Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mid Winter

Mid Winter

Dear Friends,
It all started the day before Christmas when Bob went shopping for a few last minute things while I was still at work.  He called to see if I wanted him to buy flowers for the table for Christmas dinner and in my throws of last minute holiday stress I said NO.  I think he was a bit surprised as he was being thoughtful in anticipation of the big day, but I was battling a crummy head cold and the thoughts of fresh flowers--fresh allergies--was untenable if ungrateful.  When I got home later that day, my boys were sort of smirking at a large vase filled with odd sticks that Bob had gathered from the back yard.  They were completely bare--except for a few rose hips and seed pods still attached-- arranged in a clear glass vase tied with a wide red ribbon.  And I really loved them.  They moved around the house throughout Christmas week--amid many sarcastic comments from the kids--and have now found themselves on the mantel in the living room where I still think they are quite wonderful.  Every time I have looked at them I have thought of the words to a Christmas carol that I just love by Christina Rossetti--In the Bleak Mid-Winter.  (I confess that a few times I even hummed the tune as I walked past them.)  Much more appropriate for December in Utah than chrysanthemums and lilies.  And in the end, both the bouquet and the song have been the perfect reflection of our winter.  Hovering just above and below zero degrees between ice and blizzards, the world here has made me often think of the first verse and snow on snow on snow.  This past weekend we had 2 days of storms that left us quite buried, and on Sunday when I looked out my back window I saw a family of deer wandering around the back yard.  I watched them for quite some time and then went on to church, but later in the afternoon they were still there.  So Teri went on a photographing expedition, and oddly they were completely unperturbed by her tenacity, and she was oblivious of the arctic temperatures.  The snow had brought them down from the mountains in search of food and water, and I hope that they found both in their foraging in the back yard and down the frozen creek bed. 

January is always a little sad for me as we undecorated at the shop.  Although to be fair Teri and Lynnette did all of the undecorating this year so I can't be too sad about it.  But even so, it is fun to see new displays come out to replace the Christmas things and to start planning projects for a brand new year.  I am working on my new snowman so it should be ready soon, and Teri has been having fun arranging her Valentine's display as well as a fabulous snow collection.  That is in between moments of shoveling snow and breaking up ice boulders in the gutter in front of the shop.  So if you are worried about coming in, never fear...our sidewalk is just stellar, and we even have quite lovely pathways from the street onto the sidewalk.  No slipping and sliding to get into Shepherd's Bush.  (Well at least not much.)  So if you are ready for a fun new project or just needing to get out of the house, come visit us and spend a cozy afternoon at the shop.


Gray Snowman Kit $30.00 available late January

A Plethora of Hearts and Valentines

I love the sweet colors of Valentine's Day.  We have heart cut outs hanging from the ceiling and hearts to tempt you on the center display.  Teri is working on a darling new Valentine leaflet, more on that next week-  


These are just a few of our favorites,  

Little Sheep Virtues
by Little House
12 leaflets:  $6.00 each

 Here is a new project that we are very excited about.  We have had a lot of calls to find out what we are doing with them, so Teri has been busy plotting and planning.  We are going to stitch them all together on one piece of fabric which we are having specially dyed for us by R & R Reproductions.  The fabrics will be available--in limited quantity-- in a variety of counts.  We will be stitching ours on 32 count.  Also available will be:  36, 28, and 14 count Aida.  Truly something for everyone.  The original patterns are stitched in DMC floss, but Teri has chosen a gorgeous palette of overdyed cotton threads to perfectly complement both the patterns and the fabric.  We are also going to select our own button set to go with the designs.  If you are interested in joining us in this fun new adventure, here is how it will work.  Your first mailing will come with:  a piece of fabric of our choice, pattern #1, a basic group of threads ( we may need to add colors as new designs come), and the beginning of your button set.  Then every month as each new pattern arrives, you will receive the next pattern and any threads or button necessary for that month.  We should be receiving the first pattern within the next few days and we should have all the supplies by next week.  So...don't miss out on this grand venture and give us a call to sign up.  (If you only want to order the patterns and do your own thing, we are happy to send them to you as well.)  As always, whenever you join our clubs, we send a special gift sometime during the year.  Don't miss out, we are going to have a blast!

The price for your first installment will be $80.00.  This includes your linen, overdyed cotton threads,  your 1st pattern,  a button, needles and instructions- mailing is not included.  then each month you will be charged for each sucessive pattern, a button and perhaps an extra thread- about $8.00- $10.00 plus shipping.  Every month for 12 months you will find in your mail, a darling package containing the next piece of the virtue puzzle- how fun is that, I am excited just thinking about it.  

New Wooden Thread Keepers

We have just unpacked a new and wonderful shipment of thread keepers from Images Stitchery.  These hand crafted wooden palettes run between $4.50 and $12.00 and are just perfect for storing your threads for a project.  The picture above shows some of the darling key chain keepers--hearts, sheep, beehives, bunnies, and snowmen-- and the photo below shows 2 different larger keeps, a 3" square measure (on the right), and new sheep magnets for holding your needles (on the left).


Teri and Nancy are driving me crazy because every time I walk out to the front counter, they have completely outfitted a new set of great leather boxes.  This week's colors include snow things in the Caribbean Blue, sheep in the Hollywood Pink, and orange striped scissors in the Pumpkin Spice. As you can see in the photo, we even have a few monsters --2 toned ones that they do just for us.  But...they go fast, so don't delay.  Maybe she will be doing Valentine ones soon. That should be a lot of fun.  

Well,  I am off to send my Lindbergh out for his late night constitutional into the frigid, snowy wasteland where he will arouse the entire neighborhood by barking like crazy, and I will have to chase him around on the ice in my pajamas.  Stay warm, stay well, and start a new project to get you through January.  Hugs, Tina