Friday, June 29, 2012

June 2012

Happy Summer!
end of June, 2012

Dear Friends,
Well there is no doubt about it, Summer has arrived with a vengeance.  Last year, I don't think we ever reached 100 degrees, and this year we have already had 2 weeks of it--and it is still only June.  Oh, joy! Whenever I make the tiniest comment about the probability of a long sum mer, Bob reminds me that it is all due to my global warming.  Like it is something I personally arranged and am now solely responsible for.  Geez...I haven't even ever used a can of ozone obliterating hair spray.  But even so, how can you not love the long, hot lazy days of this beautiful season.  Oddly, it is my favorite time of year to stitch.  I seem to have little interest in television, and simply long to sit outside stitching until dusk and mosquitoes nudge me inside.  I think that my soul is just storing up the heat for the winter to come.  
Finally, we at the Bush, have our Summer Offerings almost ready to go.  Zweigart has been dyeing the most beautiful linen for us, but it has taken almost a month longer than expected, so we have unfortunately been waiting not so patiently for its arrival.  Hopefully it will come any day, and we will be ready to ship our new designs to you.  We have had fun getting them ready and I hope that you will enjoy them as well and get geared up for a happy summer of stitching.  


Birdsong Sampler
kit:  $50.00
(watch for a new photo)

This joyous piece is the quintessential Shepherd's Bush sampler.  It is worked on a new hand-dyed 32 count Belfast linen and is a beautifully weathered and soft fabric.  When I was working on it I kept thinking that I wanted sheets made out of it as it was just lovely.  It has a sweet, sort of primitive vine border, and three little hills covered with sheep--of course--a house, a woman, and a basket of blooms.  The kit is complete with the instruction graph and booklet as well as a pallet of beautiful silk floss in gentle summer hues.  Finally it comes with a packet of tiny buttons which were hand-dyed just for this piece.  I had a wonderful time stitching it, and I hope that you will too.

A Flock of Pins Cushion  
kit:  $20.00

This little rectangular pin cushion is designed to match the Birdsong Sampler.  It encompasses a field of sheep, crows, blooms and strawberries, and evokes the splendor of the season.  The little kit comes complete with 32 count Belfast linen--matching the linen used in the bigger sampler--overdyed floss and silks, embellishments, ribbon and beads for the edge.  It was lovely and quick to stitch.  Enjoy!

Tall Sheep  
booklet:  $6.00

I just love this new design of Teri's!  It is exuberant and happy and just makes me smile.  As you can see, the photograph shows the piece done 2 ways.  The framed piece--thank you Jill--is worked on 20 count hand dyed linen with an assortment of gentle colors of over dyed cotton floss.  It is then embellished with a darling group of JABCO buttons.  Then she worked the same design as a pin cushion on 30 count hand-dyed linen and embellished it with a set of specially dyed pins that spell out SHEEP.  Whichever project you choose--or maybe both--you will be thrilled with the finished project.  Remember, we have all the supplies for either of these projects--or both. 

Taste Summer
kit:  $16.00

This is the newest offering in our little box kits.  It is worked on 32 count Belfast linen with a sweet array of over dyed threads.  Quick and easy, it is the perfect summer project.  We show ours in a darling little round box, but it would also be fun framed or as a pin cushion.  

Uncle Sam Bag
kit:  $12.00

Teri's great Uncle Sam Bag is a perfect addition for summer celebrations.  The kit is complete with instructions, button, over dyed and cotton floss, photo and a ribbon.  Since you stitch the design right on the bag it comes in, it is finished as soon as you are.  Easy?  These bags are always a lot of fun and work up quickly, so there is still time to enjoy it for a patriotic summer.  

Well, I hope that these designs have tempted you a little.  Now, we are busy working on Halloween and Christmas designs for the fall.  Check out your own local shop or give us a call, and your summer stitching can be complete.  
Until next safe and cool.
fondly, Tina

PS:  Word has it that the new Lizzie Kate Mystery is on its way to us, so if you have pre-ordered it we will send it on to you next week.  Wow!  Exciting!  If you still want to get in on the fun, just give us a call.  Nancy is waiting to get it started, so we will post her progress and then you can see how it is shaping up. What fun.  T

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Early June, 2012
Happy Summer!

Dear friends,
Having just celebrated Memorial Day, Teri and I spent a few hours at our old city cemetery.  As children, we spent many, many hours there while our mom lovingly tended the graves of her father and grandparents.  I remember how much I loved playing there collecting pine cones from the huge old evergreen trees and reading the various headstones spotting for especially old ones.   After my mom died and then my brother, I had a hard time going back to that quiet place for a few years, but now Teri seems to have taken on as the caretaker for the departed.  This year her car was a veritable caravan stuffed full of flowers, vases, wire contraptions and flags to place on the graves--roses from my mom's garden for hers, flags for the WWI and WWII soldiers (grandfather and dad), plus a carefully tended poinsettia for our dad who loved red, and of course mums all around.  She has  developed quite an art for creating many wire hooks for the securing of all plants, and she has quite a little system for getting everything tidy and trimmed and secure.  Then away we fly to visit Ruthie's grave just outside the gates to the pet cemetery.  She makes me laugh--even at the graveyard.  Now she has discovered great, great grandparents buried in another part of the cemetery and this has opened up a whole new arena for her.  She might have to rent a truck next year.  Who knows--maybe she will hire out.  

