Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving week

Join us for a 
Christmas Celebration
November 30th
11:00- 4:00
New Shepherd’s Bush Designs 
Yummy Treats Holiday Cheer 
Find your perfect gifts

(Do come by...it will be such fun)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dear friends,
This is definitely that time of the year.  I know--a bit early--but it will be here before we blink.  I think it is everyone's favorite time, and yet it slips by us so quickly that we never seem to have enough time to truly savor it.  Our lovely, long Indian summer has brought us many gifts including our cherry tomato tree in the back yard of the shop which is still giving us sweet little ruby gems for our lunch salads.  Oh woe to us when it finally figures out that it is too cold and turns up its toes.  Teri transformed our summer pots by the front door into darling harvest bouquets, and they are still looking quite perfect--and not one of the little gourds has been mislaid (knock on wood.)  
But soon they will be gone to make way for festive pine boughs and holly.  Here it comes.......Please do join us for our holiday Open House on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It will be such a lot of fun and we would love to see you here.  We will hopefully have our new Christmas designs ready for you to peruse and get a jump on December stitching.  The shop will be decorated, and hopefully our tree will be up and smelling exquisite.  Besides I am trying to make some silly garlands for it and you have to come take a look.  We have yummy treats planned and lots of darling ideas for Christmas stitching and giving.  Remember--as the month progresses--we have fabulous gift ideas and our wrapping is the very best.  I always long for a gift wrap from Shepherd's Bush under my tree--and sometimes I even get one.    And if you are too far away to make it in to our open house, here is something for you to look forward to:  
A Little Blog Advent Calendar 

Thanksgiving Week:  New and finally ready Shepherd's Bush Holiday Designs--with luck 
First Week of December: An amazing announcement about the upcoming Shepherd's Fold--might be good for Santa
Second Week of December:  Super fun Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers
Third Week of December: Extra exciting new Christmas/Winter Projects--'tis the season you know  

Something to remember is that also on November 30th is the American Express Shop Small Day.  I love this day myself  You have to register your card online between Nov. 24th and 30th (but I would suggest that you do it earlier than later) and then you can come to our open house, spend at least $10.00 and Am Ex will credit your card with $10.00  That is pretty cool.  It only happens on November 30th and you can only get this deal by shopping at designated Shop Small Merchants.  That's us!  This will also work on mail orders--but you need to let us know so that we can run your card on that day.  Fun!!!!

 I haven't written for so long that I have a lot to tell you, so come on inside and see what we have got going for these late autumn glory days. 

Our Awesome Autumn Display 

Don't you just love this darling group of Fall designs?  Some of them are new, and some of them are just our great old favorites.  From Blackbird Designs to Plum Street's little hare harvest to Not Forgotten Farm's Thomas there are so many to choose from and certainly the perfect one to curl up with after the Thanksgiving Day dishes are done and the boring football has begun.

Feast of Friendship 
by Blackbird Designs
leaflet:  $9.00
complete lovely kit:  

I just adore this piece.  You know how much I love baskets--or even fruit bowls--and this is a sampler that I have wanted to stitch for a while.  Perhaps this will be my piece to cuddle up with on Thursday evening.  
If, however, you are ready to move along to Christmas stitching, just keep on reading and I will share some of this season's best with each of you.  

The Center Santa Cupboard

This is our center display for Christmas.  It is brimming with holiday pillows, pictures, and lots of season cheer.  Click on this photo and enlarge so that you can see the pieces up closer, and let us know if there is one which you would just love to get started on.

The Religious Display

 This is our religious Christmas table.  Filled with nativity scenes, angels, shepherds and other gentle sentiments.   

Holiday Favorites

This little wall is showing some of our newest favorite pieces.  In the center is Christmas at Hollyberry Farm by Stacy Nash.  Right top:  Shining Star by SamSarah.  Underneath:  Holly House by Chessie.  Center:  Joy to the World by Lizzie Kate and Top left:  Christmas Rules by Lizzie Kate.  

The Garland

Teri has been busy all month long getting the shop totally decorated for Christmas.  It seems like every day when I wander out from the back she has something else all set up.  One of my favorite things is the pine garland which is twined with darling stitched ornaments which we have collected over the years.  It is a little nostalgic and a lot inspirational, and every day I find myself spying a new one and thinking that I would like to stitch that one.   

Lizzie Kate Santa 2013

leaflet:  $4.00
leaflet with LK embellishments: $7.50
complete kit:

Here is this year's new Santa from Lizzie Kate and he is quite a charmer.  We love to stitch them on 10-count Tula with fabulous overdyed cottons and the fun set of buttons which we have chosen for it.  Don't you just love him?   

 Shepherd's Retreat 2014--Save the Date

I know that this is much earlier than we usually start talking about our upcoming retreat, but it is never too early to let you know the dates so that you can also begin to plan.  Teri and I have already started making our plans, writing our lists, and thinking of a million wonderful ideas.  We will be going back to the Canyons because it is just the greatest place to cozy in for our weekend of bliss.  The dates, however, have changed due to cosmic forces beyond our control.  So...the dates for next year will be
 October 16-18 with our shop open house on October 15th.  I am not going to tell you anything else just yet, except that we are planning the very best Retreat ever and you just have to come!

Well it is time to post this letter and get back to working on getting our new kits ready to go.  I will write again next week when I can show you photos of our newest offerings for the Christmas season.  I wish for each of you a calm and wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, warmth, and love..and perhaps a little stitching.  hugs, Tina