Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer 2014

Beginning of Summer, 2014

Dear Friends,
Ahhh, blessed Summer. Those perfect, long evenings of reading and stitching in the sunset, watching Bob garden and taking Lindbergh for walks.  Everything just seems to slow down with the heat and our senses become almost overwhelmed with the gifts of color and fragrance and taste.  I yearn to capture it and bottle it up in my heart for the long, dark days of Winter.  Instead of canning tomatoes, and grapes and beans, we should carefully fill our jars with sun, and the smell of honeysuckle and lavender, and the chirp of crickets.  That would surely be a feast for our souls in the middle of January.  My boys aren't home this summer, so everything to me seems odd and lazy and sort of empty.  I tell myself that my time should be busy with a great cleaning and sorting project, but instead I seem to be drawn to my stitching or my book, or I watch the weather on my phone for the places where they are.  moms....and boys.
Sue, who works with us at the shop, is also a neighbor, and she and her husband have just acquired 2 beehives.  It has been fun to hear of the progress of this new venture and to visit the quite wonderful box/hives.  In the past couple of weeks as the weather has warmed up, our yard, which has quite a plethora of bright flowers, has suddenly become a-buzz with a huge influx of bees.  In the mid to late afternoons, they are in veritable swarms around the lavender beds.  Bob spent Sunday afternoon trying to plant and putter about in the garden, and kept shouting in to me to text Sue to come and get her bees.  When I went out to see what he was talking about, I saw that the flowers were just covered by bees, bees, and more bees.  He claims that they are out to get him, but they seem completely impervious to him and absorbed only with their own pollen-gathering busy-ness.  It did provide many excuses for his brief retreat to the house.  Ahhh...Summer. 

Americana Trifles 
by Shepherd's Bush
Leaflet $8.00
Complete kit: $
Finishing kit: $

We have been enjoying this darling little salute to America as June speeds right past us.  Teri's sweet  pin cushions work up quickly and are just darling sitting in a little basket.  You still have plenty of time to get them done for July...so Get Stitching!

Busy as a Bee 
by Lizzie Kate
Chart: $11.50
Complete Kit with backing fabric: $57.00

Teri found this adorable fabric covered with bees and has been watching for the perfect piece to stitch for a little pillow.  Well this one is certainly a good choice.  It is cheerful and fun and just makes you want to smile. Besides, you know it is a theme here. 

New needle Threaders: $8.00

Aren't these new needle threaders just darling?  Teri had Cecile from Jabco make the buttons and then  Deb from My Big Toe work them into needle threaders and they are wonderful.  The thing that is so nice about these threaders is that they are super strong and they don't snap with the threading of each needle.  Perfect for your sewing box.  

Lizzie Kate Trunk Show

We are delighted to have an inspirational trunk show by Lizzie Kate,  They (Linda and Alan) have sent us some of their favorites. Most of them come packaged in cd cases and are called Boxers. These sayings come with the chart for at least 2 sweet sayings, the linen and sometimes a button or charm--I think that you just have to provide the threads. They also sent us a few of their "A  Little Sampler" series.  These kits come with fabric and a button.  Teri has taken close-ups further on..  enjoy this trunk show right in your own house.  Yippee!!!

I Know God: $17.00

This one is Sue's favorite.  She says she is stitching it for sure.

What We Are: $17.00

If We Pray:  $17.00

Don't Cry Because It Is Over:  $17.00

Faith Is Being Sure: $17.00

I think that Teri should stitch this one for sure.  She is definitely a faith sort of girl.  Which means I need to find out which ones Reeta and Nancy want to stitch.  I think I will pick one out myself for Lynnette, she loves surprises. 

A Little Christmas:  $14.00

A Little Easter: $14.00

A Little Love:  $14.00

I think this would make a great wedding sampler--and kind of quick.  

A Little Beach: $14.00

A Little Snow: $14.00

Teri wants me to match up each little kit with the perfect stitcher, so I am just going to have to think further on that.  Perhaps that stitcher is you...

Last but not least,  a new Halloween Mystery sampler is coming out in August.  So how fun is that going to be?  We do not have many details yet--just that Patti from SamSarah is designing it, and it will be Halloween.  Here is what we know so far....
 "We all love a good summer mystery, and know your customers will love stitching "Something Wicked".  SamSarah has designed a Halloween sampler that will be revealed in 3 wicked parts.  Our favorite themes are all in this design...pumpkins, owl, blackbird, sunflowers, moon, stars, and more......"

Give us a call if you are interested in stitching along.  I don't know what we will be doing--but it is bound to be spooky, good fun.  

 Well, it is late, and I am going to bid you a fond farewell.  This summer seems to have us going in so many directions that it is keeping us more than busy.  If you are coming to the Retreat in October, watch for a letter soon in your e-mail, and for those of you doing the Shepherd's Fold, I have just finished stitching Part 3.  I know you are going to love it.  Plus we have some special things coming to go with it so watch the Fold Marketplace in the next couple of weeks.  Part 3 will be ready mid-to-late July.  Plus we are also very busy getting ready for the market in August--lots of super fun new things.  Much to look forward to.  I will write again in a week or two. Until then, be safe and no sunburns.  Hugs, Tina