Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May has flown right by. I know Tina is really working on her thoughts for the blog, but I thought you might like to see a few of the pincushions we just received from Nancy the felt lady. . . . They are so fun and springy.

I have been on a pincushion wave length. I designed an Americana one for our class in Chicago and had such a great time; I am working on a few more to come out this summer. The Liberty pincushion ( from the Chicago class) won't be available until next summer. Here are some great reproduction pincushions from the Civil War. The original one was filled with cotton, buck shot and sawdust. They are made out of interesting solid fabrics and are filled in the same manner as the one made in the 1860's. They look like stars. I fell in love with them at market a couple of years ago, and we have carried them ever since. They run $38.00 and are very cool.

This is a sweet Blackbird pin cushion we have stitched and added silk ribbon around the edge. The pattern is available for $ 7.00. The fabric we used is $3.10 and the silk ribbon runs .50 cents per yard; I used about a yard. and added tiny beads to anchor the ribbon in place. I just love stitching the ribbon on like that.

I have just sent out Miss Mary Mac's pincushion to be stitched and it is going to be wonderful. I even bought a little shelf to display them all on. I will keep you posted. Take care and happy stitching.


PS-I am still waiting for Tina to make her famous lemon bars.....