Saturday, February 2, 2013

January's End

January's End, 2013

This has truly been a January.  It came in with a vengeance and has not let up for one minute.  We have spent most of the month with temperatures between 0 and 12, and we have had blizzard after blizzard all month long.  Between home and work--we have shoveled mountains of snow.  My driveway is a bit of a tunnel with snowdrifts towering way over our heads.  It is getting difficult finding a place to put it.  And then we were subjected to 2 days of ice storms with made the whole city frozen and impassable.  What fun!  Bob thinks our little beagle, Lindbergh, is depressed because there is nowhere for him to go outside, and he just slips and slides on the ice sheet that used to be my driveway.  I, for one, am looking forward to February.  Luckily, we have the Sundance film festival to get us through this brutal month, and we have just spent a week of movie-ing.  Park City is the main host of the festival and they think they are the best venue, but fortunately they don't know about our gem here in Ogden.  Our restored Egyptian Theater which is 1 block from the shop is also a venue for the festival, and I think it is the most beautiful theater of all.  
 (You can see in the picture above how stunning it is.  The ceiling is painted to look like the sky with stars that twinkle on and off above you.)  Plus, for 45 minutes before the film the audience as they are coming in is treated with a Wurlitzer Organ concert--the man in the red coat.  The whole evening is just a blast.  As always, you never know what you might be in for, and sometimes it can be quite surprising, but always lots of fun.  This year we got to see a funny film, a sweet film, a thinking film and a terrifying film, and, as always, it gives us something to talk and laugh about for years to come.  But now a new month nears and hopefully some slightly gentler weather for all of us.  And in the meantime I plan to just spend my evenings stitching and staying warm.  Hopefully you can as well.     

Grey Snowman
Kit by Shepherd's Bush

Here is our new Snowman for 2013.  I have spent 3 months with stacks of hand-dyed fabrics on my desk trying to decide which color to use this year.  I had several pretty pieces that I was quite determined to use, but the more I drew, the more my eyes sought out the grey linen.  By the time I had chosen my threads and was ready to begin stitching, I knew that it was going to be a grey snowman for this year.  Teri and I have laughed many times this January--as we have existed in a grey world ourselves--that this was definitely the year for it.  That being said, I just love this little snow globe snowman!  The colors are lovely and subtle, and Jill's mat filled with fabulous, gilded snowflakes is a true knockout.  I hope you love it as much as I do.   

Snowflakes Pin Cushion 
Kit by Shepherd's Bush

One quiet Sunday in late December as I sat drawing my Grey Snowman, I just thought how much fun a little matching pin cushion might be.  So...I just started drawing and here he is.  Stitched on 32 count Country Mocha linen with a beautiful variety of silk and overdyed cotton threads, this cheerful little guy has a much more positive outlook on winter than I do.  He even sports a little red heart on his chest.  The kit comes complete with everything you need to stitch this cushion along with beads and Teri's fabulous ribbon that she spent last night dyeing to match.  So fun.   

Hugs and Kisses 
Kit by Shepherd's Bush

We have had this sweet wooden box especially made for us.  Inside this beautifully made box you will find the fabric, thread and pattern to create this darling piece.  Each box has the message engraved on the wooden cover and can be mounted on the inside of the lid making a fun surprise upon opening the box.  Quick to stitch and finish, this little treasure can hold any lovely treat from candy to a little Valentine's gift.  Unfortunately, we have a very limited supply, so call if you would love to have one.   

Little Sheep Virtues 
By Little House Needleworks

Here is the first chapter in the 12 month Little Sheep Virtues project.  Many of you are joining us in our club to work on and complete this project.  We are sending out the first installment tomorrow, so be watching for it to arrive in your mailbox.  Nancy is stitching our sampler and was so excited to get started that she did it all in one day.  Isn't it darling?  Teri's overdyed colors are simply beautiful and I just love the little snowman button that she chose.  Nancy's only distress is that she has to wait another month to keep on stitching.  If you are interested in joining us on this little adventure, just give us a call.  

I Love You More
By Bent Creek
Chart $11.00
Kit $23.55

This sweet pillow caught my eye, It will be great for Valentine's Day or and heart felt gift.  We stitched it on a 28 count linen and changed the colors.  The button comes with the pattern.  We have put everything together in a kit for your convenience.  We have a few sets of backing fabrics too.  

Valentine Scissor fobs 

Here are a sparkling group of Valentine scissor fobs.  Everyone loved the winter ones that Kathy made and here is her offering of new ones for February.  Each one is different--so I might not have one that looks exactly like the ones above--but they are all simply adorable.  Did I mention that the little pictures are mounted on a scrabble tile?  Very clever.

Spring is Creeping Up  

Here is the beginnings of the spring display.  Some of our favorites- Easer Peep (left back), Ah tis Spring (right)(center)... Easter Row (Front), and Peter's Cotton Knits and...

Free Pattern with buttons - $8.20     
Kit $18.40

 This is on our Spring display. It makes me smile every time I pass by.  The pattern is free with the purchase of the buttons, and it only takes 3 threads and a piece of purple checked linen.  Sooooo fun.  

Are you my Mother
by Bent Creek

Nancy stitched this up last night for us.  It is so sweet.  I thought I would put it up so if you are looking for a quick spring project, this will be perfect.  Teri has tweaked the colors and picked a darling Easter egg blue fabric.  I am not sure of the prices, so give us a call if you want more info.  

Again the night is late, and I need to finish this little letter.  I hope you have found something to inspire you.  If you are like my little dog and are feeling the blues of winter, I can suggest what Teri and I do to improve our  spirits:  get your stitching out and enjoy a Jane Austin month.  We find all the movies that we have and have a stitching marathon.  By the time we have made our way through Pride and Prejudice--Colin Firth as well as the Keira Knightley version, Sense and Sensibility--Emma Thompson as well as the new version, Persuasion--probably just the new version, Emma--Gwyneth Paltrow as well as the new version, January is over and things are looking up.  So...stay warm and cheerful.  Spring may be coming, and Utah might thaw out by June.  Hugs, Tina