Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January Snows

January, 2017

In the bleak Midwinter, frosty wind made moan
Earth as hard as iron, water like a stone...

Dear Friends,
Here in Utah, we are caught in that bleak Midwinter.  We have shoveled snow every day packing it higher than our heads, slipped and skated our way about this city, and battled the frozen walls and boulders left in our driveways by the snow plows.  But on the good side, the snow is lovely and deep, and when you can be at home, it is very cozy.  Teri snapped this photo as she was leaving the house.  The deer was just outside the back door and had a baby with it.  She didn't seem very unsettled by the human, but slowly stood up and ambled off.  The deer are always a sign that Winter is truly here as they roam down out of the mountains looking for food.  The other great thing is that it makes the perfect weather to stay inside and stitch up a storm.  We have been working on a few new things and are trying to get ourselves on the road to Nashville.  
So wherever you happen to be right now, I implore you to join us here in the snowy west and take a look at some fun new things that are going on here for this cold month.

New From Shepherd's Bush

2017 Scissor Fob by Shepherd's Bush
Kit:  $16.00
2017 engraved Ginger Scissors: $46.00

Every Year, we design a fob to match the darling Ginger scissors.  We have the scissors engraved with the year, and Shepherd's Bush on the other side of the blade.  These scissors are especially fun this year, but they will only be available for a short time, so don't delay.  The fob will be available all through the year.  Please remember these are Shepherd's Bush exclusives (not available for wholesale) 

Love Notes 
Chart: $8.00
Complete kit: $
Pink Frame: $

Teri is starting a new series this year.  She is very excited to design these little holiday samplers.  Each piece will have a sweet set of buttons and Jill, our darling framer, will be making the perfect frame for each one which will be available for you to purchase as well.  Now it will be fun for me to wonder which holiday she is doing next.  

Heart Play Pin Cushion

Here is a new little heart-filled pin cushion which is just ready for Spring.  Worked on 32 count linen with sweet colors of Weeks overdyed threads.  I had such a great time working on this and hopefully you will as well. Kit includes hand-dyed silk ribbon and little buttons for the edging.  Very sweet.

Spring display

Teri has just finished rearranging the entire shop so that Christmas is tucked away in the front window and other things are making their way to the front of the shop. Here is a wonderful assortment of Spring pieces.  Even the tree is budding with little spring pillows and pin cushions.  

Snow Display

  I sort of love snowy years because then everyone is excited to stitch snowmen and darling winter pictures.  Here is a table just bursting with fun things to stitch this January...and February...and March.  The rate we are going here in Utah, we might be stitching snow well into April and May.  Go ahead and click on this photo and you will see things a little closer.  Watch for Cricket's Winter,  Snow Story by Lizzie Kate, Winter Row by Bent Creek, and our darling Winter Trifles.  Plus a lot of other very sweet pieces.  These will definitely keep you warm during the next few months.  

Shepherd's Bush Yearly Snowmen

 And speaking of snowmen--here is Teri's wall of all of our colored snowmen.  I love how they look all together like this.  It is a bit inspiring to be thinking about what I am going to do for this year.  hmmm....

Sheep wall

I just love all our many sheep pieces.  It is hard to choose which ones will go up on this wall, sometimes Teri changes them out periodically.  Now we have from top left- Lynnette's History of Sheep by Jardin Prive', top right- Little Sheep virtues by Little House, left center- Sheep in the Meadow by Shepherd's Bush, pin cushion- Tall Sheep by Shepherd's Bush, Welcome- by Homespun Elegance, Bee Buzzing by Chessie and Me, bottom right- French Woolens by Plum Street Samplers, bottom left- Primitive Sheep by Ewe and I.    The pillow is by Heart and Hand.  Give us a call if you would like any of these patterns or supplies.  

New Zappy Dots
by Little House Designs
magnets:  $12.00

I am not always much of a gadget person--Teri loves every gadget imaginable and the more the better.  However, I do love a stitching magnet.  I just need them on my piece to catch my flying needles before I am hunting them off the floor.  These new ones from Little House are very fun  and come in a great variety.  The little girls are darling and of course the Sheep are the absolute best.  But if you look closely, you will see great houses, some sayings, and even a wonderful cow.  How fun!

Snow Place
leaflet:  $6.00

This is the first part of a series that is very sweet.  I love how Teri  had it stitched on the polka dot linen so that it looks just like snow coming down.  

Little House Alphabet House series
each house pattern $6.00

Reeta is cruising right along on the LittleHouse series.  She has 2 more.  We chose to stitch all these houses on the same 36 count fabric and I love how it is turning out.  

New Series by Little House 
"Early Americans"

Diane from Little House Needleworks describes her new series... 
"The series will feature eight well-known historical figures. The ninth design is a "center piece" that can be stitched if stitching them all together. A page will be created on the Little House web site in a few weeks that will list fabric and threads. If interested, " give us a call! 
 I think we will stitch them  as individual ornaments to hang on our Americana Tree.  We  can send you  32 count or 36 count fabric, We may use different colors of fabric.  Please let us know if you would like to be on an auto ship.  

Sprightly Snowman by Artful Offerings
Pattern $10.00

  When our finisher dropped this pillow off today, I was so happy, he just  makes me smile.
We have stitched him on a 7 count fabric and have used #3 perl cotton.  added buttons and he is the perfect winter pillow.  He would also be adorable as an ornament on smaller linen.  

Spring Frolic At Bunny Hill by With Thy Needle & Thread
Pattern $12.00

This came back to us from Amy,  I love the radish rose fabric it is fabulous  We have tweaked the colors to be Eastery, and I think buttons will be next  So Sweet.  

Sampler House  by Nikycreations
Pattern $ 11.50

Our friend, Penny stitched this darling spring piece for us - Thanks Penny-  
We have changed a few of the colors and we might add some buttons...  

Well, I have the sinking feeling that we are going to have to go out and shovel before I go to bed.  Yay!  Hopefully, I will write again before too long.  As Nashville approaches, be sure to watch for sneak peaks and let us know if there is anything you want us to bring back for you. 
 Have a safe and stitchy few weeks.  
Until next time, fondly, Tina 

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January Snows

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