Sunday, November 27, 2011

christmas party

Happy Advent from Shepherd's Bush!

Here we are all decked out for the festive season. Our tree is pretty great I have to say, and when you come in the shop, it just smells wonderful.

Well, I promised to post our new things so here we go. You will see that we have been busy, and I hope you like what we have come up with. We had a blast doing them, so I hope you will have fun as well. Happy perusing....

Christmas Wishes
This darling kit is worked on 28 count Desert Sand linen with DMC and WDW over dyed floss. It is quick to stitch and is finished with little holly berry buttons. And...each kit comes packaged in a truly adorable little canvas stocking ornament complete with jingle bells. (Don't you just love Jill's fabulous mat?)

Hear Bells
This is our newest little box kit. It is stitched on 32 count dusty blue linen and is worked with a variety of silk and cotton over dyed threads. It is very easy to finish in the little box and would certainly make a great gift for anyone.

Good Cheer Pin Cushion
This sweet pin cushion is worked on 32 count vintage dyed linen. The kit includes lovely silk threads as well as WDW over dyed floss, a beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon and ruby beads. It was such a fun piece to stitch, that I would sort of like to do it again.

Christmas Joys
Teri's newest 9-pane pillow is super sweet. It depicts the iconic picture of Christmas Eve with a cozy mantel and cheerful stockings hanging in readiness. It uses a variety of over dyed cotton floss and features a wonderful stocking button hand crafted by Cecile from the Button Company. I promise that you will love it.

Stocking Button

Merry Wishes
This newest 10 count kit celebrates not only the merry season, but also the long-awaited return of sand Tula. Yippee!!! Each kit comes with beautiful 10- count Tula fabric, DMC and over dyed threads, and a cheerful heart and star button. A perfect fast project.

Behold Sheep
Our newest sheep with hats kit shows a sweet sheep looking down on the tiny city of Bethlehem. This kit includes 32 count Willow Green linen, silk threads, and a very fun halo button made by our friend Diane. I hope you love it.

Here are a group of new pillows from Prairie Schooler. The one in the back is the 2011 Santa (closeup shown below.) Teri has had it stitched on 7 count Klostern using #3 WDW Perle Cotton and added an amazing assortment of buttons. It is fabulous!
The 3 pillows in the front are from Christmas Favorites, and the pillow stitched in black is from Santa's Night. We have tweaked the colors to make them all go together, and we have sets of the backing fabrics tied up with ribbons so that yours can look just like ours.

2011 Santa

One last thing is this splendid assortment of Christmas scissors. We have loved the larger scissors for the past few years and were totally delighted to see the little ones added for this year. They are all great cutters and the little ones will be perfect to add to your Christmas project or to tuck into stockings or gifts.
Big scissors--$5.00
Little scissors--$3.00
Happy shopping and give us a call if you want us to wrap up a care package for you. fondly, Tina

PS. The casserole was NOT burned, it was very delicious....Tina was exaggerating- Happy cooking- Teri

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2011

Almost Thanksgiving, 2011

Dear Friends,

I know, I have been sort of gapped out even though I promised to keep up better with my correspondence. Teri is almost hysterical that I haven't written to you yet, because she has taken lots of pictures and has a hundred things to tell you about. Most of all I am reminding you about our Christmas Open House coming up quickly on Saturday, November 26th. We will be open from 11:00-4:00 and we have a million fun and festive things planned for you. First of all, we have been super busy designing new things. Mostly, I think I don't have a life, so all I have done for this past month is stitch. So just be prepared for a bunch of darling new little kits and a sweet new booklet which will be ready for that day. I am quite excited. Plus...Teri has been decorating the shop like a mad woman, and it looks quite stellar. All we have left is the tree, and that means a hunt and search on Friday hoping for a tree stand to be open. We have all kinds of treasures planned for that day and of course lots of yummy and delicious treats. So please come join us on Saturday and share a cup of creamy egg nog, and greet the Christmas season.

