Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 2012

Mid-November, 2012
Dear Friends,
Here we are on the very brink of the holiday season and ready to face the winter ahead.  How did this year go by so quickly?  Where did October go?  It is hard to believe that our retreat is over and we are on to other adventures.  I confess that my new adventures seem to be a lot of catching up on things like sleep, reading, stitching and stupid television series.  Where I seem to zombie-out to recharge my soul, Teri seems to whirl around in a cyclone of pent-up energy.  In the past 2 weeks she has completely reorganized the shop from front to back including painting various walls.  Really?  She is a bit scary.  Most of the days she has spent on the top of extremely large ladders--some of which have been perched on rather tippity tables.  In the back I can hear many large thumps and crashes followed by "I'm OK" or "Not to worry."  Really?  Mostly, she just makes me tired.  Luckily she has had Sue and Lynnette to follow her around watching her back---and legs and arms and head.  But I have to admit that the results of her frenzy have been great.  She has created a whole new room--painted a wonderful green--for all of the Halloween pieces, brought out Christmas, decorated for Christmas and replaced every other empty wall with wonderful displays.  When my Saturday to work out in the front of the shop comes, I'm going to need a Google map.  

The new Halloween area with freshly painted walls

The continuation of the new Halloween area with weathered brick walls.

As Thanksgiving approaches, it reminds us that our fabulous Christmas Open House is coming shortly thereafter.  So here is your invitation to come and join us.

Christmas Open House
Saturday, November 24th--11:00-4:00
New Designs
Tasty Treats
Christmas Surprises
Holiday Cheer
Come in and share the beginning of the holiday season with us.  There will be plenty of laughter and joy to truly get you into the holiday spirit.  This will be the perfect place to start your holiday shopping. 

New Designs from Shepherd's Bush
Say Thanks--kit $16.00
This sweet little kit comes complete with 32 count linen and cotton and overdyed threads.  It fits in the little round box shown above and works up very quickly.  A perfect holiday thank you. 

Grateful Heart Pin Cushion--kit $20.00
This perfect autumn pin cushion is worked on 32 count hand-dyed linen with a variety of overydyed silks and cottons in luscious fall colors.  This kit comes complete with a little heart button as well as beads and ribbon which Teri has hand-dyed to match the stitching.  I had a great time stitching it.

Jolly Stocking--kit $20.00
Aren't these little stockings just adorable?  Each kit comes with a ready-made stocking, pattern, threads, and button.  Each one is about 8" long and ready to stitch and fill with a few fun little trinkets.  Hang them on your tree or give them as a little gift.

Wish Stocking--kit $20.00

Merry Christmas--kit $20.00
This sweet little kit is stitched on 32 count Summer Khaki linen and comes complete with a beautiful selection of overdyed threads and a group of sweet Christmas charms.  It will stitch up quickly and be something to enjoy for many years to come.  And Jill's mat and frame are simply the perfect complement to the design.

The center Christmas Display
We have so many gorgeous Christmas pieces that it is a pleasure to get them out and try to choose something fun to work on for the holiday season.  I am going to start the new Blackbird Merry Christmas and hopefully I will have it done by the day itself. 

Another wonderful Christmas Display
If we can help you with any good ideas for your holiday stitching be sure to give us a call.  We just love to pull together your perfect project and bundle it up to send off to you.  
We are going to try to put up a new blog every week from now to Christmas and if all goes as planned we will be offering a different little ornament kit each week.  So check us out every now and then to keep up with all the fun for the season.  In the meantime have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving, come to our Christmas Open House, and I will hope to hear from you soon.  
Until then,
 fondly, Tina