Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rainy May, 2015
Welcome to the desert.  Plenty of clouds, thunder and lightening...but if you are coming, bring a kayak.  We have had such a strange, moisture-less winter, that this watery spring is both welcome and surprising.  My friends walk about outside with bath towels--although a beach towel might be a bit more festive--and all of Utah spends an inordinate amount of time staring out windows at our unexpected weather.  Yesterday, Teri and I sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes trying to muster up the courage to slosh our way into the shop.  One by one, everyone else drove up and sat in their cars looking over at us and wondering what we were doing.  Obviously, they don't have naturally curly hair.  Seriously, 18" of snow overnight will only elicit a few groans and a frantic scramble for boots, hats, and gloves.  But 5" of rain over 3 weeks and we are completely undone.  But, I will tell you, that we are a shimmering spectacle of green...the Emerald State--for this 1 brief and glorious month.  The mountains are green, the grass is green, trees and plants and bushes are green.  In fact everywhere you look is green.  You can smell it and breathe it and sneeze it.  I should definitely take a picture, because it is not going to last...

The box gardens are doing great.  Well, like the rest of us, they could actually use a bit of sunshine, but that will come.  The tomatoes and beans are growing quickly, and are almost reaching the girl scout teepees.  How exciting.  We've added a bunch of flowers, and they are bravely soldiering on through the downpours.  Only the cucumbers are attempting to turn up their toes.  Teri is quite determined that they are going to fight through this, but I am not very sure.  Luckily the grocery store has new and healthier ones beckoning from the trolly outside the front doors...and I secretly have my eye on them.  

The oddest thing of all is that while we have been busy nurturing and admiring the flora and fauna  out in the back yard, we totally failed to notice a serendipitous little garden growing out in the front yard.  In the grate under our tree we now have a lovely forest of mushrooms--ok--toadstools.  They make me laugh every time a walk past them.  I sort of vacillate between wanting buy a gnome and paint tiny red polka dots on them, or thumbtacking a skull and crossbones to the trunk of the tree.  I am a bit mystified about this unexpected crop.  Teri thinks is is tiny fairy village... but I am not convinced.  

Well, this lovely rainy weather has allowed for much fine stitching.  We have finished a few very fun pieces that I am excited to share with you now.  I think that everything is ready so I hope that they will make you want to stitch and stitch.  

Hope For Peace
kit:  $30.00

This sweet little piece is stitched on a lovely 32 count Flax Belfast linen with a gentle palette of silks and overdyed cottons.  The kit includes a packet of little buttons for a perfect finishing touch.

Crown Thy Good Pin Cushion
kit:  $20.00

This was such a fun little pin cushion to stitch.  It is worked on 32 count natural Belfast linen with a combination of silks and overdyed cottons.  Sweet little buttons crown this piece as well as hand-dyed ric rac and pearl beads.   If you would like a piece of the wool backing, let us know.  It is a beautiful Weeks Dye Works wool.  It is $4.50 a piece, just let us know we would love to send you one.  

Flag Box 
kit:  $12.00

Teri's stitched flag is a great addition to the little box top series.  You will totally love this charming piece which will be just right for those hot, patriotic days of summer.

Summer Trifles
leaflet:  $8.00
complete kit:  $70.00 

Finally, it is here!!!  Oh, sorry, Teri, that sounded rude.  I just have been very excited for her to finish these--and so is everybody else.  I think they are darling and you will just love all the fun little bits and pieces that go along with them.  Sweet blue, gold, and cloudy linens, fab ribbons that she has dyed, beads and buttons and everything you need to finish them up. A perfect beginning of summer project--actually 3 of them.  

Liberty Hill
exclusive kit:  $20.00

Jill and Teri have been having a great time working on this new exclusive kit.  Available only from Shepherd's Bush, this sweet and summery piece is stitched on 32 count linen.  The kit includes linen, threads, and buttons as well as this lovely hand-painted mat by Jill.  It will stitch up very quickly and you can enjoy it the whole summer long.  

New Darling Charts from our friend Paulette

George and Martha by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $10.00

Winsome Pair by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $10.00

Party Tarts by Plum Street Samplers
Chart $12.00

These make me laugh,  we do have the little tart tins for $3.00 each.  

Stars and Stripes by With Thy Needle
Chart $ 12.00

Our niece Erin stitches for us, and she just sent this back to us, it is so wonderful!  

Well, there you have from Lake Ogden. We have a lot of fun new things that we haven't taken pictures of yet, but I think that we will just add them to this letter in the next day or two.  Just come back to me and scroll down to see what's new.  We have chosen very cool linens and threads to go with Plumstreet's new pieces, as well as Stars and Stripes from With Thy Needle.  And a darling new one called Santa's Hike.  So... keep in touch.  There will also be a bunch of new designs coming out this weekend so we will be ordering lots of exciting things.  Classic Colorworks is coming out with two new threads and a free pattern to go with.  With Thy Needle has 2 darling pin cushions...and there will be lots more.  I will write again next week, but if there is something you want, just let us know.
Have a great weekend and remember...don't eat the toadstools.  hugs, Tina