Monday, June 15, 2015

June... seriously???

Early Summer, 2015

Inch by inch, row by row,
I'm gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground...

Dear Friends,
This little song which my boys and I sang when they were little has been playing over and over through my mind this past month as we have been watching the miracle of our garden.  It is the first thing we check on each morning and the last thing we visit before we go home, and usually we find a dire need to run down on Sunday afternoon to make sure it is still there.  I really don't know why it is so compelling.  Perhaps it is such a little pocket oasis suddenly growing in the center of a downtown city.  As you can see, the beans are prolific and quickly climbing up the teepees.  Of course the zucchini is expanding exponentially but I don't even care.  We have a few blossoms on the peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers--which have finally perked up with the hot, dry weather.  And Teri's herbs are doing great.  She uses them almost every night--well, when she isn't going out for dinner.  Who knows, she might start offering them to the nearby restaurants she frequents.  
You might not think it, but we are nurturing the shop as well.  Our new offerings for June are such fun, and if you missed them last month, just take a look at the previous blog post to see them all.  Teri  and Reeta have been busy out in the shop rearranging things and bringing out the first peeks of Halloween.  Yay!  Isn't it just the best.  I have been working on the last piece of the Fold and I am very excited.  It is really odd and different, and I think everyone is going to love it.  So...if you aren't caught up--get moving.  Here are a few of the fun new things that are going on in the shop.

New colors from Classic Colourworks
2 skeins- 4.40 (2.20 each)
Free pattern

The new colors are called Rose Petal and Strawberry Parfait, and the very lovely thing is that you get this adorable free pattern when you purchase the threads.  What a fun thing to get right into the Summer spirit. 

New Overdyed Linens 
from Dames of the Needle

This is new fabric from Dames of the Needle.  We were delighted with the names of the fabrics- Peeps Lost Sheep (top), and Dirty Ewe (bottom).  Both are 32 count and we are loving the feel of stitching with them.   

Blessed is the Life 
by Little House Needlework
Pattern $ 8.00

We have already sent this sweet sampler off to have it stitched.  Teri and Reeta have been looking through all our hand dyed linens, and have chosen the perfect color.  We are using all Classic Colour  threads and it will be so fabulous.  It has such an endearing sentiment.  

A Little Mystery Sampler 
by Lizzie Kate 

Complete Kit- Shepherd's Bush version $91.00 (with enough fabric for all bonus patterns)
Mostly complete Kit- Shepherd's Bush version $73.50- (no fabric for bonus patterns just the sampler)
Original version- Complete kit $77.00 (with enough fabric for all bonus patterns)
Shipping for all 3 parts (mail orders only) $9.00

 Linda, from Lizzie Kate, has announced a new smaller mystery sampler.  It will come in three parts and is a smaller format than her other mysteries, since they have been moving and building a new house.  What a lot to do in one year. 

Teri has been having fun all this past week trying to choose just the right threads and linens for this sweet piece.  She has changed all of the colors to overdyed cottons and they look simply beautiful.  We have chosen a beautiful overdyed fabric that comes in 32 and 36 count, so you could do either one.  Of course we also carry the fabric she calls for: 32 count sandstone if you prefer just a more basic look.  We have many options and will help to customize this kit just for you.  We have also worked out a cutting diagram for the sampler and all the bonus accessories which will be included in your kit.  Give us a call soon to sign up, and we will send you the first part as soon as we get it from Lizzie Kate--mid July.  It looks sweet and will make for a great summer project.  You will also recieve  3 bonus patterns in the mystery sampler.  Exciting!

 Things Unseen  
by Lizzie Kate
Patterns $27.00
Patterns and buttons $44.00

Complete kits available in 32, 28 linen and16 count aida


Speaking of Mysteries....We just picked this up from Jill, our fabulous framer, and it is so wonderful that I just had to share it with you.  It was originally a mystery sampler in 3 parts,  but now you can just get the whole kit at once--the patterns, buttons, fabric and of course the threads.

Bluebird out My Window 
by Brenda Gervais
Pattern $ 10.00


These darling new patterns from With Thy Needle are just great.  We have the fabric cut and ready for each of them.  

          Grand Old Flag
        by Brenda Gervais
     Pattern: $10.00


New Halloween wall

Teri thought it was time for just a small wall of Halloween....  so here are the Prairie Schooler patterns all in a row, along with some of our favorites--but then how to choose.  They are all great.

Top left: All Hallows Eve, Center: Trick or Treat, Top Right: Nevermore--all by Prairie Schooler
Middle Left:  Ghost Inn kit by Chessie and Me, center:  A Wicked Plant by Barbara Ana, 
Right middle: Halloween Trifles by Shepherd's Bush,   Bottom left:  Hallow Day Inn by With Thy Needle,  bottom right: Halloween Jumble by Drawn Thread.  Pillows: far left: Double Double by Prairie Schooler, left middle: Hats off to Halloween by Lizzie Kate, Crow by Prairie Schooler,  
3 pillows: October Comes by Shepherd's Bush.  

 PS--Sleds are finally!!! back in stock, and there is a darling new pattern- Elf Folk

Well, just a few fun new things to get you stitching this summer.  Spread out a tablecloth in your back yard and enjoy the warm summer afternoons and evenings stitching something great and watching your own little gardens grow.  

Inch by inch, row by row,
Someone bless these seeds I sow.
Someone warm them from below
'Til the rain comes tumbling down....

hugs...T & T