Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dear Friends,
Can you believe it is almost the end of February? I cannot. After our snowy days last week, we have had a few warm and sunny days this week. I had to laugh because yesterday our temps reached the high fifties and it felt like a veritable heat wave. Christian hauled through his drawers for last year's shorts, and I even pulled out my flip-flops. Bob makes fun of March--my birth month-- for its tempestuous and fickle nature, but I love March in all its phases because it shouts of spring. I know that tomorrow it will snow and my flip-flops will have to be traded for boots, but I can enjoy it while it lasts.
Life here at the Bush is busy. Purple Snowman is finally done!!! Yippee. I think there is a photo below, so be sure to take a look. I love how it turned out. I think the picture Teri took has the 3 snowmen hanging together. Now they are happy. (And so am I.) Teri has totally re-arranged the shop and she is quite thrilled. Of course when I work out in front on Saturday I am not going to be able to find one thing. But that is my usual predicament. I am always in the back during the week, so my Saturdays in front are always interesting for me. This past Saturday, Teri had to leave a half hour early and I assured her I would be fine. Come on--it's only 30 minutes. Well, my first customer had at least 10 pictures scattered around the shop she needed me to find books for. I thought I was doing quite well--in a panicky sort of way--until she kindly patted my arm and said: "Honey, maybe you could find someone in charge to help you." I just smiled and thought to myself--good idea! Anyway, look on the photos below for Teri's new Easter display and St. Patrick's Day table.
Something fun that Jill has just finished for us is the Easter Egg frame. Our 4 little hand-dyed Easter egg kits are some of my favorite. They are sweet and quick to finish, and every year I stitch a couple to give as gifts. They are just some of my favorites. The year we designed them, we dyed fabric with the egg dyes which we had made up. While my boys dyed eggs, Teri and I dyed fabrics. They were so darling that we sent samples off to Pat and Ann and begged them to dye fabric to match them. So this year we had a great idea to have Jill frame the 4 eggs together like they are sitting in the grass waiting for chubby fingers to snatch them up. I think you will agree that she did an awesome job. Anyway, you will see many fabulous spring things to get excited about. Something else brand new is the bunny from Not Forgotten Farm. We are just getting it stitched, so watch for it to come. It is quite wonderful
We have received so many new things in the past week, it has been very fun. Prairie Moon has some darling vintage American boxes. Each box is darling--just hard to decide which one you want most. It comes with a pattern for a sweet flag pin cushion which fits just inside the box. I love stuff like that, so I have to decide which one I want before they are gone. We have also unpacked new scissors from Kelmscott. They have a line of tiny scissors--with big finger holes--called Little Gems that come in fun colours like pink, purple, etc. Just the perfect thing to tuck into a little project bag. We have also gotten back in the For the Cure scissors and black heart love scissors. Good luck choosing.
I know I could go on and on. Kari needs the computer for shipping, and I have got to track down my 15-year old and see what is on his schedule for the night. Have a safe and lovely almost-spring week, and I'll write again next week.
fondly, Tina

Purple snowman is finished and it is so great!! It is stitched on a fabulous 30 count hand-dyed purple fabric with sweet colors of silk threads. The kit comes complete with a button pack.

If you are ready for spring, just take a look at the amazing frame, our friend Jill has made for our colored egg series. There sweet egg kits run $14.00 each and they are very quick and fun to stitch. each colored egg is a separate kit, but they look so wonderful together, don't you think?

Purple Snowman, Red snowman, and Green Snowman, hang together on a winter wall. Don't they make a great set?

This is the start of our spring display. It is so refreshing to see pastel colors. Spring may a bit late this year as we are still expecting snow! But it will come!!!!

These are some super scissors that we just unpacked. The tiny ones run $9.00 and come in a variety of colors we have pink gold, purple, black, silver, red and green are still coming. We have also received more of the Breast Cancer Scissors and the darling black heart scissors; I always need new scissors. The tiny ones are perfect to slip into a stitching pocket or embroidered case.

This is something crazy fun. They are pincushion sets. You get the pattern (center) and one box for $18.00. Then you stitch the pincushion and pop it into the box for a surprise. The boxes are so darling!!!!! I am not sure which one I want; they are all so great!

Oh yes, of course Prairie Moon did Halloween boxes!!!! And they are just as great!. The pattern for the pincushion is a bat with boo! Great fun!