It has been a busy Fall here at Shepherd's Bush. Certainly a highlight was our trip to the R & R Retreat in Virginia Beach the end of October. We had such a great time and loved spending time with dear friends and meeting new ones. And really how can you have enough of walking on the beach?

Here we are out for a stroll before the weather turned on us. Jeannette Douglas and Theresa of Shakespeare's Peddler, Teri and I walked all along the beach. What fun we had. It just went by too quickly.

Here's baby Oliver. Kari, who works here at the shop with us, had her baby in October, and he is such a darling. Here he is on his first visit to the shop and he found us so exhaustibly boring that he had to fall asleep. We are missing Kari and looking forward to her returning to us for a while on Saturdays.

OK here is a preview of some of our fun new things we have up at the shop. I am writing on Teri's computer while she is cooking for Thanksgiving. But mostly I am listening to her burning things, and when I try to help, she reminds me that I am writing the blog. (Honestly, there is some serious burning going on right now that has to do with a mushroom/artichoke casserole )

Isn't this new picture from Lizzie Kate just darling? I love the colors that Teri chose for it, and I love the frame that Jill put on it. Thanks to Mindi for stitching it so quickly so we could have it ready for the party on Saturday.

I think that this piece by Mosey 'n Me is quite fantastic. It is stitched on beautiful hand-dyed linen with rich and festive over dyed floss, so if you are looking for something unique to do for this advent season, perhaps this is the one.

OK, there is something definitely burned. She says it is the roux, but she is sure she can fix it with chicken stock. hmmm...

Nancy stitched this piece--Christmas Welcome-- last month, and we thought it was going to be quite small, but not so much. However, it is very pretty and really so festive for the season. And don't you just love that frame?

Now there seems to be burning and lumping going on and she has turned to lemons. Should I be worried?

Santa's Night (I am not certain of the name and I really can't ask her as she is waging a kitchen war at the moment) by Prairie Schooler turned out fantastic. It goes perfectly with our 2011 Santa pillow and is quite beautiful done on black Tula. This would definitely be easy to have finished for the holiday, and so much fun to work on during the coming month.

Here is the pin cushion that is part of the new La D Da mystery sampler. Everyone who is working on it has been thrilled. Nancy--who is rivaling me in stitching productivity this month--has already finished the first part and really it is wonderful. I think Teri is posting a picture of it, so watch for it to magically appear. We have it hanging behind the counter and it is very special.

Can't wait for her to keep going with the next installment when it arrives. It will be very fun to see how the design progresses.

Well, I guess I will go ahead and send this now. Watch for another letter on the weekend and I will put up all of our new Christmas designs. In the meantime have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. This seems to be a bit of a forgotten holiday, but I think it is sort of the quiet before the storm of December. So sit back and enjoy a moment between the cooking and the shopping, and may be take a stitch or two. Hope to see you on Saturday. fondly, Tina

ps--The casserole seems to have turned out a triumph--her best one ever. That is the thing about Teri, even burned food can't get her down. Happy Turkey Day!

Teri's Mushroom Artichoke Casserole

3 cups fresh button mushrooms--sliced

1/2 cup green onions--sliced ( use both bottoms and tops)

4 T butter

2 T flour

1/4 cup milk

3/4 cup chicken stock

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 ten ounce package of frozen artichoke hearts--cooked, drained, and coarsely chopped

( You can use a jar of marinated hearts if you drain and rinse them.)

3/4 cup soft bread crumbs ( 1-2 slices of fresh bread crumbs browned in a few tablespoons of butter.)


Cook mushrooms and onions in 4 T butter. Remove vegetables, add to artichoke hearts and set aside. In the pan drippings, blend flour, 1/8 t salt, and a dash of pepper. Add chicken stock, milk, lemon juice and a dash of nutmeg. Cook and stir until bubbly. Add all vegetables and place in a buttered casserole and top with prepared bread crumbs. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes--cover if the crumbs get too brown. Enjoy.