Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

The Days of Blessings
November, 2017

Dear Friends,

          When my boys were little, I used to ask them what they were thankful for.  I would like to remember that they said sweet, tender and thoughtful things, but most of the time it was things like Lindbergh, spaghetti, or pirates.  Peter seemed to out-grow the game too quickly, and his answers turned to mumbles, then grunts, and finally embarrassed silence.  But Christian always had the same answer--you.  Over the years, I treasured each reply--the silly and silent ones as well as the one that never changed.  Sometimes, especially at this time of year, I ask myself the same question.  What am I thankful for?  I have come to realize that my blessings truly are boundless and immeasurable.  Of course, I am thankful for family, and neighbors, and a job with sisters where I love to go every single day.  And I am thankful for you...the friends whom I am lucky enough to see and chat with often, the friends whom I get to see only now and then throughout the years, and the friends whom I have never met in person, but know their voices on the phone as though we lived across the street.  
Can Life really be any richer than that?  
I hope that this Thanksgiving week will echo back for me all year long reminding my heart and soul that we are the blessings and joys of each other's lives.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shepherd's Bush Christmas Party

Our fabulous Holiday party will be on Saturday, December 2nd from 11:00-4:00.  I know that this is a change of date for us, but Thanksgiving is early this year and everyone is so busy with family and turkeys, that we decided to have a little change-up and do it on the 2nd instead.  So.....please drop by and join us for a festive beginning to your holiday celebrations.  We will have delicious treats to munch and delightful treats to stitch, and everything from stocking stuffers to gifts to make your Christmas most merry and bright.  The shop will be glittering with decorations--thanks to Teri, so come early and spend the day.  We would love to see you and wish you a perfect holiday season. 
Plus...I have been busy all week working on little Christmas surprises for all shoppers that day.  They are turning out super sweet, and I think you will be excited if I can get them finished up.  I might have to enlist Sue's help in the final step.  Have I piqued your curiosity?  I hope so.  
See you next week. 
We will also have our new Shepherd's Bush Christmas designs ready to go.  Sorry--no sneak peaks yet, but if you read our blog next week, we will show a preview of our new things.  They are fun and whimsical and heartfelt, and if we can get them all finished and put together, they will be perfect for December stitching and giving.  
So stay in touch...

Thankful Notes
New from Shepherd's Bush (available now)
Chart: $8.00
Complete kit:  $47.00
Frame: $32.00

Teri wanted to wait until next year to bring this out since it is the week of Thanksgiving, but I think it is just too darling not to have it this year.  And just think, it will be ready for next year at least.  Yay!

New from Pineberry Lane 
Fruits of Our Labors
 chart: $12.00

Both Teri and I just love this new chart.  I always do one of her Christmas ornaments in December, but this year it might have to be a Thanksgiving ornament.  

New thread keep from Kelmscott.  
We will have this and other fun things at our Christmas party on December 2nd.

New Charts by Brenda Gervais
Winter Birds (left)
Jingle all the Way (center)
Merry Christmas ( Right)

These are such sweet new pieces for Christmas stitching.  

Oh Tannenbaum 
by Brenda Gervais
Chart $14.00
unfinished box $9.00
Fabric $ 13.50

This is the glorious piece that Brenda taught at our Retreat last year.  It is just adorable and we were excited to see her bring the pattern out this year.  We also have the sweet wooden shadow box available.  

Jingle All the Way 
by Brenda Gervais
Chart $

I just love the way Teri did this sweet little piece.  We used Isabella's fabulous Italian  Boleyn fabric with the writing on it, and it is amazing.  It looks like it is stitched on Santa's List.  

Merry Christmas 
by Brenda Gervais
Chart $12.00

Merry 3 
by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $

How fun is this?  Santa, snowflakes, and a cow.  Get stitching.

Sing a Song of Seasons
brand new from Blackbird Designs
chart:  $

I am definitely going to be stitching this one this Christmas.  I might even  be doing it in Christmas colors.  Hmmm, we'll see.  I am always in love with a basket of flowers--or a vase.

Judge Not
by Plum Street Samplers
chart:  $

So, have a fabulous Thanksgiving week. 
 I hope that your days are filled with an abundance of family, friends, and food.  Watch our blog next week to see a preview of our new Christmas designs and be sure to stop by the shop on Saturday, the 2nd of December to celebrate the Christmas holidays Shepherd's Bush style.  
hugs, Tina and Teri