As summer arrives, things are busy here at the shop.  We are starting to see lots of travelers stopping by on their way here and there on vacations.  It is always so much fun to visit with everyone that it becomes truly a favorite time of year here at work.  We have lots of new things in the shop a few of which Teri has photographed below.  So scroll down and enjoy.  Who knows maybe something will catch your eye.  

Sunny Days
leaflet by Prairie Schooler--$9.00

This darling leaflet is simply brimming with sweet small pictures for a happy summer.  Our favorite thing to do is to stitch some of them on Klostern--7 count--fabric and make them into fabulous little pillows for the season.  I just love how these turned out and combined with the wonderful backing fabrics I think they make a darling set.  

Glory House
kit by Chessie 'n Me

This new kit from Chessie 'n Me is the perfect early summer project.  It comes with 35 count linen and cotton threads and turns out tiny and sweet.  Honestly, we have a hard time keeping it in stock.  It is so cheerful and patriotic and the colors are just fabulous.  If you need something quick and fun--this is the thing.

Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler Club

When we were kids, our mom used to take us  to the huge old library in downtown Ogden, and downstairs to the children's section.  I loved wandering through the shelves, inhaling the dry, dusty smell, and selecting a group of books to delve into.  Each summer she would sign us up for their summer reading club, and Teri always took the instructions to heart.... read as many books as you can during the summer.  She would stack up piles and piles of books--only a few appropriate to her age-- and she would never want to put one back.  She finally had to get special permission from the head librarian to check out her massive stacks of books.  (How embarrassing!)  We just love a summer club, and a stitching one is even better.  

Here is what Linda from Lizzie Kate has to say about her Mystery Sampler Club

“In case you need a refresher, here are the basic Mystery Sampler facts. There will be 3 portions of the design (one each month) this summer, that all fit together into one big MYSTERY sampler. The theme is Halloween, so there are Halloween motifs, along with classic autumn motifs. Each portion includes embellishments AND A BONUS DESIGN! These bonus designs are nice little projects on their own, or they can be combined into a bigger project. MORE MYSTERY! We also worked with the creative gurus at Weeks Dye Works to create a new floss color for this project. The thread name is quirky and “timeless”….that’s a hint!  I just sent the cover design for Part I to the printer this week and it’s really spooky and antique-y and different from anything we’ve done before. Since it’s a MYSTERY Sampler Club, there is only a sneak peek photo on the front, not the entire stitchery. “

There is still time to join our Halloween Mystery club, just give u a call, you can order the 3 patterns only, the patterns and the fabric 30 or 35 count, or the whole shebang--patterns, fabric and threads. Below is a sneak peak..... super fun!!!

leaflet by Homespun Elegance--$7.50

Isn't this pillow just adorable?  The fat and happy sheep is the epitome of summer standing under the tree and next to a busy hive.  We just love it.

Wool Pinkeeps
leaflet by Pineberry Lane--$10.00

This sweet leaflet includes 2 darling pin cushions--or tiny pillows like we have made.  Her designs are both primitive and gentle, and of course they both have little sheep on them.  What else do you need?

 Peace Kid's Kit
by Shepherd's Bush
$15.00 (just kit)
$25.00  (with felt tote)

Kari has just finished marking and assembling this new children's kit to help keep little fingers busy this summer.  This will be the first in a series of word samplers which should be a lot of fun.  This one is pre-marked on 6 count Herta cloth making it fun for beginners and more proficient alike.  The sunny colors of perle cotton are both cheerful and endearing.  For a very limited time these will come packed in the tiny wool felted bags shown above--darling and the perfect little tote to carry the project.  Once they are gone, the kit will still be available, but you will have to find your own carrier.  

Be Strong and of Good Courage

This is a lovely new leaflet that we have just had stitched and framed with a passage from Joshua.  Its simple message of strength and courage is surrounded with a sweet vine, bees and a beehive, and is a darling finished project.

Dance of the Butterflies
leaflet by Ship's Manor--$8.00

Our friend, Eric, of Ship's Manor has let us borrow their new piece for a bit in the shop.  Isn't it sweet?  I think he designed it to go with a piece he did last year of bees and everyone has loved it.  I am hoping that he will make this a series with a wonderful new garden creature each summer.   

Well, here's just a taste of all the fun new things coming out and popping up in the shop.  Next week I hope to be able to show our new things for summer.  Finger's crossed!  I am off to face my weekend and Teri is off to embark on a week of girl's camp.  Oh, horror...  I hope your summer brings you all the joys of the seasons.  May it bring sweet popsicles, crackling fireworks, bare toes, slow walks with eager dogs, and most of all-- long,  cool evenings of stitching. 
 Stay safe and well.  fondly, Tina