Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy January

January, 2015

In the bleak midwinter..... 

Dear Friends
Ah, yes....nothing quite becomes the bleak midwinter like Utah in January.  I know the mountain havens are splendid in their frosty blankets of white, hosting happy skiers and sledders reveling in snow showers and sunshine.  But down here in the valleys, we seem to just slog through bleak, grey days hoping for snow--and hoping for it not.  January is simply not our best month out here.  Definitely the season of my discontent.  Teri--in her eternal state of optimism and joy-- has embraced the moment of our complaints and has spent these last 2 bleak weeks since the new year began outside in our lovely arctic temperatures dyeing fabric and ribbons for market.  We all cheer her on from the windows and door and encourage her to take some pictures, while she--dressed for the North Pole--hangs her laundry on the lines.  That girl is tough.  The ribbons are my favorite:  beautiful silken strands gently drifting in the breeze until they flash-freeze into popsicles.  Seriously, I think that the winter ribbons have the most beautiful color variations of all, and the backyard at the shop takes on the appearance of a sort of medieval ribbon vender.  Sue and I have named our favorites--faded hydrangea, mermaid's tears, and dried rose petals--but that's after they are warm and dry (as are we when we are naming them.)  Sometimes I am tempted to purchase some from her at the back door...but it's too cold.
Here we are charging into 2015 with nary a pause, and I am still wanting to be sitting at home with my family eating Christmas leftovers and playing games.  But of course the leftovers are long gone as are the boys, and the beautiful Christmas tree is now in the backyard catching odd ribbons which have drifted off the lines. How quickly the minutes, days, and weeks slip past. 
 So all I can say is:  get stitching! 
We have lots going on at the shop, so keep your eye on the blog and the website and we will try to keep you up to date.  Certainly a lot of fun things coming up that you won't want to miss. 

2015 Engraved Scissors $46.00
2015 Scissor Fob $14.00

This year's new Gingher scissors are ready and I think that they are very fun.  Definitely quite different from the past and everyone seems to love them.  The handles are black with little polka dots in creme, green and gold.  I think that the little fob turned out darling even though I didn't get the back done in time for the photograph.  Part of the surprise, I guess.  I think they make a wonderful little set.  But I know that they are very limited this year from the manufacturer, so don't wait too long to snatch yours up.  Happy snipping!

Packing the fold!!!!  

The 4th part of the Fold is ready to go.  Yay!  We have spent all week putting kits together and we will start shipping on Tuesday.  I think that Lynnette and Sue had had it with me and they just started assembling everything.  It's been fun and I hope that you are all going to love it. If you have ordered things to be sent with this kit, I think we have it ready to go.  So watch your mail next week and get ready to stitch.  The kit price will be $24.00.  

Fold Flower Needle Threader $ 10.00
from Just Another Button Company

Cecile at JABCO created this wonderful threader to go with the fold.  I think it is just darling and obviously will fit perfectly with your sewing kit. 

Other Sheep Threaders 

photo coming soon

We have also had these adorable sheep threaders made to also go with the fold.  They are a little smaller than the flower, and very, very sweet.  How to choose.  If you want us to add any of these, just give us a call....before Tuesday.

Needle Boxes 
by Puffin and Company

This is a great size for your needles.  

Small boxes $ 32.00

 These boxes will be perfect for organizing your small implements.  not quite bug enough for scissors, they are perfect for threaders, pins, and a needle nanny.  

Larger boxes $ 45.00

These boxes are perfect for scissors and all sorts of great needlework tools.

Diane, at Puffin, has been so excited about her new needle and tool boxes.  We have loved watching her in the design process of this and are super excited with the finished little treasures.  They are a lot of fun and will be a fabulous little place to keep your needles and pins.

She also showed new sheep needle threaders at the Phoenix market.  We have been just waiting for her to release these adorable threaders.  they come in regular and micro threaders, your choice.  If you do not specify which size, we will send the regular size.  It fits into a 22, 24 or 26 tapestry needle.  The micro threader fits into beading needles, quilting needles and a 28 tapestry needle.   They work like a tiny crochet hook and pull your thread right through the eye.  slick! 

Thread keeps  
Large  $ 8.50
Small (fobs)  $ 4.50

Our friends at Retromantic came up with these fabulous winter thread keeps and fobs.  Snowmen, snowflakes and mittens...  all so wintery

Here are a few of their regular ones. We really love our very own leaping sheep.

Wooden Magnets 

More fun things from Retromantic

Season of Love 
by Little House Needleworks
Pattern $6.00

We have had this stitched for January and Valentine's day.  Isn't it so adorable on the pink fabric???

North Pole Express 
by Little House Needleworks
Pattern and thread pack $11.00
Fabric $

This fun pattern came out right before Christmas, and we love it.  The pattern is free, when you buy the thread set.  Teri chose to stitch this on a dark polka dotted fabric.  It is so darling.  Exactly like a beautiful snowy day.  The perfect winter project to have ready for next Christmas--which will be here in a blink!   Thanks Marianne for your quick stitching and letting use your photo..

Well, it has been fun writing to you.  It is now the bewitching hour and I am headed to bed.  We have lots of things in  the offing and I will be sure to write often and keep you apprised.  Be watching for the Fold to be coming your way.  And just a little hint---if you haven't finished your Christmas Trifles, get busy.  Something new is coming soon.  Have a warm and cozy January filled with hot chocolate and a new project.  fondly, Tina...and Teri
ps:  next time I am posting a fun recipe.  
(really???  a recipe? that will be interesting -Teri)