Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2014

Early February--2014
Dear Friends,
What a Winter!!!!  I went to the grocery store last week in the middle of a rare sunny afternoon.  I noticed that my car registered 17 degrees and had to laugh to see teenagers in shorts and 3 convertibles--with their tops down--in the parking lot.  What an illusion the January sun makes on our psyches.  The wild preserve is back in our neck of the woods--quite literally--along with our family of deer.  Teri took this picture just outside the back door.  I am not sure what they are finding to eat, but they certainly seem to have taken up residency.  I wonder if they get along with raccoons.  This past week was the Sundance Film Festival which is always the highlight of a long and bleak January.  The only bad thing about it is that it takes its toll on my stitching which can be trouble when you are getting ready for the market.  This year we saw a few rather interesting movies as well as a few strange movies.  But no matter what, it always gives me something to ponder.  Christian  loves to come up to some of them on the weekend and I have found that he has very definite opinions about many things in this world.  When did he grow up?  I sort of miss our days of Thomas the Tank Engine and There Goes a Plane. 
Then there is the subject of the Nashville Market which is looming in my quite near future.  I love it so much, but it is the getting ready that I don't enjoy so much.  Teri has been drawing and stitching like a maniac and I think we are making headway.  Anyway, we have lots of very fun things planned to take with us.  If we get our skates on that is.  Just check out our blog near the middle of February and we will post our new things as well as fun things that we are seeing while we are there.  It is actually on Valentine's Day--oh yay!--I haven't exactly mentioned that to Bob.  Oh well, how romantic for Teri and me.

Before we go on, I want to give you a couple of updates on the upcoming Fold and the Retreat. 
Shepherd's Fold:  Thanks to all of you who have joined up for this fun, new adventure--whether with us or with your shop.  Teri and I are very excited and busy with our plans.  I know that I said it would be the 1st to Mid February, but I had not really taken into account the Market which falls in a week and a half.  So…..we are planning to send out the first part of it more at the end of February.  But don't despair, it will be to you before you know it.  And we are going to have a blast.  Get your stitching fingers ready. 
2014 Shepherd's Retreat: Plans are coming right along for our great retreat in October.  If you have taken a look at the Retreat link on the home page of our website you will see that the dates will be October 15-18.  For now you should just be planning to come and join us.  Tell your work and your family that need these days off and then come to Utah for a fabulous weekend.  We will start updating the link now and then as we get closer.  We are planning to post the brochure and registration form in early April and we will let you know the day and the time.  I am very excited.  

We have so many fun things in the shop right now that we really want to show you before we have all the new things from market.  So just spend some time with me and I will give you a little tour of little joyful things.  Remember that any of them would make great little valentines for you or your friends.   

Valentine Trifles 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet $ 8.00
Complete kit $53.45

We have been having such a great time with Teri's new book that I wanted to share it with you.  There are 3 darling little stitched valentines that work up quickly and would be perfect to either give or keep.  Sue  and I have been making many, many kits and they are so much fun to put together.  Each one has the three different colors of 32 count linen as well as the backing fabric, buttons, beads, and 3 lengths of Teri's beautiful hand-dyed ribbon.  Such fun.

Mary Valentine's Handwork
by With Thy Needle
Pattern $ 15.00

We just received this new leaflet and I think it is just sweet.  The projects are very old fashioned and would be a true joy to stitch.  Let us know if you would like a beautiful piece of hand-dyed linen to go with it and we will be happy to choose just the right piece.  I really want to stitch the heart piece with the tulips and cherubs.  Maybe after Market.

Hold On 
by SamSarah
card $5.80 ( with buttons)

Teri likes to have darling, odd hearts stitched for the Valentine's display, and this year Nancy stitched this one.  It is worked on a soft pink linen with gentle hues of pinks, lavenders, and greens.  Seriously, don't you just love, love, love hearts?  

Promise Me 
by Lizzie Kate
Pattern $9.00

This fabulous saying of Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh just makes me smile.    We have stitched it on lambswool linen and added a wonderful set of buttons. I can't wait to see how Jill will frame it, but Teri can't bear to send it off.  I think this is one of those things that would be so lovely in a kitchen or a family room or even in a child's bedroom.  (I texted it to Christian last summer as he was leaving to go to school in France.  He probably just stared at it…but you never know.  I felt better, anyway.)

