Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Solstice, 2013

Dear Friends,
OK, I know it is a little past the actual solstice, but I had the best intentions of getting the blog finished last week.  Anyway, as the heat climbs, I realize that the days are already getting shorter.  Come on, Summer, slow down!  (and perhaps cool down as well.)  Our annual trip to the Salt Lake Art Festival took place over this past weekend and we had a great time.  Bob and Christian met Teri and me there and we spent a perfect evening of sharing homemade fries, chicken and bacon wraps, and Pad Thai.  Then as we were poking around through the art booths we looked up to see this most incredible
performance.  A group called Bandaloop ( I think) was rapelling down the enormous glass wall of the city library.  Then they danced sideways and perfectly perpendicular to the glass panels--ballet, ballroom, modern--spinning out from the glass and then flying back in.  It was totally amazing! your summer progresses, my one word of advice is:  Look Up.

Our summer also started out with a wonderful pot luck needlework guild party at Robin's house in Tremonton. We had the best time and the most delicious food you can imagine.  OK, so this group can stitch and cook.  Teri took a picture of the salad that Sue brought:  tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil on skewers and poked into a half watermelon.  Very clever and super yummy.  We all wanted recipes for everything.   

Now, you might think that we have been too busy attending potlucks and street fairs to be working, but actually we have been doing a lot at the shop.  And here is our most exciting news for the upcoming month:  
The all new and super fantastic Shepherd's Bush Website is almost ready to be launched! 
Teri has spent millions of hours working on our new website and I think it is very wonderful.  It is extremely user friendly, easy to navigate, and has quite lovely pictures.  And we can change and update it any time we need to, so everything should remain very current and exciting.  I really think that you will love it.  We are hoping to launch it the first of July, so baring any major glitches it will be up and running the first of next week.  It is the same address as our current one: 
Check it out and let us know how you like it.  As a thank you, we are also giving a launch gift to anyone who orders $50.00 or more from our site during the month of July.  It is a darling little kit which I designed just for the occasion, so I hope you love it.  Remember-- you still get to call us to place your order.  We like the chance to talk to you in person rather than subjecting you to the impersonal shopping cart, so give us a call and we will be glad to help you sort out your order and choose everything that you will need. That is just part of our commitment to friendly, personal service. So mark your calendars, put an alert on your phone, and join us on the computer for our special event.  
In the meantime--here are some fun things that we have going at the shop this summer.  Enjoy... 

Song of the Seasons
New Little House Mystery
kit:  $80.00

Well, Nancy has already stitched the first of the three parts to this new mystery sampler.  Isn't it darling?    Sorry, Teri, but the photo doesn't do justice to the beautiful rich color of the hand-dyed linen which she has chosen for this piece.  It is really lovely and the threads look beautiful on it.  If you are interested in joining us, just give us a call.

Think Deeply 
 pattern by Lizzie Kate

We just picked this piece up from Jill after work and Teri has been out photographing it.  Very sweet filled with reminders of those simple things that we sometimes forget in our busy lives.  

All Hallows Eve
Pattern by Prairie Schooler: $9.00

I know it is still June, but Halloween is coming quickly, and we are already in the midst of getting new pieces ready.  This is such a darling piece and the colors and fabric that Teri has chosen is amazing.  You will love it!  It is not too big, so it will be easy to complete and have ready by October.  It is stitched on a gorgeous shade of purple, and the mat is purple as well- maybe my camera is having an off day.

New Sheep stitching bags
$29.00 large
$27.00 Medium

These are the most darling stitching bags ever.  They have just arrived and I am having a hard time keeping any on the shelf since everyone who works at the shop wants one of each style and size.  They have this sweet fabric sewn onto the mesh for breathability and a zipper at the top for convenience.  Good luck choosing--but don't wait too long.  

Russian Doll sewing kits 

OK--I have to admit I was a little surprised by these when we got them in.  Maybe because they seemed so cheerful, but everyone has loved them.  They are quite a great little sewing kit and truly the perfect thing to keep tucked on your drawer for those small emergencies that with my boys come along often.  They are also perfect for a little token gift to a friend or daughter moving off to college. And..we just received the matching scissors to go with them and they are only $5.00.  Beware:  boys might not be quite so pleased with them.  Maybe the company will come up with some Russian soldier ones for them.

Well, enjoy the unfolding of your summer.  Eat a fruity popsicle to cool off--but do not let it drip on your stitching.  Watch for Bandaloop coming to a glass wall in your city, and don't forget to link into our fantastic web site next week.  fondly, Tina

PS: Baby Lewis 8 lbs 3 oz.
born just 12 hours ago.  Welcome to the world, little one.