Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June, 2009

Hi friends,
Just a quick note to say that we are back from market in Columbus. I will have lots of fun new things to show later next week. We had a great time in Ohio. Teri and I lived in that strange indoor space between hotel room and convention hall for 4 days, coming out for breath only in the evenings. Bob and Christian came with us but mostly did their own thing driving around the state while Bob argued with the GPS woman.

Market is always fun and we loved seeing everyone who was there. We were in a little area with other cross stitch companies who are friends which is the most fun. We usually are across from a little open space area which is set up to look like a little park, and we love it because it becomes a gathering space. This year the convention folks had made the "park" with black carpeting and black, spooky street lamps. Interesting. It didn't deter us from having great chats on the park benches. I started a new project while I was there, and I was quite consumed by it. So whenever I wasn't helping someone, I was busily stitching away. I tried to talk Teri into just staying in the booth and working while I sat and stitched and chatted, but she insisted that she needed to shop the market. Oh well. I even tried bribing her with Jeni's ice cream. Here are some of Teri's Pictures:

Tina and Charland loading in some of Charland's and Syd's booth.

This is what our booth looks like when we arrive at 9:00 am to start the set up. All our treasures have been sent ahead in a trunk and a large box. I always hold my breath that they are there when we arrive. Over the next 7 hours we transform this little "room" into a corner of Shepherd's Bush.

As we finish up, the boys came to do the lights (my least favorite part.) Christian was happy to help Bob string up the lights we send. They are so tall!!!! It is great!

Unfortunately Columbus is a Pepsi city.... no Diet Coke, Yikes!!! Here is the booth almost all done. We just have to clear away the trunk and the box, and organize the table.

Charland Garvin, Sharon Crescent, and Tina taking a few minutes for lunch in our scary park area. We love visiting with shop owners and venders. We were near Charland and Sydney of Charland Designs, Sharon of Crescent Colors, Patti of Samsarah and Just another Button Co. John and Miranda Weeks of WDW threads were around the corner and Ceci of the Thread Gatherer was on our other side. Also near us were the Nordens and the Nordic Needle girls, what a fun group!!!

Christian relaxes in the booth as we finish up.

It seems like we left Utah in the rain, enjoyed Columbus in the rain, and returned home to---more rain. I am definitely not complaining because it is still quite cool here and we can barely keep our windows open at night. Our front lawn was a veritable hay field and it has taken Christian 2 days to get it mowed---and a lot of complaints. I love the sign at our local pizza shop---Spongy. I'll take the cool rain over 100 degrees any day.

I know that our new offerings are up on the main page of our web site, but watch the blog next week for new stuff at the shop.
Summer joy--Tina

PS--Chris at the Nordic Needle--whose booth was kitty-corner from ours at the show--sent me her recipe for lemon bars. I can't wait to try it.