Needle Keeps 

Aren't these new, hand made needle keeps just scrumptious?  They are very clever and darling and Teri and the front girls spend a lot of time outfitting the various ones.  They make me laugh.  Teri chose the fabrics specially and each one has a coordinating front and back.  They fold right up and close or they unfold to provide you plenty of space for all your different needles and threaders.  

Bearded Heart Scissor Fobs from Guatemala

As some of you may know, we have a brother who was killed 10 years ago in Guatemala.  Last summer while we were at a little art festival in Park City, we met a woman who was selling these very unusual and quirky fobs.  Teri fell in love with them and asked the woman about them.  She says that she goes to Guatemala and has established an artisan program for women where she buys these little gems and brings them back to sell for them.  This gives them a safe spot for their craft and an outlet for them to earn much needed money.  We were completely enchanted with them and both of us felt that this would give us a chance to help improve the lives of at least a few women which might make a difference for them and their families living in a difficult time and place.  We definitely wanted the hearts because they are so darling and will make you smile, and then Teri asked if she could ask them to also make sheep for us.  Well, here is our first shipment that she has sent us and I hope that we will be able to commission many more. Scroll down and you will see how fantastic the sheep are.  The perfect keeper for you favorite scissors and making a difference in the life of another woman.  What could be better than that?   (Secretly I am planning to put a heart on a chain and wear it as a necklace.)  

Beaded Sheep Scissor Fobs from Guatemala

Teri and Reeta have been having fun putting the sheep our to graze.  They are silly…
Sheep come in white, gray, or black

Scissor Sheaths 

OK don't you think our new sheaths are spectacular?  We have loved the red and black polka dot ones so much that we have been wishing for new colors for spring.  Then we happened on the name of the people who make them--in Japan--and Teri emailed them to see if they would consider other colors.  I think he was a little surprised, but said he would try. Well here we are with a beautiful pink polka dot and a green one as well.  How fun!  So just match them up with your best scissors and you will love them.  Now we are thinking of new colors.  Yay!!!

Leather Scissor fobs 

These little leather fobs are simple adorable.  We have had them on our front counter for just a day or two and everyone loves them.  I have a bird on my scissors, but I am considering the flower for another pair.  Sue has one on her purse and we sold a bunch yesterday for key fobs.  How fun they are.  

Fun New Bags

This is a sweet find,  These bags come folded up very small as shown below, but they unwrap into a perfect sized bag.  The fabric is a bit heavier than most recycle bags which is very nice, and they have a top zipper and an inside pocket for scissors and small things.  Just the right size for a project on the go.  Teri took it all week to Sundance with a project as well as secret surprise treats They come in darling colors.  On the photo above- top left:  Owls, center top:  Birds, Top Right:  Trees and Plants, Bottom left:  Hearts and Flowers, and bottom right:  Chocolate with Flowers. 

Hearts and Flowers bag

Chocolate and Daisies
 (The background is a chocolate color and the flowers are bright and cheery and darling.)

Trees and Flowers Bag

And for those of you that stitch Halloween all year round, we just received a fabulous shipment from the Primitive Hare.  Here are just a few to tempt you- 

Spooky Countdown
by Primitive Hare
Pattern: $17.50

Christmas Atmospheres
By the Primitive Hare
Booklet: 19.00

Prim Atmospheres
by the Primitive Hare
booklet: $19.00

by Pineberry Lane
pattern: $11.00

Little Sheep Virtues
by Little House Needleworks
12 patterns $6.00 each
complete kit $165.40

This has become such a favorite piece in the shop.  Nancy has it finished and hanging up by the front counter, but Teri can't bear to take it over to Jill for even a few days.  It really is so very sweet.  We have all the patterns for sale as well as a darling button pack.  If you love our color changes, we even have a set of the beautiful over dyed threads ready to go.  She dyes all of the linens to just the right color and you could get started any time.  The cool part about stitching it this year is that you won't have to wait for each new installment of patterns.  You can just sail right along and enjoy every part of the journey.  
Well, it is time to go and watch an ad on the Super Bowl and endure until Downton Abbey and Sherlock.  But don't worry--I shall certainly be stitching through it all.  Have a safe and lovely week and watch for more info on the upcoming market.  We will have some fun new things and we will be bringing back the limited edition kits by Blackbird and Plum Street.  We will post pics as soon as possible.  Until then, fondly, Tina