Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day

February, 2012

Dear Friends
Happy 2021.  I know it is a month in, but what can I say.  January was just one of those months for me.  I know that I can't keep saying that about every month, but it sort of seems like that.  I can chalk it up to Covid for sure, but then what will I say when the pandemic is over.  (O, how great those words sound.)  On a good note, I think 2021 is going to be a year of light and renewal.  I don't know about you, but I hit the end of 2020 feeling weary and a bit battered.  The Virus had taken its toll on me emotionally, my boys couldn't come home for Christmas, and everything seemed exhausting from weather to politics to undecorating.  What funny creatures we are.  Maybe it is the coming vaccine that is encouraging--or Spring on the horizon, or just the pussy willows beginning to bud outside my window.  I feel hopeful and blessed and ready to embrace this brave, new year.  2020 was hard, but we made it through and realized that we could do hard things with humility, and grace, and courage.  I am proud of us!
Everyone at work--except really me--has been working hard to get the shop cleaned up and straight and organized.  We were asked to do a virtual tour for our Rocky Mountain Region EGA, so Teri headed up a cleaning crusade to get ready.  It looks really good, and the tour was a lot of fun--in a weird sort of way. But like everything else, it has been a year of doing odd and strange things, totally out of our comfort 
zones, and then finding out that it was surprisingly enjoyable.  For me, I am totally inspired by the tidiness of the front of the shop, and I am going to buckle down and clean up my space in the back.  O, probably not...but I can certainly think positively about doing just that. We have a few fun new things to greet 2021, so read on and see what is coming up at the Bush as we wander through February.  
New Year's Notes 
by Shepherd's Bush
chart: 8.00
complete kit: $40.50
Frame: $32.00

This is a sweet sampler to start out the new year.  We have stitched it on 32 count white opalescent linen, and we have the wonderful green frames to match.  Come on, every year needs a little sparkle.

2021 Fob and engraved scissors 
2021 Fob kit: $16.00
Gingher engraved scissors: $ 50.00

Yes, it is finally here and ready for you to stitch and enjoy. The scissors are engraved with our name and the year.  Buy them separately or both together, they make a great set.  Lois from Lady Dot has matched the scissors perfectly with her baby ric rac, and the bead mix makes the fob sparkle.  These fobs are only available for this year, and we have a limited supply of the scissors.  

Heart Pop up

Sold out 

Heart Pop Up!! I know it won't make it for Valentine's Day, but we the think entire month of February is heart month.  We have collected a fun group of things to go inside your box and we know you will love them all. Teri has been so excited for this box, she can hardly wait.  There will be a new stitching kit, of course, and a few surprises.......  If you would like to receive this pop up, give us a call, or email.  If you would like to be on an auto for any future pop ups, tell us that too.  Then you will automatically receive the next one - when we do another one--no need to call. 

Since you can't come into see our fun displays, I thought I'd post some here 

Valentine display 

 Tina's pincushion kits

I think Tin's pincushions look so sweet all together for February,  the perfect Heart display
Top left- Sophie's Pincushion  kit: $20
Middle left- Happy Life Pincushion kit: $30, 
Middle right-Heart Play Pincushion kit: $20,
Bottom- Our Hearts Pincushion kit:  $20

2021 Heart by Heart in Hand 
pattern and fabric $29.00

We fell in love with Cecilia's latest heart.  It comes with fabric, beads and a gold heart charm ( no threads)  It is perfect for our time right now.    

St, Patrick's Day display

 Teri's  shamrock plant is still going strong. She loves this green holiday, 
I think partly because it is her excuse to make Irish soda bread- yum   

Spring display  

So many sweet spring designs.  we are anxiously awaiting Brenda's new easter book.  It is filled with somany sweet happy easter pieces   Let us know if you want to be our list to hold a copy and call. 

It has arrived  Brenda's new book  Yippee filled with wonderful things 

Jelly Bean Jubilee by Brenda Gervais
small book - 7 designs $20.00

Window Shopping, 
As you know Teri keeps our front windows covered with the latest new patterns and some wonderful standbys.  Here are a few of the latest offerings, so you can go window shopping too.  But remember things go quickly on the windows, so don't delay

Next  blog Teri says she will have a garden update, I think she was outside planting garlic today.  She has been waiting for the ground to thaw enough to dig, and I think she was successful.  Does garlic grow in  the winter  she has it on the best authority that it does,  but we will see. until next time...hugs, Tina