that looked like a book for many nights and then one of them secretly finished it for me.  In the end, I tried to put in the last 10 pieces, and you would have thought I was about to commit the worst crime in the world.  Such shouting and censuring! Now they are working on a very hard puzzle, so I am not even trying.  I am just happy to watch them, while I stitch.  

Bob showed me an article about why people are doing puzzles, and I thought that the same reasons people like puzzles--distraction, concentration, fun, accomplishment--during this crisis is why we like to stitch.  I have talked to people from all over the world who are dealing with quarantine, isolation, captivity, worry, boredom, fear, loneliness...and everyone says the same thing. It is stitching that is seeing them calmly through this time. Don't you just feel sorry for those who don't have a great stitching project to work on?  So grab your needle, a comfy chair, and a great book on tape and let's just power through this together.  I know we can, and I'll be with you all the way.

Running a shop that is starting it's 6th week of being closed to the public, has been most interesting.  Some days are a bit rough and crazy, and some days are exhilarating and almost funny--but luckily I have my sis too do this with.  Thanks to all of you wonderful stitchers out there--in Utah and across the world--who have stuck with us--calling in mail orders to be sent,  shopping over the phone to come by for a porch pick-up, or just checking in with stories and laughs and friendship.  It reminds me that this is truly something we are all experiencing together on this small planet, and together is how we will see it through.  
 I spend most of the day in the back and Teri is mostly in the front, and there are times when we wonder if the other one is still there.  I honestly haven't been out to the front window for a while, and when I wandered out to look for a book, I was quite surprised to find a little greenhouse filled with tomato, cucumber, and broccoli plants just merrily growing away on tables.  And even more startling was a large, yellow bowl with bread rising.  I am wondering about Teri... 

In spite of the craziness, we have some very fun new things to perk you up now and look forward to later.  
Read on and see what fun is in store...

Stay Home and Stitch 
by With Thy Needle and Thread
Chart: $8.00
Complete Kit:  $

I love this little chart.  It certainly records an extraordinary time in our lives.  I think it would be fun to stitch and date as a marking point.  In any case it is sweet and darling.  A great cheer-up!

Where there is Life
 by Little House and Country Cottage
Chart: $5.00

Another great pattern designed by Little House and Country Cottage--a collaboration between mother and daughter--to help shops weathering shut downs.  

Available the very end of August, this piece is a strictly limited edition that will not be available again.
It must be pre-ordered by June 1st

Coming to America, 
Women of the Mayflower 
Chart + extras:  $35.00
 Fabric and threads: give us a call

How exciting!  Here is the First Look at this coming sampler.  Isn't it fantastic?  There a few options that we are offering, so if you are confused or need some guidance, just call the shop and talk to Teri. This wonderful pattern will come from With Thy Needle and will include:
The complete chart for Coming to America
A self adhesive sampler label to date and sign the finished project
A pilgrim lady needle anchor--a cute little magnet to keep one's need safe
A free harvest=themed pin cushion  chart
A piece of cotton backing fabric for the bonus chart.  This is a reproduction William 
Bradford's handwritten journal and was designed for this project
A custom printed box to hold all of these items.  It will double as a project box to keep all your supplies safe and secure.
This cost will be $35.00

We haven't figured out the costs for the fabric and threads, but we will be offering the specified fabric in 40, 36, 32 counts.  Other counts may be available.  
Just give us a call and we can prepare an order just for you.  

New From Plum Street Samplers
such fun new patterns for 
Spring.  We should have linens and any needed threads to get you going on them.,

A New Constellation 
Chart: $18.00

This was the sampler that Paulette taught at our Retreat in 2018, and we have been anxiously waiting for it to come out  It is a truly fantastic piece commemorating the life of Betsy Ross. 
 I promise--you will just love it.  

Liberty Lodge
 Chart: $12.00

My Peaceful Home
Chart: $12.00

Sweet Heart Hill
Chart: $12.00

Spring, Summer, Winter 
 reprinted by Blackbird Designs
each chart: $12.00  
set of 3: $36.00

Nancy stitched this and let us borrow it as a model, I am so happy Teri stashed it away to give back to her, but now we can hang it up and enjoy all over again. I hope she doesn't care if we keep it a bit longer  - thanks Nancy.    Yay!!! such a wonderful piece.  

Sorry, for a short blog--I have gone on and on.  Maybe I am lonely--maybe I am avoiding this really hard puzzle.  Stay safe and be well.  Until next time...Tina