Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Friends--
Happy January! Easy for me to say with much of the country frozen in zero and sub-zero temperatures, while we are having a week of nice weather for a change. Lots of sun and blue skies sparkling off the snow. Can't beat it. It almost seems like spring is right around the corner, but we cannot let ourselves fall for that deception. The Sundance Film Fest is starting this weekend, so that is fun to look forward to. We are seeing 4 films, so I'll let you know what they are like. I'm very excited. January is when I want to stitch, but then I am torn because I usually get books for Christmas and I also want to read. I did get books this year, and I have been horrible. I read a lot during the holidays, and now I take Christian to school in my pajamas at 6:45 and then instead of continuing on my day, I crawl back in bed and read. I have already finished An American Wife--which Bob gave me--and really liked it. It is loosely based on Laura Bush, and I found it very compelling. Now I am on to My Life in France--or something like that--about Julia Child. I have liked her forever--really since I was young--and this little book has been a lot of fun to read. I am almost finished and then I have to stop being so lazy and get something done. I did have to stay home from work one day while we were having a hot water heater replaced, and I wanted to just lie down and watch TV, but I was kind of embarrassed so I did a little cleaning and then I started a journal. Inspired by Barb and Alma, I have wanted to do this for some time, but I can never find the time, or the perfect scrapbook/blank book, or anything to go in it. So...I have been careful to collect silly stuff since the fall and keep it in a little box where it would not go astray. Then I just used a little blank notebook that I love and jumped in. Now that's all I want to do. I have a few photos--many xeroxed--and ticket stubs, scraps of ribbon and paper--whatever I was inclined to save. I have even put in pictures of things I finished stitching. It is crazy and messy and eclectic, but I love it. Now I have to make myself write a few things in it here and there even if it is just movie reviews, etc. Fun for the new year. I'll let you know if I am good about keeping it up. I'm not usually. That made me think of something else--I'll keep track of things I read as well.
We have been slammed at the shop. Once the blizzards stopped, everyone has been coming by for new projects, and the phone has been busy with mail orders. Lots of people are starting stockings for next year, so that has been keeping us hopping. Yay! Now we are in that funny limbo zone between half the shop still sporting Christmas pictures and the other half hearts and Valentines. I am starting my new Snowman tonight. I think I said that last week, but I have been sort of busy with my books and my new journal project. Tonight, for sure.
Two new things that have been very fun in the shop--for those of you ready to move on from Christmas. First is a wonderful little series from Little House called "From Sea to Shining Sea." Each pattern comes separately and includes Belle Soie--lovely silk from Crescent Colours. We are having it stitched, but it hasn't returned to us yet, so we have the piece of a sweet customer--Mindy--who has let us borrow it. It is fabulous. The first picture is West Coast, then Southwest, then mountains, and we have just received the 4th pattern--sort of Midwest. We have lots of people who have signed up for an automatic, so if you are interested, let us know. We will put a picture up right away. The other fun new thing is Lizzie Kate's Halloween sampler. It is done in a long narrow design. Each leaflet includes 2 of the designs and there will be 12 in all. The first six are here, and they are unbelievably fabulous. We are doing it on a wonderful piece of overdyed linen and Nancy is stitching it. We are bugging her to hurry up so we can see it and take a picture of it. You will love it. I know, it is a little weird to be starting on Halloween already, but that's because you haven't seen how darling it is. Watch for the picture---when Nancy stops lazing about. Just kidding.
Next week we will have some Valentine pics for you to see. Until them, stay warm and safe, and share your reading and stitching time.
ever fondly, Tina