Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 15, 2009--waiting for Spring

Hi Friends,
We are in the midst of a huge blizzard here, and I am waiting for my hair to dry after running 2 errands on my way to work. Last week I read a little article in a magazine about waiting while I was waiting to pick up Chinese take-out. The writer was waiting for fish to bite and maple sap to run--both things I know almost nothing about, but it made me think all weekend long how much of our lives are indeed spent in waiting. I am patiently waiting for each new episode of Little Dorrit to come each Sunday. Christian is waiting for his 16th birthday in 2 weeks so he can get his driver's license. Teri is waiting for our accountant to bring her taxes, and we are all waiting for Winter to end. I am not sure what this means about our humanness. Perhaps we are impatient beings.
This week sort of starts the birthday times in my family. We took Simon--our Chinese exchange student--along with Christian, Raphael--France--and Chin Wey--Taiwan--with us on our Wednesday night dinner with friends to celebrate Simon's 16th birthday. We went to the Mongolian barbeque and had a blast eating, talking and laughing. I think Teri has a picture of the 4 boys down below. I can hardly believe that they will all be returning home in about 6 weeks. Where has this year gone? Raph and Chin walked down to our house last Sunday evening to teach Teri how to make French Crepes. They brought another neighbor with them, and Peter hadn't gone back to Salt Lake yet, so we had a kitchen full of giant teenage boys, 2 guitars, 1 dog, and small containers of "secret ingredients" to go in the crepe batter which the boys were whispering and chuckling over. Raph made a bowl of batter that was almost as big as a hot tub, and after making 3 crepes, he left Teri to make another 200. They were very good, and she did learn well how to make them. The boys gobbled them with Nutella, we served them at work with ice cream and caramel sauce, we took them to all our family with whipped creme and strawberries, and then had several meals with chicken and mushrooms. I am not sure how soon we will be making them again, but when we have the hankering, we will be ready. Next, he is going to teach us "the world's best pasta carbinarra." I am excited, but I think we will need to invite a large number of friends in for that night. Want to come?
I have no idea why I have rattled on about all of that, but now to the business of the shop. In spite of our crazy weather, we have been busy here. Teri and I are working on designs for the Columbus market in June, but she has had some very darling pieces stitched for the shop as well. One of our favorite new samplers is one by Lizzie Kate--ABC Lessons. Marilyn stitched it for us, and it is fabulous. Both Teri and Lynnette are working on it for themselves. It really is quite lovely, and expresses sentiments we badly need in this world. The original colours that come in the kit are sweet and cheerful, and we chose to do ours in sort of muted, unusual colours. If you want to buy the kit from us, we can give you a choice between the two colours pallettes. We have not been so good about keeping up with SamSarah's alphabet baubles for this year, but we have just finished the Bees and it is very sweet. I think we have a picture of it below. I'm fairly sure you will love it. Then be sure to take a good look at some wonderful new scissors we have just received. The little ones from Kelmscott in darling colours are just perfect for keeping in a little sewing pouch. Plus some of the new bigger stitching scissors are unique and fun.
I'm on my own here now as Kari is sick and Sue has gone for the day, so I am on the phones. I am going to send this on so I don't forget. Have a great April week, and I hope spring is there even as you are reading.
Until next week--fondly, Tina

The way we love bees, how could we pass up B bauble by Sam Sarah. It is great fun!!! I am starting to assemble a bee display. I am very hopeful for spring. It has been cold and snowy here, but the weather men say there is warmer weather on the way!

This is such a great piece by Lizzie Kate!!! We have so many customers stitching it. The kit comes in great pinks, aquas and browns for $32.00 (fabric is not included). Marilyn stitched this one in dusty colors, isn't it fabulous!!!!! We also added a few buttons for fun!

We have received a few more colors of the Little Gems scissors. Pink, Matte black ( looks like olive in the photo), red, purple, green, and yellow. They also come in gold and silver. The owl scissors in the center are brand new!!! Great!

Chris on the right with the other exchange students - Simon is next to Christian. It was his birthday and we went to a favorite local spot. The owner speaks Chinese so both Simon and Chin Wai could converse with her. Raphael (on the end) is from France.

Just as we started hiding the candy for the annual Easter hunt, It
started to rain. Look at those clouds.... We had a great time and
everyone was so happy to out of their houses and visiting!!! Can you
see Jillian and Sophie in the crowd? Where is Ellie????