Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Happy Christmas

  • First of December, 2020

  • Dear Friends,

  • Well...I did it!  And I know that you did it too.  We made it through Thanksgiving in this brave, new, somewhat dystopian world in which we have found ourselves.  And how was it?  For me, it was different and quiet and a little blue, but in the end it was ok.  I have to say that the holiday has been lurking on the edge of my psyche for some time now.  Sheltered in that far corner where I could never quite let my mind wander, because I didn't really want to confront it.  So November made me a bit teary at odd and random times--for losses, for separations, for fears.  I have spent other Thanksgivings apart from our boys, but somehow this one was different. That vast space of a country just loomed so large and so unreachable... I told myself that was silly, it was just fine, everything was ok.  But I don't think my heart ever believed it.  Then I read the words of 
  • Sam Sifton on a NYT cooking blog that this was our sacrifice for this year--celebrating with empty tables so that they would be full for years to come.  It really made me think and put things into perspective.  It empowered me to buck up and get on with it.  This was such a little thing done for the good of my family, my community and my world.  
  • Here is what I learned from Thanksgiving during Covid:  that the huge and elaborate dinner is much easier with more people to share the preparation,  that FaceTime and continual texting with family and friends is a pretty good celebration by itself, that three people, a large turkey and all the rest of the dishes can be quite festive with a few candles at sunset--because it took us that long to get it ready. One boy fixed the very same meal that we prepared and called for recipes.  One boy did something totally different and called for no assistance, but both meals looked gorgeous and perfect.  and I was proud of all of us. 
  • So here is my November takeaway--9 months into this plague:  We've got this! We are on the homeward stretch, and we can stay strong and brave.  We can do hard things because it is right, and it will save lives, and it won't last forever--I hope. And for sure we have learned to take nothing for granted. We have learned to clean more, to love more, and to share more.  And maybe all of us have grown up just a little. 
  •  Now, on to Christmas.  I think I can...probably...possibly...maybe...Oh, I'm just not thinking about that right now.
  • If nothing else, this has been a year with plenty of time for stitching.  I know that a lot of you have finished many projects, and it has been fun to share them with you. As new things have come into the shop, it has been exciting to to gather them for you.  I hope that you have been inspired and busy during this time.  For me it has helped a lot of stress relief.  I think that stitching is funny that way.  It can totally captivate your mind and fingers, and the distress of news and pandemics and elections just melt away for a few moments.  So let's just keep on stitching.   
Martha's Stocking
by Shepherd's Bush
leaflet: $10
embellishment pack: $20
whole kit available 

Can you believe it?  This year's stocking is finally, almost, possibly. hopefully, imminently ready.  Yay!  Swell, she is at the printer and hopefully will not be lingering there for long.  It is amazing how long every  part of this processes taken during this pandemic year.  She is sweet and festive and well worth the wait-- all dressed up for the Christmas season.  She was a joy to design and stitch, and I hope
you love her as much as I do.  She will be ready to send as soon as we have her in our front hall.

To All a Good Night Pincushion 
by Shepherd's Bush
kit:  $30

This fun Christmas cushion is bright and happy reminding us of the joy of the season.  The kit comes complete with 32 count natural linen, overdyed threads, buttons and beads, backing and trim.  It will be ready to send next week.

Christmas Pandemic Mini Pop Up  
limited edition

Here is a fun surprise for the holidays.  If you did our Halloween Pop Up, you kind of know what it is all about.  This one is a smaller version with equally fun treasures inside to make you jolly and nice.  (Oh, I'm going to need one for sure.) It will have a new ornament kit by Shepherd's Bush and other sparkly treats.  You could always pop it into your own stocking on 
Christmas Eve--Santa won't mind.  

Early Christmas Morning 
by Blackbird Designs
book:  $12

This is so beautiful, I can't wait to see how Jill frames it.  
We have the 36 count linen, and we also have it in 32 count
This might be my holiday stitching project, if I can get my hands on one.

Merry Winter chart $19.50
by Marjorie Massey

 This was a new designer we found at market.  It is just adorable

Christmas Cards 
chart $ 12.00
by the Drawn Thread
36 count country mocha linen $4.25

There are 4 great house patterns on this chart.  We had 2 of these stitched but Teri can't seem to find the other one... maybe next year.  

Into the Woods 
 by Barbara Ana
chart:  $

Who wouldn't love this Santa on his trusty reindeer.  This is a favorite one of mine.  

These sweet new ornament charts by Teresa Kogut will be a quick stitch and perfect to tie onto a special gift or treat.  I think we will be tying them onto our ornament tree soon.  They were just released and will be arriving  at the shop soon  

December 25 Star Ornament 
by Teresa Kogut
chart $10


Jesus is the Reason Ornament 
by Teresa Kogut
                                                                              chart $10


Santa Star Ornament 
by Teresa Kogut 
chart $10


Needlework Press:  Book of Days

 The 2021 Book of Days is out.  It is so fun--a small square for each day to record your starts and finishes of stitching.  Our friend Leslie, put us on to these and she keeps them religiously.  

Teri usually hangs our collection of Christmas cards across the front window, but this year that is a bit challenging, since our front windows are filled with new patterns, and people are coming to window shop.  So I was a bit surprised when I came out from the back to go home and found the Christmas card garland swagging across the inside door...  Teri loves to get Christmas cards and hangs up every one. 
Do I see a Thanksgiving card???

Teri has been gathering and harvesting greens to fill our front pots and make swags for the windowsills.
She will add another picture when she gets it all put together.  Charland showed us how to decorate our front step pots with greens.  They do this up in Canada, and when she came to visit one year at Christmas, she was kind enough to share her ideas, We have filled our pots ever since.  I started out to help Teri with the outdoor decorations, but then I forgot to actually do it.  Poor Teri...

Be strong, be safe, and be well out there in the world. I will write again before Christmas.
hugs, Tina and Teri