Friday, June 3, 2011

Early June, 2011
Dear Friends,
Graduation Day!!! Sue's Mary and my Christian have gone to school together since kindergarten, and here they are on graduation day--both of them graduating with honors. I could cry just looking at them. Sue has been so brave all year, and I have been just a mess. But, I have to say that we were both a bit of a wreck last week. My friend, Tammy, told me this would happen and she was right--I spent the whole last school year thinking: last swim meet, last debate meet, last dance, last... I even thought--last parent/teacher conference and I always dread slogging through those, so that tells you how pitiful I have become. I think I am just not ready to be done with this part of my life. I still long to lie out on the grass with my little boys and find constellations, or take their kites to the school and try to launch them, or ride our bikes to the university pond to feed the ducks. Well, I guess we could still try the bike ride thing, but Chris would probably be there and back 5 times while I would be peddling along. I know that all parts of parenthood have their own joys, and now it is my time to celebrate new ones. I can take great joy in the fact that Christian had his hair cut into a mohawk with steps at his school's all night graduation party, and I can take even greater joy that it is quickly growing out and he thinks he is a little tired of it. (Of course Mary just had darling, wispy bangs cut.) Ok, I am going to be fine with the next great adventure. (Besides, Bob told me to get a grip. So grip I am going to get.)

Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler

(If you haven't joined us, give us a call and get going on this perfect summer project. )

Well, as you can see, Teri is speeding right along on her mystery sampler. Actually she is finished with the first part, and it looks quite fabulous. In truth, everyone at the shop is stitching quite quickly, and now we are sort of anxiously awaiting the next part which should be arriving sometime towards the end of next week. Hopefully. I think that we have all had a great time working on it. Even I--who rarely finishes anything--have been using up all my nervous, graduation energy in stitching, stitching, stitching. Unfortunately I have made many mistakes, but I don't even care. I think I have forgotten about most of them, anyway. One thing that some of our friends who are stitching this are struggling with is some of the colour symbols. We stitched the 2 outline borders in Sage, but quite a number of others are using the blue. So now that I look closely at it, it is hard to tell whether the symbol is an up-arrow or a plus. It does look very pretty in the blue as well, but who knows which it is supposed to be. If you haven't done that part yet, maybe look at it under a magnifying glass. As soon as we receive the 2nd part, we will send it off to you. For you locals, I think we will be having our get together on the 21st around 5:00. But you are welcome to stop by earlier if you need to. Can't wait.

I have to admit that I am ready to start putting up Halloween, but Teri reminds me that ' to everything there is a season.' So, I guess this is Bee Season. Here is her wonderful Bee display with such darling pictures, that you won't want to resist. I am a little more leery of this collection because it was the very day she put it up last year that we got our swarm of bees in the shop. Here's hoping. And you just have to see the newest felt pin cushion from Just Another Button Co. It was inspired by the button that they made for our Summer Flies pillow, and it is simply darling. The kit for this one runs $55.00, and includes all the fabulous embellishments that you can see on the model. Teri wants to take it home and use it, but we are making her leave it here.

Well, Teri must have read my mind, because look at the last picture that she gave me to write about. Halloween! We just received this one from our stitcher and isn't it amazing? It is called For Thine is the Trick and the Treat by Prairie Moon. We have all spent many minutes just staring at all of the fabulous motifs, and everyday I still see something that I hadn't noticed before. I do think it is quite wonderful and not too, too big. We had a fabric specially dyed just for it, and it is perfect! Pattern: $14.00 Fabric: $15.00

And finally, you have to see these darling sewing cases that we ordered at Quilt Market. I think that they are really quite darling--sweet colours, super useful, adorable. I think that they would also make such great graduation gifts for someone who is venturing off to college. But then again, it would be useful for me who can never seem to find any of my simple sewing and mending supplies. Only $8.00

Well, somehow this day has just zipped away. Time to go and meet the dinner, dog, and evening routine head-on. I am hoping to post this before I go. I hope that you are having sunshine and a few June minutes in which to stitch. Be safe.