Sunday, February 5, 2023

Wow! 2023

In the bleak midwinter, 2023

Dear Friends,
Remember me?  I know it has been a while, but it has also been quite a year!  If I were a resolution girl, I would make it a goal to write more often.  But I am definitely not.  And...I still am going to be better this year.  I find it hard to believe that we are a month into 2023--nearly 3 years after our world turned upside down.  I want to think that we are back to normal, but I know that isn't true.  We may never be back to that state again, but maybe we are finding a new and healthy equilibrium.  I hope, at least.  For me, last year was my time and space to soothe my heart and soul.  After 2 long years of worry and angst, I think I just needed a season of healing and looking ahead. I felt a bit battered and weary, and needed a moment to convince myself that everything was going to be ok, and the world was going to persevere just like we were.  Honestly, I did a lot of stitching and a lot of reading, and that was so restoring for me.
The shop was busy and fun as we frantically prepared for the Retreat that had been postponed for 2 years.  You would think that with all that extra time, we would have been ready, and in some ways we were.  But it is always a total sprint to the finish line.  I am such a solitary person--who became even more solitary during the past couple of years--that I panicked more than a bit at the thoughts of being out there again with lots of people...and people...and people.  Teri had to do quite a lot of cheering me on with her:  "It's going to be so much fun, I can't wait!"  (I know you can just hear her)  But in the end, it was such a wonderful time:  so many kind and lovely people, the best teachers with their beautiful, heart-felt samplers. and the joy of being together and sharing art, and stories, and life.  Honestly, it was a heart nourishing week for me, and I have to thank all of you out there as well as those in my immediate world for that. 
So, I am excited to see what this year brings for all of us.  I just know it is going to be great.
It certainly started off well as Teri and I did our Jane Austen January.  We both have a lot of stitching to do, so we decided to return to all of our favorite Austen movies.  Ok, that was good for the soul for sure, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  
And, of course, the shop has so many amazing new things, that it is hard not to be excited and want to share all of them. goes.     

Winter Bag 
by Shepherd's Bush 
pattern: $8.00
Bag kit: $ 42.70
Blueberry plaid bag: $15.00

Teri loves stitching these bags.  You can purchase just the pattern, or we have a kit that includes the pattern, the perl cottons and the etoile thread, the buttons,  a needle, and the snowflake zipper pull. The perfect thing to do while the snow flies outside the window.  

Winter Bag smalls 
kit: $13.55        
pincushion and fob supplies only, pattern not included


The Fold Scissor Fob 
by Lady Dot

 Lois, from Lady Dot, has created this adorable scissor fob just for us.  
The scissors and scissor case are sold separately 


New joys for Happy Heart Month

Here are a few great new patterns we have stitched for Valentine's Day

by Cross Eyed Cricket
chart: $8.00

We have stitched this on a soft pink linen, tweaked the colors and added a few buttons. I love how Jill and Amber framed this gorgeous piece.  


2023 Collector Heart 
by Heart in Hand
Kit $32.00

Cecila's new yearly heart is so adorable.  The kit comes with the 32 count linen, a lovely skein of Cottage Garden thread, and a wonderful button.  The perfect gift for red girls.  


Love and Joy Come to You 
by Heartstrings Samplery
chart: $10.00

                              Beth brought this to the retreat, and Teri loved it--such a sweet stitch.  


Cardinal Kin 

by Plumstreet Samplers
chart $10.00

Paulette brought this fabulous piece to our retreat, and we just had to have it stitched.  We have not sent it  off to Jill yet, sinceTeri won't let it  go.  


Valentine Villa 
by Threadmilk Designs
chart: $15.00

This is so charming!  The chart comes with a small notebook and a tiny pencil so you can leave love notes.  The instructions are in the chart to make a pocket on the back of one of the pillows. So fun. 
Thanks, Lori for such a darling series.


Easter Thread minders 

Lori and Chris have made 2 adorable sets of minders.   Whichever one you choose, you will fall in love.  


Popsicle scissors 

Crazy new scissors.
We have had a similar--beloved--scissor we called jelly scissors, but they have almost disappeared over COVID. These are back again but with a cool strap.  They are very sharp and plastic, so they are light weight.  


Spring sundries 
from My Big Toe

Needle Minders $8.00
Thread Keeps $13.00

Spring Scissor Fobs:  $13

Valentine/ Heart Fobs: $13

Spring Fobs


Stitching notebooks 

These sweet notebooks are great for making or leaving a note. 
Sisters would like them, too.


Bags by Ginger
Large $45.00  (10" x 14")
Small accessory bag $20  (7" x 7")
plus a few little rectangles.

Our friend, Ginger, is making these bags for us.  They are so fantastic!  I promise that you will love them. We hand pick our favorite cotton fabrics and she magically turns them into these lovely, padded project bags with a coordinating lining fabric on the inside.  I received a darling retro holly print bag for Christmas, but I am going to be using it all year.  Oh....I could just buy another one, and save my holly for the holidays.  Which print shall I choose:  William Morris, Teresa Kogut, Blackbird, French General, or Lori Holt?


Atomic Ranch fabric of the month

We are embarking on a year of a different fabrics every month from the Atomic Ranch Company.
This is January's offering.  Frieze is the fabric for January, it is a very mottled grayish tan color (not blue) and would be perfect for a reproduction sampler or a spooky Halloween piece.  We have ordered these linens in 40, 36, 32 count and Aida in 14 and 16 count. All are Zweigert base fabrics.   If you would like to be part of this, we could send you the count of your choice, in 1/8 (13" x 18"), or 1/4 yard (18" x 26").  Just let us know.  
Sorry...Frieze is sold out of 40 count.

Speaking of linens, we have received so many other beautiful hand dyed linens from a variety of companies:  Picture this Plus, Seraphim, Fibers on a whim, Fox and Rabbit, R & R, Weeks, Lakeside Linens.  If you are looking for a lovely fabric, stop by or give us a call.

As you can see by Teri's photos above, December and January have been very COLD and snowy here in Utah.  We have had lots of lovely blizzards and lots of not so lovely shoveling opportunities.  (Where are those boys?)  But we are happy for the water here in the West, so hopefully there will be more coming.  I think we are having 6 more weeks of winter.  I mentioned that I had done lots of reading this past year,  so here are a couple of books that I loved!  Just in case you need a suggestion.  The Maid by Nita Prose and Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus.  These are both great reads that you won't want to put down.  Plus...if you listen to them, you can stitch and read at the same time.  So be well and safe out there in your corner of the world. Stitch, and read, and cook something for the soul. Teri's coming up with a recipe for the next blog, so get ready.
hugs...Tina...and Teri