Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Week, 2009

Dear friends,
I woke up one morning this week, and Winter had arrived outside my bedroom window. Perhaps it was Sunday, the only day I don't stumble up in the dark, or perhaps it was the slightly heavier than a dust of snow on my back lawn, but I thought somewhat sadly that Autumn had left us behind. Ogden still wants to pretend that it is fall, and the sun is trying valiantly to fool us with its weak resplendence, but nope, I'm just not buying it--it's winter. I can tell by the sudden burst of light in my bedroom where the windows are no longer sheltered by cheerful ivy and maple leaves, I can tell by my shivers--and groans from a sleeping Bob--if I climb into bed too long after the heat has shut off for the night, I can tell by my Christian's frozen swimmer's hair as he dashes home at dusk. Ugh...I guess I've turned old because I find myself dreading the thoughts of the icy season ahead. We've had several good snow storms already this year, but this week I noticed that the leaves are gone--victims of the rake, the mower, and the wind, and the trees which seemingly yesterday provided a verdant cave around my home are bare and scratchy leaving us open to the world around us. Don't get me wrong, I'll happily take any sunny, warmish days the earth wants to offer up, but I shan't be fooled, and I know I must shortly give up my flip-flops.
Wow, here we are at Thanksgiving, and I think we all must wonder where this year has gone. We have been busy here at the shop getting ready for our Christmas Open House which always falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Teri and the girls in front have been busily working all month towards this as they lovingly put away the Halloween pictures and bring out the Christmas ones. If you are nearby, don't forget to come by on Saturday, November 28th between 11:00 and 4:00 and have a bit of fun with all of us. We have lots of new things stitched which you will love, we will be completely decked out for the Advent season, and we have prepared fabulous treats to serve for the day. So if you are in the mood for home-made mint brownies, scrumptious date crispies, crunchy English toffee, creamy, chocolatey fudge, and Teri's famously delicious egg nog, you must drop by. Yumm! Of course it is supposed to snow, but won't that just make it ever the more festive. Oh--I am trying a new artichoke dip recipe, so you won't want to miss that. (OK, perhaps you will.) There should be lots of fun for all, so don't miss it. Plus-- we have very cool gifts and ornaments for Christmas. Those of you who were lucky enough to get some of the Halloween figurines that we had, we absolutely love the Christmas ones that are waiting. See you then!
One of the fun new things we will have is a book and kit by Shepherd's Bush. Santa's Coming is a sweet leaflet that will work up very quickly for you. If you need a quick gift, this would be perfect. I think that the santa face button is darling as well.

Then a new 10 count kit of Teri's is Seek and Ye Shall Find. Ok, I confess, I might have the name wrong and I am not sure she has a picture ready for this blog--but it is very special. It shows a little Bethlehem village with the stable, star and grazing sheep. I know you will love it, and it will also work up very quickly.

Ok, we finally have Lizzie Kate's Letter By Letter Christmas sampler finished and framed. Isn't it fabulous! We have a wonderful button set available if you are in the mood. I think that Jill did a lovely job on the frame. It suits it perfectly.

Another darling piece which we just finished and framed is Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room. This is a sweet piece that would work up quite quickly, and I think that the cool green fabric which Teri chose is quite stunning. If you think you don't have time for a new project, I think this would be a pleasant surprise.
Oh and you cannot miss one of Prairie Schooler's new pieces: Santa in a sleigh--Christmas Eve. As always, Teri just has a knack for choosing the perfect threads and fabric for these projects and in the end it is quite wonderful. What do you think? Of course by the time Jill adds her finishing touch, we all want to just take it home with us. So, if you are in the mood for a piece to enjoy for many years, come and take a look at this one.

I love to stitch for Christmas, but I am never really in the mood until the first snow has arrived. So I guess I am sort of toast for doing projects for the coming Christmas. Thus, I always have to choose either smaller pieces that I can get done in a month, or work on something for the next year. This year's pick for me is Miss Snow Fairy. I think I might be safe with this one, because it is more of a snowman so I could use it in January and February. Anyway, she is so unusual and sweet, you are sure to fall in love with her. We have tweaked the colours a bit, and I love her so much. I have to get busy.

I have to go. People are whining that I am not helping. So have a truly wonderful and safe Thanksgiving with plenty of turkey and pie to go around. And....hopefully I will see some of you on Saturday. hugs--Tina