Friday, February 20, 2009

Hi Friends,
It is just like a beautiful Christmas card here in Ogden. It snowed all day long yesterday, and we ended up with a lot of snow. As we were coming home from work, the sun had just barely peeked out and turned the mountain and the tips of all the trees blush pink. Teri was riding with me, and I was busy concentrating on moving forward along totally unplowed streets while she kept telling me to stop and let her take a picture. She kept saying how beautiful everything was and I just kept answering--u-huh. Then Bob called to tell us to look at the sunset which was indeed quite wonderful--totally pink and orange. I guess we should have just walked and experienced nature in its fullest. Of course, then we got home to 15 inches in the driveway and had plenty of time to enjoy. Christian was at a debate meet--thus we missed the joys of his strong shoveling arms. When I went to pick him up at 8:00 a swarm of kids simply piled into the car begging for rides. It was fun, and all their combined weight sped the car well along the icy roads. I always think that February snows melt quickly, but today is cold and our world has remained frozen in snow and ice.
However----Shepherd's Bush is quite warm and toasty, the perfect spot to spend an hour or two of browsing and chatting I think that Teri has put up a picture of Scatter Luck, which turned out so very darling. It is ready now and we have even put together sweet little kits that put everything all together. Be sure to scroll down and take a look, you will love it. There should also be a picture of new pin cushions that Nancy has sent us. Everyone loved the Valentine pin cushions so much that she sent us adorable flower ones to make us think we are heading into spring. Very sweet. Scatter Luck makes me think about what is new from the Nashville market. Our new pillows were new, and now we are receiving the things we ordered from friends. OK here is the fabulous line-up:
BLACKBIRD DESIGNS: Wow, Barb and Alma have been very busy. When we unpacked their order on Monday, there was a great gathering around the counter--both customers and S. B. workers. They have done a lot and each one is more fantastic than the next. OK First of all is the beginning of their tiny stocking series. The first three booklets are here with 3 little stockings in each one. January has a sweet flower basket on one, an old fashioned New Year's verse on another and the most adorable birthday/wedding cake on the third. February sports 3 sweet stockings with birds and flowers and alphabets. March has a wonderful daffodil, a Quaker motif and shamrocks. I have to get busy to be ready for the next 3 in the series. We are going to do a garland here at the shop, so stop by and see its progress. My Heart is True is a fantastic new book filled with Blackbird at their best. It has patterns for lots of little things from tiny pictures to pin cushions and stuffed hearts. Everyone here has started on something different. Teri is working on a little friendship piece and I would love to start on Flock of Birds. Actually, I could be quite happy just pinning the photos on my walls at home. Finally there are 3 little patterns for pin cushion/pin keeps sorts of things. Small Token has a bird and flowers for a pin and needle cushion. Wild Rose--totally wonderful!!!--has birds, a vine, and a vase of flowers. Bluebirds Thread Keep has a fruit basket and birds. You will have a hard time choosing which to do first.
LIZZIE KATE: We have 2 darling new things from Lizzie Kate. One is a cute little kit called Chick Kit. It is cheerful and quick. Perfect for spring stitching. ABC Lessons is fantastic! I think we sold every one we received within 24 hours. I know that we just got more in. It has a darling, quirky alphabet with thoughts for each letter. It is warm and sweet and full of those sentiments that we all want our children to follow--or the whole world for that matter.
Well, next week I will tell you what else we have received. I know we are expecting new patterns from Prairie Schooler as well as sweet new scissors from Kelmscott. I guess I have to go. I have been sequestered back here with the computer for a while, and everyone thinks I am shirking. Have a safe week.
fondly, Tina

Scatter Luck is the newest in our scatter series. Complete kits are available, or we would be happy to send you whatever you need. Please be sure to check with you local shop first, but if supplies are not available in your area, give us a call.

Nancy has been busy felting up some spring pincushions for us. Very fun!!