Saturday, July 23, 2011

Late July, 2011

Dear Friends

July usually means that summer has finally arrived here in Utah, and along with our long hot days and short cool nights, it also means that it is Rodeo time. As the month creeps to its middle, Ogden embraces its yearly Pioneer Days festivities. Oh, yay! As predictably as the calendar flips from June to July, the hand-painted horses begin to trot and rear their way down our city streets where they will pose tirelessly until someone corrals them up and hauls them away in September. Teri and I spent our childhood summers at unending rodeos, and indeed learned to ride our little Shetland ponies about the same time we learned to walk. We spent our long summer vacations riding with our older brothers up in the mountains behind our house, and oddly enough, I spent a number of my very young years in Junior Posse trying to wrangle my stubborn pony into the elaborate formations that the other children seemed to maneuver with ease. I actually still have several trophies which I mysteriously received, although I suspect my dad must have paid someone for them, as I can hardly imagine I truly won them. Diamond and I did much better racing after my brothers than circling barrels or forming elaborate stars. So each year about this time, I experience a brief nostalgic longing for those days from my past, and I get the urge to go to the rodeo. Bob and the boys are sometimes amenable, but Teri is always a flat-out NO. A couple of years ago, I pestered her into coming with us to watch the calves tied, the bulls bucked and the queens crowned, and on the way home she said that she would rather burn her hair than ever go again. I guess that really does mean NO.

I will say that the Horse-days of summer have been busy and fun at the shop--where it is deliciously lovely and cool. We have lots of wonderful new things some of which I am going to tell you about in this letter, and many new things coming which I will tell you about next week. We are just finishing a great group of new designs from Shepherd's Bush which we were hoping to have ready earlier in the month. But you know how that goes. Next week they will all be ready and I will have beautiful pictures on my blog. I can't wait. watching.

We do have fabulous new things here at the shop, so I will try to show you a taste of some of them in case you are too far to drop by. Jacqueline from Needleprints has just published an awesome new book: The Feller Needlework Collection. Honestly, this is truly a wonderful book. She puts together such a beautiful volume that it is hard to put it down. The photos are fantastic as is the information written within the pages. I know it is a tad on the expensive side at $85.00, but truly it is a great book. Plus the hidden prize is the huge reproduction sampler that you get on the inside cover of the book: a beautiful 17th century sampler. I have pored over it and would love to stitch it. I just invite you to come take a look. But plan to spend the day.

Here is a photo of the large sampler whose graph is included.

Here is just one of a hundred amazing pages to peruse. How can you resist?


Teri has been having a blast getting out the beginnings of our Halloween display. I sort of think that this is becoming everyone's favorite stitching holiday. I know each season has its joys, but Halloween just gets to come so early that it makes it especially fun. Plus the darling patterns, crazy fabrics and intriguing colours. Who can really resist. Here is the first table that Teri has filled with darling pieces for that wicked holiday.

There are so many amazing pieces that I am just going to highlight a few and then add to this each week--some old and some new as we get them.

Halloween Branch by Bent Creek is finally finished and framed and it is quite adorable. It is busy and fun and looks like it would be very fun to stitch. It is one of those with multiple parts, or we also have it kitted up with wonderful threads and fabric so that it is all ready to begin.

Hare's Autumn by Plum Street is a continuation of her sweet Hare's series. This one is irresistible with the little Hare family out raking autumn leaves. I love the frame that Jill put on it.

And of course another fab Halloween piece from Lizzie Kate: Halloween Letters. (ok, I hope that is its name. I think it should be, but I am usually confused.) This whimsical alphabet includes great colours, spooky words and darling embellishments. I think it would work up quite quickly and be a lot of fun to do.

These new little pieces from Jeannette Douglas are simply adorable. They are small but exquisite and would be wonderful made into little pin cushions if you prefer. I also think that we just received the next 2 or 3 in the series from her earlier this week. If you want a quick summer project, give them a try.

And finally, a wonderful series of new books from Leisure Arts. Lori from La-D-Da designs, has designed 2 books for them which are quite delightful. Each one has 25-33 pages and is filled with her darling designs. What a great deal. Plus the covers are gentle and sweet and just make you feel happy. I know, but I am a book cover kind of person. Words to Stitch By has many of her darling sayings--some old and some new, or maybe some I just hadn't noticed before. You will love them all. And All Creatures has six animal oriented pieces: cats, dogs, Noah's ark, the elephant and the tiger and a forest creatures design. Each book runs $10.00 which is quite a bargain even if it is just to add to your collection.

And now the weekend is waning and this letter is still not posted. So her it goes off into space to you. Watch for a new letter in about a week with all of our new things on it. Have a great end of July with plenty of time to stitch and a breath of cool air--whether from your air conditioner or from the trees outside your window. Be safe and remember that we will be closed on the 25th for our Utah's founding day. You know--parades, and fireworks, and barbecues. See you on Tuesday. fondly, Tina