Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!!! I had hoped to get a chance to write before the big day, but alas it was not to be. It seemed like it came so quickly this year, and I for one was completely unprepared. It seemed like this was a season with much trauma and drama with everyone at the shop, so Christmas came upon us. But it is always fun and welcome and I hope that it was for you as well. We got sort of snowed in here with a lot of snow leading up to Christmas and then a blizzard on that day followed by ice and then more snow. When Teri and I ventured on to work today, we found nothing plowed and the streets quite bad. We also have a furnace out at the shop, so it has been just a tad cold. But our customers were darling and warm-hearted so we have had a great day. I love the time between Christmas and New Year's with everyone choosing new projects and spending gift certificates. It's the best. Today, everyone was getting their 2008 Gingher scissors before they are gone. We still have a few left so if you haven't gotten yours, now is the time. We also have only a few more days for this year's scissor fob. On New year's Day we will have ready the new scissors and fob for 2009. It is quite darling and we will post a picture within the next week or so. For some reason--the economy or who knows--Gingher only manufactured a very limited number of the new scissors for next year. So if you are a collector, get them early as I don't know how long we will have them.
Anyway, I have to go back to work and I just wanted to say Happy Holidays. I will probably write again before New Year's, but in the meantime stay warm and safe and STITCH.
ever fondly, Tina